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96 Sensual Polynesian Tattoo Ideas To Connect With Your Roots!

While keeping pace with the hectic world, we often leave our thoughts in the wonderful world of Oceania where only heartwarming notions exist. The Polynesian tattoos allow us to connect with the beautiful people living near the deep blue ocean. Looking at the tattoo, you will feel like you are gliding on the thin glass surface while appreciating the mesmerizing marine ecosystem.

The Polynesian tattoos are undoubtedly a bit more sophisticated than your average tattoo design. The shapes within the tattoo may seem a bit abstract at a glance however there is an abundance of symbolism hidden inside even in the smallest of structures.

Countless Polynesian tribes exist in Oceania living peacefully. Their lives don’t have any of the negative aspects and they are only blessed with notions such as love, respect, and spiritualism. It's safe to say that once the illustration process is done, you will surely feel much better about yourself.

The Polynesian tattoo may be painful and that’s what mainly keeps people away from realizing the charming art pieces. However, the result will always feel like it was worth all the pain. So pack your bags and take your swim trunks as we dive into the amazing concept of Polynesian tattoos.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Polynesian Tattoos: The Energizing Meaning Of The Artistic Masterpieces

Eternal Sunshine Of The Polynesian Tattoos The Energizing Meaning Of The Artistic Masterpieces

Initially, the Polynesian people didn't have any language to communicate with each other. To transfer their emotions and messages to others, they always took a rather hands-on approach which later translated into the tattoo industry.

The history and symbolism of the Polynesian tattoo are quite extensive and it will take more than a book to cover each of the aspects. However, there are some quintessential meanings that everyone should know about. Two significant concepts, Moana and Mana are key focal points of most designs.

The former is all too known to most of you because of the Disney movie and the latter symbolizes spiritual energies. To the Polynesian people, loved ones never die. Their soul travels onto the natural vessels around them. That's why, you can illustrate the tattoo to immortalize your fallen loved one and keep them with you.

Also, the Polynesian tattoos offer a way to commemorate certain traits of the wearer. You can showcase the virtues that you have or desire to encompass such as strength, wisdom, and resilience. With the intricate shapes, you can also exemplify the many twists of life giving you a heads-up.

How Painful Are Polynesian Tattoos?

Due to the exuberance of intricate shapes and bold colors, Polynesian tattoos tend to be quite painful. Even if you search for a design with a magnifying glass, there is a slim chance that you will find something simple and dainty. Before etching the design on your body, you should always build enough endurance to withstand the pain.

So what should you do after you have the illustration? Polynesian people used to swim in the saltwater after the inking to disinfect their wounds. You don’t have to dive in the sea like them. Just keeping the tattoo dry and warm for a couple of days should do the trick.

Powerful Polynesian Tattoo Designs That Make You Feel Like A Warrior!

Powerful Polynesian Tattoo Designs That Make You Feel Like A Warrior!

The first thing that you will wonder as you notice the designs is how they are all full of monochromatic magnificence. This is the quintessential characteristic of Polynesian tattoos as the black ink showcases your true dedication to the cause.

The highly saturated black color is often stylized by utilizing the negative spaces creating a visual masterpiece.

Placement is a crucial part of Polynesian tattoos. For example, the illustration of the Polynesian tattoo on the head symbolizes intelligence whereas the sleeve tattoos represent strength.

There are countless shapes that you can incorporate into the tattoo such as shark teeth, lizards, clouds, and tidal waves. Each of them has its meaning and it's always a good idea to combine multiple of them to create a wonderful design.

If you are still confused about the brilliant design, take a gander at the designs below to get a good idea.

Expanding The Mind: Sophisticated Polynesian Tribal Tattoo

Polynesian Tribal Tattoo 1
Polynesian Tribal Tattoo 2

Your commitment to the tribal rituals and customs is portrayed in the alluring Polynesian tribal tattoo. Through the hypnotic patterns, you symbolize how deeply connected you are to your tribal ancestors.

