46 Beautiful RIP Grandma Tattoo Ideas To Remember The Good Old Days!

46 Beautiful RIP Grandma Tattoo Ideas To Remember The Good Old Days!

Perhaps, I am one of those unlucky few who have never experienced the warmth and care of their grandma. I often look at the old photos of my grandma in the rustic photo albums and stare at her beautiful face thinking how amazing it would be if I could hug her once in this lifetime.

To everyone, their grandma is their safe spot. She is the one who comforts and stays beside you even when the whole world turns its back on you.

A figure like our grandma deserves a place in our bodies so that she is forever immortalized. Whenever you look at the imagery, you will be reminded of the precious moments you spent together. You will recall the memories when she bathed you and fed you with utmost care.

For those who have lost their grandma, it can be a devastating experience. It's the one person after our parents that provides us with unconditional love and support. Sometimes, they love us even more than their parents. The RIP grandma tattoos may not bring her back but it will make you feel like she is with you at all times. Such a feeling is priceless, don’t you think?

Eternal RIP Grandma Tattoo Designs To Console Your Aching Heart!

Eternal RIP Grandma Tattoo Designs To Console Your Aching Heart!

There are certain memories and motifs associated with our grandmas that keep knocking on your mind’s door. Most of the RIP Grandma tattoo designs comprise these beautiful components that made her who she was. It can be her passion for nature or the time when she cooked and fed you a delicious meal.

The components need to be something that instantly makes you remember about your grandma. You can also include religious symbols if you are a believer and express your desire to meet with her after you have left your corporeal vessel.

There is no confinement or jurisdiction when it comes to the RIP Grandma tattoos. Everything can work when the artwork is solely dedicated to showing your love towards your grandma. Just try to pour your emotion into the canvas and the tattoo will start to look amazing. To give you a proper idea of what an ideal RIP grandma tattoo looks like, we have a comprehensive list. Take a close look at each of them and choose yourself.

 Divine Intervention: Shaded RIP Grandma Angel Tattoo

RIP Grandma Angel Tattoo 1
RIP Grandma Angel Tattoo 2

The jarring manifestation of the angelic aura is bound to make you feel at home no matter where you are in the world. Whenever you look at the realistic feathers along with the crucified Jesus intertwined with each other, you will be reminded of the warmth of your grandma.

The tattoo works as a motif, an emblem that exudes the desire to protect your grandma even after her death. It's as if you are calling the angels so that they can keep an eye on her soul.

The portrayal is full of cosmic and religious components. It's not the cup of tea for everyone because of the hard-hitting imagery but it will surely give you some solace knowing that the angels are guarding your grandma.

 Encapsulation By Heart: Portrayed RIP Grandma Tattoos On Arm

RIP Grandma Tattoos on Arm

Is there a more perfect place other than the arm? Your emotion towards your grandma is solidly portrayed in the discrete confinement of your arm.

The tattoo features a portrayal of a man holding his heart close to his chest. The letters are just beneath the portrayal. You may think that the imagery is too messy but all the elements blend quite nicely creating a fabulous tribute for your grandma.

 Connection That Transcends Barriers: Minimalist RIP Grandma Heartbeat Tattoo With Finesse

RIP Grandma Heartbeat Tattoo 1
RIP Grandma Heartbeat Tattoo 2

To many of us, our grandmas were so close that even after her death, we could feel her heartbeat resonating with ours. We can feel her presence around us as if she is looking out for us.

The artwork comprises the lines that can be visualized in the Electrocardiograph machines. As the tattoo tends to fall on the minimalist side, you can opt to accentuate its aesthetics by writing the letters in a cursive font.

Straightforward Notion: Dainty RIP Grandma Tattoo On Wrist

RIP Grandma Tattoo on Wrist 1
RIP Grandma Tattoo on Wrist 2

While combing out hair or just lying flat on our lap, the wrist is perhaps the one place that is frequently noticed. Therefore, having a RIP grandma tattoo in the place can make you remember her at any moment of the day.

There is no exaggeration involved. It's just a simple, straightforward lettering of the quotes in a black hue. A small celestial star can be included to give the artwork a bit of finesse.

 Unleashing The Inner Poet: Cursive RIP Grandma Tattoos With Quotes

RIP Grandma Tattoos with Quotes

We always say that pictures speak thousands of words. But sometimes pictures can be too general and miss the mark. In such times, you need the words themselves to portray what you truly desire.

Rather than etching a grandiose element, you can choose to illustrate some lines that you feel passionate about. There are countless poems and verses written about Grandma. Borrow any one of them and ink it in your body.

Blossom Of Elegance: Subtle RIP Grandma Tattoo On Hand

RIP Grandma Tattoo on Hand

Close your eyes for a second and remember the things that your grandma used to do for you. She cooked meals for you with her bare hands and carried you in her lap all day long.

It was her hand that did all the memorable activities. So, it's only fair to remember her by getting a hand tattoo. You can include her cute face amid all the elements to make it feel like she is in a happy place.

Breathe Of Nature: Discreet RIP Grandma Tattoo On Chest

RIP Grandma Tattoo on Chest 1
RIP Grandma Tattoo on Chest 2

The smooth and glistening skin of the chest is suitable for immortalizing your grandma. Even gentle lettings look mesmerizing when done in the chest.

Often, we look up in the sky and think that our deceased loved ones have reincarnated as elegant birds. Who knows, maybe they have. The tattoo makes our wish come true and features two dainty birds playing with each other.

