Pyramid Tattoo ideas

51 Immortal Ideas Of Meaningful Pyramid Tattoos That Have The World Of Art In A Chokehold!

Many use the design of the tattoo to make themselves a hot topic. On the other end are the wiser ones, who use tattoos either to reach a goal, or become closer to their culture. But if you're confused, consider looking into pyramid tattoos.

Pyramid tattoos have been regular finds in the world of art, catering to those with a direct interest in ancient Egyptian history.

With their rich background and impressive flexibility, a pyramid tattoo can gel with everything. To learn all about it, allow this guide to take the lead.

Uncovering The Layers Behind The Meaning Of Pyramid Tattoos: Achievement, Transformation, And Wisdom

Pyramid Tattoo

While pyramids were used as tombs for prominent people from ancient Egyptian history, and for those in a position of power, a pyramid tattoo takes a different stance, being almost unrecognizable when its metaphorical value is brought to light.

Many use the artwork as motivation to reach a goal, and to enhance their pre-existing skill set. A handful leans on a pyramid tattoo when dealing with growing pains, an attribute that makes a pyramid tattoo resilient.

Since the pyramids are still firm and strong to this day, many seek out a pyramid tattoo to learn more about life, making pyramid tattoos must-have investments in the tattoo scene.

Vintage-esque Pyramid Tattoos That Represent Cultural Ties And The Necessity Of Growing Pains

While pyramid tattoos are some of the largest illustrations with detail-oriented elements, they find tons of success in the world of art, being described as a great value for money purchase.

Commonly led by the illustration of a pyramid, the artwork finds plenty of support through the help of other designs, which is often a breeze to work with.

From unforgettable arm tattoos to variations that unveil stories from ancient Egyptian culture, a pyramid tattoo carries plenty of forms. Move on to the segment below to learn about my top candidates.

Aztec Pyramid Tattoo: The Lore Of The Golden Age

Aztec Pyramid Tattoo 1
Aztec Pyramid Tattoo 2

A pyramid tattoo often wins fans with its visuals. However, adding to the meaning can be a great way to form an inseparable bond with the wearers.

One of the very few genres that dives deep into rich history from the Aztec era is an Aztec pyramid tattoo, representing all that the Aztec empire sacrificed to bring Mexico into existence.

The artwork is hardly any different from the average pyramid tattoo. However, something about its neutral scheme gives away an elegant aura.

Pyramid with Eye Tattoo: Seeing Through The Deception

Pyramid with Eye Tattoo 1
Pyramid with Eye Tattoo 2

While the Eye of Providence is currently a controversial figure in the scene, the symbol was initially used to represent God, explaining its ever growing fanbase.

Furthermore, since the Eye of Providence often requires a triangle to form around it for support, one may carry on and replace the former plan with one that involves a pyramid.

Adding a pyramid will only make the visuals more engaging, contributing very little to the symbolism of this scheme!

Pyramid Head Tattoo: The Best Of Both Worlds

Pyramid Head Tattoo 1
Pyramid Head Tattoo 2

Engraving portraits of popular figures from Ancient Egyptian culture can be another promising way of pulling off and constructing a pyramid tattoo.

If required, you may even add the eye of providence, alongside various patterns to make the outcome more promising.

The artwork requires tons of creative thinking, as well as time. And since it also requires a big canvas, be sure to place it on your forearm.

Egyptian Pyramid Tattoo: Back To Where It All Began

Egyptian Pyramid Tattoo 1
Egyptian Pyramid Tattoo 2

By stacking up tombs and making a compilation of caskets, Egyptians finally unveiled the first ever pyramid in 2630 B.C. At the moment, the nation not only has over 180 pyramids, but also has a huge following in the art scene.

That’s what brings us to an Egyptian pyramid tattoo, known for representing not just the triangular monument, but also the culture.

To make this a hit, consider adopting components from Egyptian culture to your tattoo. Add colors to enhance the presentability.

