Mind-boggling Peacock Tattoo Ideas That Represent The True Purpose Of Individuality!

Mind-boggling Peacock Tattoo Ideas That Represent The True Purpose Of Individuality!

Though tattoos are still frowned upon in many areas of the world, many believe that they’ll forever remain relevant in the world of art. This is because, irrespective of design, tattoos give people a platform to be transparent to themselves, as well as their loved ones; that too in an unapologetic manner.

After floral patterns and quotes, the ringleader among expressive tattoos is none other than a peacock tattoo, taking away the stage with the jarring features of the bird primarily. However, peacock tattoos also serve a purpose that is often a frontrunner at improving mental health; an element that I will unveil shortly.

Though limited in terms of design, there are various ways through which one can think outside the box with a peacock tattoo, and brace for success. But if you’d like to take a look at some of the best designs out there, this material should help you meet the previous criterion!

Being Unapologetic About Being Yourself: Identifying The Real Motive And Meaning Of Peacock Tattoos

Meaning of peacock tattoo

Many often think that peacock tattoos dominate the world of art due to how presentable it is from the outside, draped in various shades of green, blue, yellow, and orange. However, many often don’t notice its spiritual attributes, which gravitate towards transparency.

Peacocks take pride in being themselves, even if they have to compromise and abide against the principles of other creatures. Likewise, peacock tattoos encourage users to break out of their shells, and find more comfort in their true nature instead.

Alongside motivating wearers to be less ashamed of their true intentions, peacock tattoos are also linked with good fortune, with many placing trust in its wisdom. The bird tattoos are also used as tokens of protection, mostly against spells and bad omen.

Sublime Peacock Tattoos That Promote Authenticity And Break Free From Conformity!

Peacocks are stubborn, and only mix with their own kind. Reprising the former quality is a peacock tattoo, which usually doesn’t pair well with supporting components, but only when it refuses to compromise in size.

If you ask me, the success of a peacock tattoo lies in its visuals, as well as each feature that shapes the structure of a peacock, which can be pursued as solo endeavors to obtain a positive outcome, and a successful tattoo.

That being said, if you’re currently picking your brain for a glorious peacock tattoo, don’t forget to take notes from the list below!

Peacock Thigh Tattoo: Walk It Like You Talk It

Peacock Thigh Tattoo 1
Peacock Thigh Tattoo 2

Peacock tattoos have the flair, as well as the energy that gives one the confidence to be themselves, without feeling an ounce of shame.

Though plenty of variants shape up the influence of peacock tattoos, none of them do it better than a thigh tattoo, which allows the creature to settle in.

Being a huge canvas, the thigh also gives the feathers of a peacock enough space to showcase their distinctiveness, further securing this variant the highest spot in the room.

Peacock Feather Tattoo: A Token For Protection

Peacock Feather Tattoo 1
Peacock Feather Tattoo 2

While peacock tattoos encourage their users to embrace individuality, a peacock’s feather, also pursued as a tattoo, takes a more straightforward approach, with a simple design.

A peacock’s feather is quite prominent in the scene, sharing ties with ambition, positivity, and good fortune.

Additionally, the tattoo also shields its users from harm, preferably from bad energy, and unfixable spells.

Traditional Peacock Tattoo: Bringing The Visuals To The Spotlight

Traditional Peacock Tattoo 1
Traditional Peacock Tattoo 2

While many tattoos excel under minimal conditions, a peacock tattoo appears to be the polar opposite, standing out most when the graphic involves color.

This brings us to traditional peacock tattoos, adopting shades from the average traditional design for a remarkable effect.

The best part about this tattoo is the final outcome, which can be a great look for those seeking validation. Not all is positive about this tattoo, as the maintenance cost is high.

Simple Peacock Tattoo: Simple, But Marvelous

Simple Peacock Tattoo 1
Simple Peacock Tattoo 2

Going all out with a peacock tattoo is the optimal way to showcase the piece. But if you’re big on minimalism, a simple peacock tattoo should be enough.

Though small, this tattoo is a great pick for its visuals, even more so due to how stress-free it is to install. The artwork is often stitched with a fine-line needle, added primarily as a wrist tattoo for beginners.

The former isn’t necessary, though, as areas such as the neck, ankle, as well as the foot can carry this tattoo!

Peacock Back Tattoo: Reserving Your Inner Reflection

Peacock Back Tattoo 1
Peacock Back Tattoo 2

When worn at the back, peacock tattoos carry the same appeal as a Japanese dragon tattoo, known for its color scheme, as well as its inner-meaning.

The stencil takes weeks to reach completion, with each component carrying a flurry of complex properties. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, this back tattoo stays relevant, capturing a peacock in its prime.

This tattoo is available for all, but isn’t pursued by everyone due to various complications. If you’ve got what it takes, however, don’t forget to take a chance with this scheme.

Black and White Peacock Tattoo: A Change Of Perspective

Black and White Peacock Tattoo 1
Black and White Peacock Tattoo 2

Old is gold, they say, which appears to be the case for black and white tattoos; a genre that never ages.