The lands of Polynesia are adorned by many different tribes including Samoa, Maori, Tonga, and countless others. The people of these tribes often would ornament their bodies with ink to portray a wide range of messages.

Social hierarchy, strength, and even marital status were displayed with the help of these designs. You may not illustrate the tattoo for the same reason. To you, it can be a token of cultural appreciation.

Fun Fact: Polynesian tattoos are often interpreted as architecture because of their appearance. The designs are composed of small shapes that make up wondrous art pieces just like the bricks that construct a building.

Gliding In The Wave: Stylish Polynesian Tattoo On Leg

Polynesian Leg Tattoo 1
Polynesian Leg Tattoo 2

To the Polynesians, placement of the tattoo means a great deal and that's why you should properly understand the symbolism of each of the spots. The leg tattoo is considered to be a sign of moving forward and transformation.

In our life, we never stay in the same place for a long time. As time goes by, we quickly sprint towards our future with a new version of you. The beautiful tattoo consisting of charming clouds and oceanic motifs exemplifies the changes that are about to come.

Emblem Of Strength: Extravagant Polynesian Tattoo On Sleeve

Polynesian Sleeve Tattoo 1
Polynesian Sleeve Tattoo 2

You may have seen Dwayne the Rock Johnson with his legendary Polynesian sleeve tattoo. To the Maori tribe, the decoration of the sleeve symbolizes notions such as strength and power.

Warriors and higher-ups of the society tend to illustrate the tattoo to exude a sense of pride. While many of the Polynesian symbols can be incorporated into the tattoo, you should particularly emphasize shapes including the shark teeth as it's the token of strength. The sharp triangular shapes throughout the sleeve tattoo hint at your masculine prowess.

Seeking Knowledge And Wisdom: Theatrical Polynesian Tattoo On Forearm

Polynesian Forearm Tattoo 1
Polynesian Forearm Tattoo 2

If you consider yourself to be more inept with creative notions then the forearm tattoo is perfect for you. The triangular structures intertwined with each other express how you seek knowledge and intelligence in a world where everyone is obsessed with physical power.

In our previous tattoo design, the patterns were primarily based on simplified shark teeth. But as the forearm tattoo is a much more theatrical design, you should use a complex variant of the shapes to create beautiful theatrics.

 Artwork That Touches Soul: Symbolic Polynesian Turtle Tattoo

Polynesian Turtle Tattoo

Family is the most important thing to the Polynesians. Yes, it may sound corny to you but to them, the true happiness lies with the people around you. The turtle holds great significance to the people because the creature symbolizes unity and fertility.

Many wish to illustrate the tattoo due to how long turtles live in the ocean. Who does not aspire to live a long and prosperous life? At a glance, the tattoo looks like a silhouette but when you look closer, tribal symbols start to conjure in the back of the creature.

 Utilizing The Negative Space: Bold Polynesian Tattoo On Arm

Polynesian Arm Tattoo

Like the sleeve tattoos, the Polynesian arm tattoo exemplifies aspects such as strength and bravery. In the region of Polynesia, life is not easy. To survive, the men have to climb high trees and travel deep into the oceans to find food.

It requires a great amount of courage and belief in oneself to achieve success. The arm tattoo uses a deeply saturated ink to inspire you to become like the warriors of the Polynesian tribes. The art piece looks quite symmetrical as there is an equal amount of gap between all the shapes creating a soothing aesthetic.

Circle Of Life: Glistening Polynesian Tattoo On Shoulder

Polynesian Shoulder Tattoo 1
Polynesian Shoulder Tattoo 2

The glistening aura of the shoulder blade is the ideal spot for inking an amazing Polynesian tattoo. Even the monochromatic designs tend to shine when it is etched in the divine realm.

The tattoo doesn't confine itself to one particular style, rather features multiple shapes ranging from shark teeth to spearheads. The interpretation can fluctuate depending on the wearer. However, the circular pattern of the manifestation reveals how the tattoo seeks to unveil the secrets of life.