Small Pyramid Tattoo: A Great Pick For Sensitive Skin

Small Pyramid Tattoo

Now I know that pyramid tattoos require space and size to showcase their potential as a tattoo, but a small artwork should also be just as effective.

In fact, if you’re seeking a subtle variant anyway, as well as immensely prone to pain, a small pyramid tattoo might just be the best investment to make.

From the wrist to the ankle, this artwork can be installed anywhere. This tattoo also pairs extremely well with geometric shapes.

Pyramid Chest Tattoo: Moving In Silence

Pyramid Chest Tattoo 1
Pyramid Chest Tattoo 2

Chest tattoos are great companions if you'd like to form a secretive and private bond with your tattoo.

Additionally, due to the space it provides, the chest can also be a great canvas for a pyramid tattoo.

This piece is a great way to establish character development, and seek change in silence. Often, many add the eye of Providence to add to the meaning of the design.

Pyramid Forearm Tattoo: A Bigger Picture With An Unbeatable Canvas

Pyramid Forearm Tattoo 1
Pyramid Forearm Tattoo 2

As long as the pyramid is the main highlight of the tattoo, success is guaranteed. However, sometimes, the blank spaces tend to ruin the impression of the artwork.

To make things easier, consider adding complementary elements to your pyramid tattoo. Try adding anything and everything related to Egyptian culture, as well as monuments that the nation is prominent for.

Since the art piece is bigger than the average pyramid tattoo, the forearm can be a great spot to take help from. Apart from being spacious, the area is also known to subside pain.

Scorpion and Pyramid Tattoo: Because Healing Is Everything

Scorpion and Pyramid Tattoo 1
Scorpion and Pyramid Tattoo 2

Scorpion tattoos often disclose one's gender orientation to light, making it easier for wearers to feel comfortable in their own skin. On a pyramid tattoo, however, the script is kind of different.

While many believe scorpions are bad omens, Egyptians believe in their healing powers, often adding a scorpion tattoo to a pyramid tattoo.

The artwork is above average in terms of size, where the scorpion is just as large as the pyramid.

Skull Pyramid Tattoo: A Lesson On Consistency And Discipline

Skull Pyramid Tattoo 1
Skull Pyramid Tattoo 2

Pyramid tattoos bring about a sense of urgency, which, while anxiety inducing at first, can be beneficial in the long run.

Since the artwork is directly associated with achievements, having a pyramid tattoo, especially one with a skull tattoo, can be a great way to keep the wearer motivated.

As for the artwork, the skull is often engraved in the pyramid, which brings about an intimidating view. Don't install them separately, as it might be time-consuming as it is painful.

Anubis Pyramid Tattoo: Connecting With The God Of Death

Anubis Pyramid Tattoo 1
Anubis Pyramid Tattoo 2

Anubis, otherwise known as the jackal headed man, is a key figure in Egyptian culture, being perceived as the God of death.

Due to Anubis’ huge influence in the culture as we as the contribution that the God has made so far, Anubis tattoos are seen as ideal companions for pyramid tattoos.

The contrast of this artwork is extremely impressive and high, where Anubis takes up the primary role. Often, elements from a black work tattoo are adopted to make things work.

Traditional Pyramid Tattoo: A Bucket Full Of Colors!

Traditional Pyramid Tattoo 1
Traditional Pyramid Tattoo 2

As always, sticking to original and classic themes is hardly ever a letdown. But if you don't believe me, check out this concept which finds a pyramid tattoo draped in traditional elements.

A traditional pyramid tattoo is perhaps the best entry to bet on if you're indecisive about your illustration, but big on wearing color.

The forearm is the most common location used for this tattoo, which wins fans over with its pain-blocking properties.

Realism Pyramid Tattoo: A Special Eye For Detail

Realism Pyramid Tattoo 1
Realism Pyramid Tattoo 2

Bringing about a sense of realism is difficult, but doable in the world of tattoos. Therefore, if you feel that crystal clear visuals are what you crave, try out a pyramid tattoo based on realism.

