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46 Riveting Rip Brother Tattoo Ideas To Heal Your Aching Heart!

Back in 2019, I encountered one of the most sorrowful events of my entire life that I still haven’t overcome. My mother unexpectedly passed away taking a huge portion of my soul with her. No matter how much I tried to forget about her passing, the thoughts of her memories kept on haunting my dreams. There seemed to be no aid.

In all of our lives, there has been or will be a moment when we have to witness the passing of our loved ones. It's a devastating experience to endure but life moves on. You just have to remind yourself that they may have left their existence from the corporeal world but their memories, their unique traits and stories still stay alive with you.

While the name of the tattoo may be Rip Brother, it works as an amulet to commemorate our loved ones who have been separated from the cruel notion of death.

The extremely emotional quote works wonders by reminding you of all the precious times you spent with each other. In the realm of your body, their essence and legacy will keep on igniting like the bright celestial star in a vibrant sky.

Shedding Light On The Incredible Significance Of Rip Tattoos

Shedding Light On The Incredible Significance Of Rip Tattoos

It's quite amazing how such a small acronym can mean so much to us. While the modern use of the acronym is quite meaningless, it holds a deep place for those who have lost someone precious to them.

The most fascinating aspect of the artworks is how they carry all the different idiosyncrasies of the deceased. It’s as if they have left a mark on your body that will always be remembered no matter what the situation or time is. You will feel like they are beside you at all times.

In a world where relationships carry a lot less weight than in previous times, tattoos showcase how genome your connection is towards your loved one. Even death couldn’t stray you apart. Now, they are just waiting on the other side until you join them at one point.

Remembering The Good Times With Aesthetic Rip Brother Tattoo Designs

Remembering The Good Times With Aesthetic Rip Brother Tattoo Designs

These incredible tattoos are often equipped with some traits or emblems of the loved one. It can be their love for nature or any other personal characteristics that are unique about them. These elements take up most of the space while the letters hide from the spotlight.

Based on your preference, the artwork can both be incredibly colorful or in a typical monochrome scheme. Both of them can elegantly portray rich moments and show tribute to your loved one with artistic twists.

You also have the luxury to distort the letters to some degree to show some flamboyance. Alluring cursive letters add a lot of depth to the overall aesthetics. It brings out a vintage vibe and adds another symbolic layer to the already mesmerizing design.

The tattoos are quite discreet so before thinking of etching them, you should try to think of all the little things that made up who they were while they were alive. Then you can include them one by one to make the best tattoo to showcase how dearly you loved them.

To give you a better picture of what these tattoos are all about, we have a comprehensive list of designs that will help you distinguish the correct fit for you. As soon as you gaze upon some of them, the inner voice inside you will tell you to choose them in an instant.

Beating The Notion Of Death: Realistic Never Let Go Tattoo

Never Let Go Tattoo

It's hard to let go of the person who stayed beside you in your happiness and sorrows. If we had the power, we could’ve never let go of them to the dark abyss of the other side.

While it may not be possible realistically, the artwork gives you solace by making you think that you are holding hands with your loved ones even when they are not alive.

The gripping aesthetic of the tattoo boldly represents how strong your bond was. Who knows, they may be seeing you live your life from the heavens.

Display Of Love Without Boundaries: Monochrome Infinite RIP Tattoo

Infinite RIP Tattoo 1
Infinite RIP Tattoo 2

One of the key aspects of nailing the Rip tattoo is to identify the elements that are associated with your fallen brother. Were they keen on exploring the wilderness? Did they love to wander off in nature? It would help if you distinguished the motifs that they were interested in.

After you have established the connection with certain elements, you can think of including them in the artwork. Elements such as the intriguing rose or a whimsical butterfly are always a safe option as they are universally accepted.

The infinity symbol rendered in monochrome illustrates our deep affection for them, to the point where one realm could not contain the whole intensity of our love and passion.

Beacon Of Radiance: Vibrant Rip Tattoo On Hand With A Touching Twist

Tattoo on Hand 1
Tattoo on Hand 2

The day your loved one leaves the corporeal world is the day that you will feel the earth standing still. The birds will stop chirping and the flower will forget to bloom. In such a sad moment, a glimpse of radiance is desperately needed.

The whole notion of your loved one passing away is quite depressing, to be honest. There is no other way to say it. The charming display of the radiant bird will make you smile thinking about all the adorable moments you spent together. You can even include the date of their passing to further seal the deal.