 Embracing The Culture: Protective Polynesian Tattoo On Chest

Polynesian Chest Tattoo

The symbolism of the design is quite apparent, don’t you think? The chest tattoo means all the good and positive things in life that truly make human beings human. When you embrace the magnificence of the Polynesian chest tattoo, you will soon be much more generous and helpful to others.

In addition to the optimistic connotation of the artwork, the aesthetic is so charismatic that it feels like the patterns are fences or locks that are keeping your heart safe. The structures are aligned in such a manner that they appear to fight off against the malicious spirits of the world so that they don’t pollute your heart.

Display Of Creativity: Powerful Polynesian Tattoo On Hand

Polynesian Hand Tattoo 1
Polynesian Hand Tattoo 2

With their hands, the Polynesians build wonders that help them in their livelihood. They construct large boats, and strong houses, and craft enigmatic altarpieces that portray their culture by using their hands.

Therefore, it's quite obvious to realize what the hand tattoo truly symbolizes. Yes, you guessed it right. The monochromatic art piece in the small area of your hand commemorates creativity and imagination. These two notions are quite important in our life which we often tend to ignore. Without them, we are nothing but soulless creatures.

Commitment For Life: Symmetrical Polynesian Armband Tattoo

Polynesian Armband Tattoo 1
Polynesian Armband Tattoo 2

Commitment either is a beautiful thing to keep or a technique to betray someone for those who don’t acknowledge it. Certainly, the Polynesians belong to the group who follow the former belief and you should as well.

The geometric armband tattoo is a display of the sacred relationships of the wearer. As long as the hypnotic shapes stay present in your body, you will always think twice before thinking of breaking your commitment to someone.

Glimpse Of Nature: Alluring Traditional Polynesian Tattoo

Traditional Polynesian Tattoo 1
Traditional Polynesian Tattoo 2

The entire essence of the Polynesian tattoo is the portrayal of the culture and traditions of the tribal people. Therefore, the designs are traditional.to begin with. But there is a trick to amplify this aspect even more.

How so? Well, you can stylize the typical Polynesian symbols and bring a natural vibe to them. You can follow the contemporary trends in most parts of the tattoo but in the middle points or around the edges, sudden glimpses of natural shapes can bring new meaning to the tattoo.

Jaws Of Death: Intimidating Shark Polynesian Tattoo

Shark Polynesian Tattoo 1
Shark Polynesian Tattoo 2

The jaws of death are quite frequent inhabitants of the Polynesian waters. The people are all too famous with them and they encounter each other regularly.

Many Polynesians wholeheartedly believe that these menacing creatures of the deep blue sea are avatars of the god. The Hawaiians believe that sharks have supernatural abilities and often ink their body to encapsulate the traits of the shark. The origin of the tattoo may be spiritual or entirely cultural, but one thing is for certain. The design ticks all the boxes of a phenomenal tattoo.

A Permanent Ornamentation: Decorative Polynesian Tattoo On Neck

Polynesian Neck Tattoo 1
Polynesian Neck Tattoo 2

Temporary jewelries are artificial and they don’t accentuate the beauty of the wearer. Instead, the artificial decorations hide the natural appearance. That’s why, you should rather opt for a more permanent ornamentation that makes you look stylish as well as showcase your devotion to your culture.

We see most of the neck tattoos to occupy a small portion but that's not the case for the Polynesian tattoo. The tattoo engulfs your neck giving it a unique dimension.

Bloom Of Positivity: Shaded Polynesian Plumeria Tattoo

Polynesian Plumeria Tattoo

If you had the privilege to visit the lands of Hawaii, you would most likely be welcomed with plumeria flowers. These blooms of nature are a motif of love, affection, and romance.

The tattoo is the embodiment of one of the purest notions of Hawaii which is Aloha or the notion of love. With the help of the Polynesian tattoo, you can finally embrace the essence of Aloha in you. Soon, you will notice all the negative energies leaving your soul.

