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47 Fabulous Saturn Tattoo Ideas With Their Thought-Provoking Meanings!

Out of all planet tattoos, Saturn tattoos are by far the most popular and eye-catching. Many celebrities like Adele and Miley Cirus flaunt gorgeous Saturn tattoos on their bodies. This planet tattoo holds significant spiritual, astrological and symbolic importance, and people often associate Saturn tattoos with clairvoyance and strong personality.

As we all know, Saturn is the 4th planet in the planetary system, and is one of the largest planets. It looks extremely beautiful because of its eight rings that sparkle around the celestial body. The rings are thought to be made of chunks of ice and dust particles. Studies have shown that new moons may form by the rotating dust and ice particles, forming a recycling system.

Discover The Meaning Of The Dynamic Saturn Tattoo

Discover The Meaning Of The Dynamic Saturn Tattoo

The profundity of the meaning of Saturn tattoos is great. The ever-revolving rings around the phenomenal planet are responsible for the creation of new moons and other celestial objects. Thus the rings of Saturn are often associated with creativity and dynamism. Saturn tattoos also stand for determination and resilience, and also personal growth.

Another phenomenon which is connected to Saturn tattoos is “Saturn Return”. It is believed that after every 30 years, the planet can be seen at exactly the same location on its orbit, something which helps numerologists and astrologists in creating birth charts. The planet also represents abundance as it has been named after the Roman god of wealth and agriculture.

Meet A Plethora Of Enchanting Saturn Tattoo Designs

Meet A Plethora Of Enchanting Saturn Tattoo Designs

Saturn tattoo designs are numerous. Believe it or not, there is something for everybody, and each design is more exquisite than the last. People often add other celestial bodies like the moon and stars, or some other planet, to complement the already powerful Saturn. Individuals color it with an array of colors and sometimes even add flowers like roses.

Take a look at the fabulous Saturn tattoo designs below. They are easy to draw and etch on the skin, and are an amazing choice for beginner tattoos lovers. They could be etched behind the ears, on the chest, or anywhere on the upper or lower arms– they look beautiful everywhere. When it comes to Saturn tattoos, the sky's the limit– let your imagination go wild!

Fly To The Moon And Back With The Moon And Saturn Tattoo

Moon And Saturn Tattoo 1
Moon And Saturn Tattoo 2

Adele and Taylor Swift have been inspiring thousands, if not millions, about the moon and saturn tattoo. They do not only look stylish, with your designer watches or that beautiful diamond ring, but often signify our innermost strengths and weaknesses.

As per astrology, Saturn and its seven rings signify the moral responsibilities, whereas the moon represents growth and change. Both combined give you signals that a big change is just around the corner, and that if you handle it responsibly, a positive shift is imminent.

Small Saturn Tattoo: It Is Cuteness Overload With Lots Of Meaning

Small Satrun Tattoo 1
Small Satrun Tattoo 2

A small Saturn tattoo could be deceptively significant in symbolism. A Saturn tattoo typically speaks a thousand words about a change which is soon to come in an individual’s life, and a little determination and discipline will give that person long term benefits.

Small Saturn tattoos are the best way to start indulging in this contemporary form of art. If you are a beginner tattoo lover, a teenie meenie Saturn tattoo on your wrist, on the back of your hands, or behind your elbow would work wonders as conversation starters.

Saturn Finger Tattoo: Go Saturn When You Feel Directionless

Saturn Finger Tattoo 1
Saturn Finger Tattoo 2

Usually, people who are innately drawn toward the Saturn planet symbol are quite stubborn, authoritative and ambitious. Changes may be a little difficult for them to cope with, but they are also capable of striving in challenging situations because they have a strong sense of discipline.

A Saturn finger tattoo may be preferred by the above mentioned personalities because it may help them to express themselves better. A Saturn finger tattoo can also inspire people to be more hardworking and organized in order to embrace the ever-changing dynamics with ease.

Feel Tickled Pink With Watercolor Saturn Tattoo

Watercolor Saturn Tattoo 1
Watercolor Saturn Tattoo 2

A Saturn tattoo radiates power because it is often associated with a fearless personality, whose passion and dedication is unrelenting. Nowadays, a watercolor Saturn tattoo is much hyped because they create the illusion of dripping water that makes the symbolism more impactful.

In a watercolor Saturn tattoo, you can go wild with colors. Red, pink, blue, green– you name it, you can choose to place a dash of any color of the rainbow onto your hands, upper arms, chest, torso or legs! People who love colors should go for it without thinking twice.

Saturn Leg Tattoo: Confront All Obstacles With Courage!

Saturn Leg Tattoo

Ever heard of the phenomenon “Saturn Return”? It is when the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the heavens every 27 to 30 years, and it is believed that major events in a person’s life, like breakups or relocations, take place when this phenomenon occurs.

Saturn is all about imminent changes– whether small or big. People who appreciate Saturn symbolism wholeheartedly believe that they will be able to face the changes head-on because they have the courage and stamina for it. A Saturn leg tattoo is a great favorite among them.

Be Independent And Fiery While Flaunting The Saturn Kitty

Saturn Kitty Tattoo 1
Saturn Kitty Tattoo 2

Tattoo Saturn tattoos are a great way to combine the powers of astrology and spirituality into one, and then getting them imprinted onto your skin to feel the blessings of them is truly potent. But what if you also have a cute little kitty drawn beside the Saturn planet? What may the combo mean?