 Relieving The Nostalgia: Lucid Rip Brother Childhood Tattoo

RIP Brother Childhood Tattoo 1
RIP Brother Childhood Tattoo 2

Close your eyes for a second and think of the time when you and your loved one played together on the open greenery. From the thrill of scoring against each other to hugging after the game, every moment still feels so real.

That’s why the tattoo takes the highly realistic route so that you can relive those precious moments again and again. Every time you feel sad, you can look at the tattoo and remember the good old days.

 Shaded Magnificence: Stylish Rip Brother Tattoo With Glimpse Of Subtle Red

Tattoo on Chest

This one hit quite close to the heart and perhaps that’s the reason why the artwork is etched in the chest. It's believed that when someone dies, their souls grow wings and gently fly to the astral world.

This ancient belief is subtly manifested in one of the most auspicious places of our body. As you visualize from the tattoo, the symbol of the heart has some splash of red hues. This signifies how their hearts are still beating through the magnificence of the tattoo.

Tapestry Of Whimsicality: Intricate Rip Tattoo On Back

Rip Tattoo on the Back 1
Rip Tattoo on the Back 2

Angelic wings are a quintessential aspect of most Rip Brother tattoos. The concept arises from the fact that the loved ones that departed from the earth never truly leave us.

In some distant places, they are always keeping an eye on us. They are like guardian angels that stay beside us but we never can feel their existence. With the jarring display of wings, you can also involve the name of your loved one stylishly so that the symbolism is much more apparent.

 Silhouette Of Gratitude: Patriotic RIP Tattoo For Brother

Military RIP Tattoo for Brother

Fighting alongside fellow soldiers has to be one of the most thrilling and patriotic experiences of all the world. However, when someone dies on the battlefield just in front of our eyes, the sorrows know no bounds.

Many veteran soldiers often get the tattoo of the fallen warrior so that they can remember the sacrifice they made for their country. The depiction features a soldier looking down upon the grave of the deceased brother in a silhouette appearance.

Adornment With Radiance: Subtle RIP Brother Tattoo On Arm

Tattoo on Arm

Handshakes are the purest form of showing gratitude towards your brother. We all were strangers at one point. Just with the touch of our hands, we become bonded by blood.

This sacred physical interaction is vividly displayed in the arm tattoo. Natural elements always work wonderfully when you are trying to express your love for them so don’t shy away from incorporating jarring flowers and leaves in the mix.

Seeking Refuge From God: Shaded Praying Hand RIP Brother Tattoo

Praying Hand Tattoo

Once they have left their corporeal world, their souls travel into the divine realm where it is in the refuge of the almighty. We don’t know what it's like but all we can do is pray for their departed souls.

The monochromatic masterpiece is the portrayal of the sacred prayer for our brothers. Their souls will rest in peace and we will surely feel a sense of solace when we etch the tattoo knowing that their souls are in good hands.

Resemblance Of Decorated Tombstone: Colorful RIP Brother Tattoo On Leg

Leg Tattoo

The art piece is quite different from the other designs as it incorporates ornamental daggers as a means of showing tribute to your brother.

The colors are not too saturated and are often mixed with black shades to nullify the overall symbolism. The quotes are captured in vintage ribbon-like shapes that make the leg tattoo feel like it's a gravestone.

 Emblem Of Exclusivity: Shaded Feather RIP Tattoo For Brother

Feather RIP Tattoo for Brother

Since the early days, feathers have been heavily used as a sign of exclusivity. Amidst all the common designs, the feather tattoo appears as a unique beacon that can portray the connection between you and your brother artistically.

The many spikes in the depiction of feathers symbolize the rough moments that you went through together. When you look at the design, the reflection of those moments will appear in front of your eyes.

Motif Of Death: Fineline RIP Brother Tattoo On Shoulder With A Request

Tattoo on Shoulder

The shoulder blade or ankle is known to be a sacred place in the biological body because of its dimension. Whatever you etch there, the elements will portray a strong message.

As we are on the subject of deceased souls, it's always a good deal to include a skull in the tattoo. It will work as an emblem of tribute as well as remind you of the inevitability of death.

A Ray of Monochrome: Bold RIP Cross Tattoo For Brother

RIP Cross Tattoo for Brother

Yet another religious tattoo is on the list. This one particularly works well if your brother was a firm believer in Christianity.

You have to realize that once they have died, you have no control over them. All you can do is remember the moments you spent together and pray that you will be reunited at some point. You can ask for the forgiveness of their sins if they committed any through the means of the tattoo. Who knows, God may listen to you upon seeing your dedication.