 Curves Like A Salsa Dancer: Stylish RIP Grandma Handwriting Tattoo

RIP Grandma Handwriting Tattoo 1
RIP Grandma Handwriting Tattoo 2

Can you recall the handwriting of your grandma? Then stop this article at once and get this tattoo done at once. There is no better design than illustrating your grandma's handwriting to show your love for her.

While it may be shocking, most handwriting is quite distinct. So, the manifestation of her handwriting not only reminds you of her but also expresses the notion of individuality.

 Touch Of Nature: Radiant RIP Grandma Tattoo With Rose

RIP Grandma Tattoo with Rose 1
RIP Grandma Tattoo with Rose 2

There isn't any other flower in existence that is as mesmerizing as the rose. The delicacy along with the cryptic petals has a lot of mystery surrounding it.

The rose tattoo is like hitting two birds with one stone. On one hand, you are showcasing how much of a sophisticated person you are. On the contrary, the tattoo also works as an amulet to remember your grandma.

 Emblem Of Life And Death: Artistic RIP Grandma Tattoo With Leaf

RIP Grandma Tattoo with Leaf

The green leaves dangling from the stems and eventually falling into the ground tell us a lot about life. Our grandma was alive and connected with us just like the leaves.

But time is a cruel notion as gradually she became more and more wrinkly until she also fell to his death. The beautiful portrayal of the leaf expresses the entire story of birth and death and how life moves on.

 Vessel Of Souls: Colorful RIP Grandma Tattoo With Bird

RIP Grandma Tattoo with Bird 1
RIP Grandma Tattoo with Bird 2

The flapping of the wings often sounds quite harmonious in our ears. The sight of them gently flying in the sky distant from us reminds us of how our loved ones get separated after death.

That's why it's a great idea to commemorate your love of your grandma with a bird tattoo. Within the vessel of the tiny biological being, the spirit of your grandma will forever stay.

 Pumping The Memories: Realistic RIP Grandma Tattoo With Anatomical Heart

RIP Grandma Tattoo with Anatomical Heart 1
RIP Grandma Tattoo with Anatomical Heart 2

The biological heart of human beings is undoubtedly one of the most complex organs. There are so many mechanisms at work that scientists still can't fully comprehend what the hell goes on inside.

One thing is for sure. When you get the quote intertwined in the manifestation of the biological heart, the memories of your grandma will linger with you for a long time. You will feel her presence with every beat of your heart.

 Wings Of Immortality: Whimsical RIP Grandma Tattoo With Butterfly

RIP Grandma Tattoo with Butterfly 1
RIP Grandma Tattoo with Butterfly 2

Butterflies have everything ranging from celestial stars in the edges to jarring patterns in the middle of the wings. Often it feels like the entire universe is within the wings of the butterfly.

Your grandma is a special person who deserves your entire universe. It's exciting when you get the butterfly tattoo because you are showing how much she means to you.

Metallic Exuberance: Shiny RIP Grandma Spoon Tattoo

RIP Grandma Spoon Tattoo 1
RIP Grandma Spoon Tattoo 2

Each of our grandmas has spoon-fed us at least once in our life. That's why it's an amazing emblem to remind you about the sweet memories you spent with her.

The overall imagery is quite straightforward as it only features the spoon. However, you should shade it appropriately so that the spoon looks realistic on your skin.

 Trip Down The Memory Lane: Shaded RIP Grandma Knitting Bowl Tattoo

RIP Grandma Knitting Bowl Tattoo 1
RIP Grandma Knitting Bowl Tattoo 2

All the grandmas throughout the world have a knitting bowl or box somewhere in their room. Whenever you have torn your clothes, they take them out of the cupboard to make your clothes look brand new.

The tattoos take you on a nostalgic tour as you relive the moments when you saw your grandma carefully knitting the fiber as you watched attentively from behind. It's astonishing how such a simple element makes us so emotional.

 Combination To Die For: Intricate RIP Grandma Heart Touching Tattoo

RIP Grandma Heart Touching Tattoo 1
RIP Grandma Heart Touching Tattoo 2

Let's end the list with quite an intricate design, shall we? The artwork features a wide range of components ranging from the biological heart to the vibrant rose and everything in between.

The tattoo feels like it took inspiration from all the aforementioned designs and tried to combine them to make something truly exceptional. Rather than looking messy, the combination works like a charm.


You knew about your grandma the most. Her hobbies, her idiosyncrasies, you should recall each of his traits so that you can make the ultimate tribute to her.

To give you more ideas about tattoos, we have decided to answer some useful questions. They will surely aid you in making the right decision.

Q: What Can Be Included In The RIP Grandma Tattoo?

Ans: Anything that resembles your grandma. It can be the fork from her kitchen or the knitting kit she used to use. You can incorporate anything that brings back memories of her into the "RIP grandma" tattoo.

Q: Are RIP Grandma Tattoos Painful?

Ans: Not as painful as the loss of your grandma. But they can be quite painful in general. Most of the designs involve deep inking and shading which puts a toll on the nerve endings.

If you are not looking to endure pain then you should opt for some designs without any extensive textures. There are plenty of ideas on our list that you can check out.


Just the thought of our grandma passing away haunts our dreams. For those who have experienced such a sad affair, our heart aches with you. No ointment can heal the pain. Our grandmas have a deep role in who we have turned into.

We can’t go back using the time machine to spend more moments with her. However, what we can do is store all her memories through the means of a RIP grandma tattoo. Then she can always live with you.

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