Curves Like A Ballerina: Monochromatic Polynesian Tattoo On Back

Polynesian Back Tattoo 1
Polynesian Back Tattoo 2

Due to the existence of the spine in the middle of the back, you have a creative opportunity to illustrate an elongated masterpiece starting from the lower back extension of the neck area.

The middle portion of the tattoo is nothing out of the ordinary but what makes the design astounding is the protruded swirls in the two sides. These swirls exemplify the uncertainty of life and you have to keep on moving no matter the changes.

Token Of Sensuality: Feminine Polynesian Flower Tattoo

Polynesian Flower Tattoo

Till now, we mostly focused on tattoo designs that feature extreme use of monochromatic shading to express the notion of masculinity. You might be wondering if there is anything solely for women.

Well, there is. Samoan women often inked their bodies in the same way as the men. However, the designs were limited to floral patterns. However, you shouldn’t be disheartened. Even with the confinement, you can come up with something as charming as the tattoo above you with just a bit of creativity.

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Keeping Things Personal: Small Yet Meaningful Polynesian Tattoo

Small Polynesian Tattoo 1
Small Polynesian Tattoo 2

 Overcoming The Odds: Masculine Polynesian Warrior Tattoo

Polynesian Warrior Tattoo 1
Polynesian Warrior Tattoo 2

The Twist Of Universe: Hypnotic Polynesian Sun Tattoo

Polynesian Sun Tattoo 1
Polynesian Sun Tattoo 2

A Menacing Depiction: Festive Dragon Polynesian Tattoo

Dragon Polynesian Tattoo 1
Dragon Polynesian Tattoo 2

A Heartwarming Notion: Adorable Polynesian Animal Tattoo

Polynesian Animal Tattoo 1
Polynesian Animal Tattoo 2

Chilling In The Beaches: Relaxing Hawaiian Polynesian Tattoo

Hawaiian Polynesian Tattoo

Wings Of Traditions: Delicate Polynesian Bird Tattoo

Polynesian Bird Tattoo 1
Polynesian Bird Tattoo 2

Desire To Become The Alpha: Prideful Polynesian Lion Tattoo

Polynesian Lion Tattoo 1
Polynesian Lion Tattoo 2

Totem Of The Ocean: Slithering Polynesian Octopus Tattoo

Polynesian Octopus Tattoo

 A Delicate Motif: Discrete Polynesian Tattoo On Wrist

Polynesian Wrist Tattoo

 Celebration Of Womanhood: Sensual Female Polynesian Tattoo

Female Polynesian Tattoo


The history of the Polynesian people is proudly illustrated by the indigenous people. Although the tattoos are well documented, there are still ample amounts of obscurities surrounding the alluring designs.

Deciphering the mystery of these charming designs is a must and it's our duty to clear the clouds. That’s why, we have tried to answer some of the best questions that we could get our hands on.

Q: Can You Get A Polynesian Tattoo If You Are Not Polynesian?

Ans: Of course, you can. There is no restriction that non-local people can’t get Polynesian tattoos. As long as you have a good understanding of what they represent and appreciate their values, you are good to go.

Q: Which Polynesian Tattoo Is The Most Sacred?

Ans: Placement is a crucial part of the Polynesian tattoos and each of them has unique significance. The head tattoos are considered to be the most sacred because it's the ultimate showcase of one’s dedication to their culture.

Q: Why Do Polynesians Get Tattoos?

Ans: The answer is tough to wrap within a few words. The best way to understand why they get them is by considering the tattoos as identity cards.

Each of the tattoos depicts the wearer's individuality. With the tattoo, Polynesians can portray their uniqueness most symbolically.


There are few tattoo designs as exciting and thought-provoking as the Polynesian tattoos. The brilliance of the artworks lies in the charming display of tribal shapes that each have significant meanings attached to them. Once you illustrate the tattoo, you are taken back to your roots. The divine tattoos make you understand your true identity.

Monetary components may seem precious to us but they are truly nothing when compared to the blessings of life such as our family, friends, and nature. The Polynesian tattoos help you connect with the beautiful aspects of the universe and compel you to embrace all the positive notions to make you feel truly happy.

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