Sure, the artwork isn’t any different from the average pyramid tattoo in terms of symbolism.

However, what it stands out for is the layout, which is one of the best I’ve ever come across.

A setback of this tattoo is the time taken to reach the finish line, as well as the pain levels. If you’re afraid of any of the former negatives, consider changing the placement and break the creative process down into multiple segments.

Cleopatra Pyramid Tattoo: The Epitome Of Power

Cleopatra Pyramid Tattoo 1
Cleopatra Pyramid Tattoo 2

If your obsession towards ancient Egyptian culture is as big as mine, Cleopatra doesn’t need an introduction.

For those wondering, Cleopatra is the queen of all queens in ancient Egyptian history. She’s not only known for the power she possessed and the influence she had during her time, but also recognized as Julius Caesar’s lover.

Cleopatra’s influence is timeless in the modern era. Many not only pursue a portrait tattoo of hers, but are also quick to add her facial features to a pyramid tattoo for a successful outcome.

Pyramid Shoulder Blade Tattoo: Mind Over Matter

Pyramid Shoulder Blade Tattoo 1
Pyramid Shoulder Blade Tattoo 2

Shoulder blade tattoos are by far some of the most painful designs to pursue, mainly due to the bone-to-meat ratio composed by the location. Nonetheless, if you’re resilient to pain, a shoulder blade tattoo of a pyramid can be a good idea.

With a wide canvas, it’s rather easy for this pyramid tattoo to demonstrate an array of components.

The most popular variant is surely the pyramid tattoo mixed with the tattoo of a figurine, being more relatable for visually-oriented minds.

Pyramid Sleeve Tattoo: A Spiritual Journey For All

Pyramid Sleeve Tattoo

Concepts similar to pyramid tattoos stand out most when draped in classic paint jobs involving mostly black and white tones.

Since the artwork is open to change, colors can definitely be installed to improve the final outcome.

A genre that makes pyramid tattoos look vibrant is a sleeve tattoo, taking weeks to form. Although the illustration requires an artist with skill, this tattoo is definitely worth the wait.

Pyramid Linework Tattoo: Rewinding To The Basics

Pyramid Linework Tattoo 1
Pyramid Linework Tattoo 2

If keeping it simple is part of your plan, try stacking up lines to form a pyramid tattoo based on line work. It's a great pick for minimalists, offering a lenient pain level to beginners.

Adding geometric shapes amps up the impression, while quotes add to the symbolism.

While many consider the upper arm to be the best canvas, any body part can accommodate this easygoing piece.

Frequently Asked Question

Pyramid tattoos are seldom pursued for their metaphors, often taking the lead with their jarring visuals.

However, those that use their metaphors for the positive also find success, from a both personal and occupational standpoint.

The process of installing a pyramid tattoo is difficult nonetheless. If you're resilient to pain, but feeling confused still, let the following questionnaire help you out!

Q: What makes pyramid tattoos so special?

Ans: Pyramid tattoos don't just represent a country, but also rituals that were heavily popularized in the Middle Ages. They also represent the prominent faces that made ancient Egyptian history so rich, and are linked to making one's life easier.

Q: Are pyramid tattoos expensive?

Ans: Pyramid tattoos require a high budget, since the angles as well as the components involved require tons of attention to detail. In addition to carrying a large stencil, pyramid tattoos also require high-quality paint jobs, further adding to their price tag.

Q: Can I use floral patterns on a pyramid tattoo?

Ans: While rare, pyramid tattoos easily gel with any component, which also involves floral schemes. That being said, if you're big on floral designs, check out this part of our website!

Final Verdict

When push comes to shove, a pyramid tattoo works wonders, often leaving behind a positive change in one's life.

Though it sweeps many by their feet with their design, a pyramid tattoo also coaches one into becoming the best version of themselves.

Before obtaining your own version of the pyramid tattoo, be sure to pick the right spot for your frame. Feel free to revise the guide if you're still unsure about the design you'd like to wear.

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