Cats are known for their independent nature, and let’s not forget, though they are cute and cuddly, they can withstand the harshest of weather conditions and still rise like the Phoenix (thanks to their nine lives!). A person opting for a Saturn kitty tattoo is a fiery person– he or she is independent and ambitious, and also courageous and disciplined.

Embark On A Space Odyssey With Saturn And Astronaut Tattoo

Saturn And Astronaut Tattoo 1
Saturn And Astronaut Tattoo 2

Images of an astronaut trekking along the mysterious and intriguing vastness of space, swinging from a rope from the surface of Saturn, or even sitting on the surface of Saturn are some refreshing and humor-tinged tattoos that people are loving these days.

A Saturn and astronaut tattoo may indicate victory against all odds or the end of an arduous journey. An individual can also express his love for astronomy and space by getting a Saturn and astronaut tattoo. They look superbly cool and stylish, needless to say!

Combine The Power Of Love With Friends Saturn Tattoo

Friends Saturn Tattoo

How about you and your best friend both get a Saturn tattoo? The friends Saturn tattoo will be a great choice for a twin tattoo! The tattoos could be identical or nuanced with different colors or patterns. You could get them on the wrist, behind the elbows or on the back of your hands.

Saturn tattoos are often associated with change. You and your best friend, twin, soulmate or partner can help each other out to cope with those changes and come out unabated from the other end of the rainbow. This tattoo symbolizes the unbreakable bond between friends and lovers.

Express Your Heavy Heart With Blackwork Saturn Tattoo

Blackwork Saturn Tattoo

Saturn tattoos tell stories of major life changes like beginning or end of intimate relationships, relocations, or a switch in career track. You may want to either commemorate the event or cherish it by etching a blackwork Saturn tattoo on your body.

It is called blackwork because of the intricate thick black lines and borders to give shape to this bold but beautiful tattoo. It stands out on the skin of lower arms or anywhere else, establishing a bold statement. They look quite stylish with silver or gold jewelry!

Stop And Smell The Roses With Rose And Saturn Tattoo

Rose And Saturn Tattoo 1
Rose And Saturn Tattoo 2

A Saturn tattoo is often paired up with a rose tattoo. While red roses stand for fiery passionate love, Saturn stands for determination and resilience. Adding beautiful colors and shadows here and there could definitely add some gravity to the tattoo.

Saturn Tattoo Behind The Ear: Simple And To-The-Point!

Saturn Tattoo Behind The Ear 1
Saturn Tattoo Behind The Ear 2

Saturn tattoo behind the ear is usually tiny, and could either be filled in with colors or could be completely colorless. They are amazing minimalistic tattoos that could be paired up with the moons and the stars.

Usually tattoos behind the ears mean that you are looking to express yourself but only a little bit each time. However, what is strong does not need to be loud.

Wear Your Heart On Your Ankle With Saturn Ankle Tattoo

Saturn Ankle Tattoo 1
Saturn Ankle Tattoo 2

An ankle Saturn tattoo is a great way to shout out to the world (but quietly) that you have overcome a large obstacle or you are determined and nothing can stop you. In ladies, ankle tattoos will look great with anklets or glittery adornments.

Celebrate Love And Affection With Couple Saturn Tattoo

Couple Saturn Tattoo

Prove your love with a couple Saturn tattoo! Saturn tattoos depict change and the rings symbolize pattern and growth. A couple in love has to endure a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, and being able to grow together, despite the hurdles, is a fact that should be treasured and celebrated.

Is It Dear To Your Heart? Go For Saturn Shoulder Tattoo!

Saturn Shoulder Tattoo 1
Saturn Shoulder Tattoo 2

Shoulder tattoos symbolize how much one wants to cherish a moment or an event, or someone beloved in their life. This is because shoulder tattoos are literally positioned very close to the heart. A Saturn shoulder tattoo shows that you are growing or a change is around the corner.

Fine Line Saturn Tattoo: When Less Is More!

Fine Line Saturn Tattoo 1
Fine Line Saturn Tattoo 2

Fine line Saturn tattoos have raised a storm in the world of body art. They look awesome and extremely stylish on the shoulder bones, back or the wrist! They are bordered with thin lines and lack too many details– thus individuals who are looking for simple tattoos, could go for it!

Saturn Bicep Tattoo: If You Love It, You Should Put A Ring On It!

Saturn Bicep Tattoo

Nowadays, people are pairing up red roses with a Saturn tattoo. A red rose symbolizes true and everlasting love, and paired up with the determination and resilience of Saturn, it will birth a form of love like no other.


Saturn tattoos are quite meaningful, and people who want to celebrate who they are, may opt for these planet tattoos. Below are some FAQs that might pique your curiosity.

Q: What does Kyle’s Saturn tattoo mean?

Ans: Kyle Richards is an actress and TV personality who got herself a tattoo of Saturn with four rings around it near her hip area. A Saturn tattoo with fur rings is a symbol of great power, determination and resilience.

Q: Is Saturn tattoo quite popular?

Ans: After earth tattoos, Saturn tattoos are the second most popular tattoos across the globe.

Q: What is Saturn Return in Saturn tattoo?

Ans: According to astrology, every 29.5 years planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky on its orbit. This information is used by astrologers to prepare individual birth charts.


A Saturn tattoo bears a lot of spiritual significance. It represents wisdom and determination, and also the inevitable change in life. Saturn tattoos come with countless designs, and you can decorate them with stars and the moon, and flowers of all kinds. Saturn tattoos are a great way to incorporate your love for both spirituality and astrology.

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