Auspicious Or Offensive? Multiple Faces Of RIP Brother Tattoo On Feet

Tattoo on Feet

Without a doubt, the manifestation of such a sacred message on the feet can stir up some controversy. Many may claim that the feet are not befitting to express the deep notion of losing your brother.

It also can be ignored that your feet are one of the most readily visible parts of your body. Therefore, you will be able to see the symbols and quotes without any hindrances.

Tapestry Of Theatricality: Artistic Angel Wing Tattoo

Angel Wing Tattoo

It's believed that there is a guardian angel for each of us. The protector latches their wings with us and safeguard us from all the evil forces.

The angel wing tattoo is the manifestation of a belief that the guardian angel may still be with them even after they leave the corporeal world. Amidst the dark abyss, we pray and hope that the angel guides the lost soul to its destiny.

Words To Remember: Vintage RIP Brother Quote Tattoo

RIP Brother Quote Tattoo 1
RIP Brother Quote Tattoo 2

There are some quotes and dialogues from someone who remains with us for eternity. Even when they are gone, the words keep on revolving in our heads.

The tattoo comprises such a memorable title. As soon as you glance at the artwork, all the memories start to appear in your mind. Through the letters, their essence still lives on.

Breaking The Mold: Bombastic Tattoo On Upper Arm With A Dainty Heart

Tattoo on Upper Arm 1
Tattoo on Upper Arm 2

One of the most masculine areas of the human body deserves an equally masculine artwork. The tattoo is a great way to showcase your integrity and how sophisticated you are underneath all flesh.

Such bombastic imagery is perfect for those who mostly like to keep things to themselves. If you are someone who has a hard neck to crack, the depiction of a bomb with wings stemming out from the machinery can be the ultimate means for you to express your emotions.

Beacon Of Stability: Whimsical Sailor RIP Tattoo For Brother

Sailor RIP Tattoo for Brother 1
Sailor RIP Tattoo for Brother 2

The existence of the anchor has saved countless lives in the deep blue ocean. Without it, there was no chance the ships could stabilize amidst the rough waters.

Like the anchors, our brother is a source of inspiration for us. As long as they were with us, our lives were stabilized and no wind could break our focus. But now that he is gone, we have only the sailor tattoo to seek out help from.

Exuberance Of Patriotism: Rustic Flag RIP Tattoo For Brother

Flag RIP Tattoo

We may not be connected by blood but we all are connected through our identity. The portrayal of the flag symbolizes how each individual belonging to the same country can be brothers.

The tattoo is the ultimate showcase of patriotism. Rather than drawing a simple rectangular flag, it's better to include some waves in the tattoo to give a dramatic effect. The aesthetics will feel like the flag is waving proudly with the gentle summer breeze.

 Guidance To Light: Stylized Angel RIP Tattoo For Brothers

Angel RIP Tattoo for Brothers

Similar to the angel wings tattoo, the angel RIP tattoo encompasses a rather spiritual aspect and manifests the deep belief of the weaver.

It is an etched belief that the angels of the universe will look after the departed souls when they are traveling to another realm. Through their magnificent wings, their souls will be protected from the glance of all the evil and dark forces.


The notion of death can be scary but the Rip tattoos provide comfort for those who are too vulnerable to the notion. While it's a widely talked about concept, there is still much obscurity about the subject matter.

So, it's our responsibility to clear the doubts that are lurking inside you. Check out the answers to the most interesting questions gliding on the internet surface.

Q: Should You Only Get The Rip Brother Tattoo To Remember The Deceased?

Ans: That’s the main point of it. However, the Rip brother tattoos can be much more than just a memorial tattoo. These vintage artworks also function to remind you of the inevitability of death.

When you think of the death of your loved one, you realize that every mortal will have to die at some point or another. This notion may be too grim for some but it's a necessary realization that will change your outlook on life for betterment.

Q: Why Are the Rip Brothers So Popular?

Ans: This may be hard to digest but each of us will have to encounter someone dying who is very close to us. It may not always be someone from your family or friends.

Even the death of your favorite singer or movie star can move you from your core. To always remember them, you can opt for the tattoo. That’s what most people do around the world. This is what made these charming tattoos so renowned worldwide.


In a disconnected world such as today, it's easy to forget about someone. Things are so concerning that after the burial of someone, we tend to completely forget about them.

Since when did we become so inhumane? It's high time to go back to the time when relationships were as pure as crystals. The Rip tattoos can be an amulet to make us feel human for a change. With the tattoo, you will constantly be reminded how deeply you feel about the individual who has fallen by the claws of death.

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