The same could be said about a black and white peacock tattoo, which takes away the colour to show just how well the features of a peacock are, even when the boldness isn’t as apparent.

That being said, this tattoo is a great option if you’re seeking a supporting design, or simply fond of neutral schemes. Avoid enclosed areas, however, as the tones of this design fade quickly.

Small Peacock Tattoo: Keeping Things Subtle

Small Peacock Tattoo 1
Small Peacock Tattoo 2

Sticking to easier concepts is the best way to establish a healthy experience when obtaining a tattoo. Similarly, if all you’re seeking is a peacock tattoo, a small tattoo of it should match the previous criterion.

Made for both men and women, this tattoo carries a great reception by being malleable to change, and flexible in terms of placement. For the best results, however, a no-brainer is the forearm, with the inner-bicep being a close-second.

Peacock Leg Tattoo: A Platform For Storytellers

Peacock Leg Tattoo 1
Peacock Leg Tattoo 2

Sleeve tattoos are often the go-to for those desiring an emphasized concept of a peacock. However, an alternative is a leg tattoo, which, with enough practice, can grow into a leg sleeve tattoo. What makes this peacock tattoo a winner is how easy it is to hide, which can work in favor of those with a 9 to 5.

Be sure to invest your money in the right artist, as this tattoo takes patience and skill to replicate to the T.

Japanese Peacock Tattoo: A Standout Feature

Japanese Peacock Tattoo 1
Japanese Peacock Tattoo 2

As always, the list feels rather incomplete without Japanese tattoos, prominently known for the way in which they create dragons. However, an entry just as compelling appears to be a Japanese peacock tattoo, with a similar aura, thanks to its color scheme.

Alongside the peacock are floral patterns, which are used to showcase just how jarring peacocks are, and how they always stand out among the crowd.

Being a large depiction, this piece is recommended for those seeking sleeve tattoos. However, since the artwork is open to change, downsize the piece for a dramatic effect.

Watercolor Peacock Tattoo: Where Boldness Is In Full Bloom

Watercolor Peacock Tattoo 1
Watercolor Peacock Tattoo 2

By making the artwork runny, you can easily generate a realistic tattoo of anything.

That being said, if you have plans of obtaining a peacock tattoo, a watercolor tattoo, which involves the formerly mentioned elements, can be great for those seeking some realism.

A peacock tattoo is difficult in itself, especially to create. This watercolor tattoo is just as complex to replicate, so place your trust in a good source for a successful outcome.

Peacock Chest Tattoo: A Change Made In Private

Peacock Chest Tattoo

You don’t have to share everything with everyone. Similarly, if you’re going through character development, the change can be made in private.

Presenting to you a chest tattoo based on a peacock, bordered with thin lines, draped in a pastel shade of teal. The artwork is one of the best options yet, carrying the perfect size for any frame.

What’s special about this tattoo is the amount of space it leaves behind, which can be utilized by other tattoos. The area does have plenty of nerve endings, however, so prepare yourself accordingly.

Colorful Peacock Tattoo: Going Head First With Delicate Tones

Colorful Peacock Tattoo 1
Colorful Peacock Tattoo 2

Often, peacock tattoos are downsized and minimized in hopes of meeting the criterion for a good tattoo. However, instead, one should focus on its strong suits; one of which is their color scheme. This colorful peacock tattoo does just that, generating a positive review by creating monochromatic elements that eventually stitches all the elements together. The only issue is the lengthy creative process, which can be subsided through effective planning.

Realistic Peacock Tattoo: Art At Its Peak

Realistic Peacock Tattoo 1
Realistic Peacock Tattoo 2

Carrying notes of green, blue, and a mix of orange and yellow, peacock tattoos are, without a doubt, some of the most entertaining pieces in the business. However, none of them quite make its mark like pieces stitched with realism, such as this peacock tattoo.

A realistic peacock tattoo captures the feathers of a peacock, displaying each component with high-resolution and detail.

The installation process is as hefty, while the price tag runs high due to requiring experienced tattoo artists.

White Peacock Tattoo: A Diamond In The Rough

White Peacock Tattoo 1
White Peacock Tattoo 2

The black sheep on this list is a white peacock tattoo, based on the real life species, carrying ties with Hinduism. White peacock tattoos are often used to explore religion, with purity written all over the graphic.

Just like actual white peacocks, the amount of white peacock tattoos is rare, and not exactly a common find.

This makes the tattoo a great pick for those seeking a standout performer, as well as users seeking a malleable design.

Peacock Hand Tattoo: A Display Of One's Strength

Peacock Hand Tattoo

If you know about tattoos, you’re probably aware of hand tattoos, along with the amount of pain it involves.

However, if you’re aiming for a peacock tattoo, there’s nothing more tough than chasing the former.

A hand tattoo gives enough space for the peacock to showcase all its feathers, that too with sharp colors and dark borders. To work past the brutality of this design, consider using numbing cream.

Peacock Arm Tattoo: Getting More Comfortable By The Day

Peacock Arm Tattoo

An inner arm tattoo, otherwise known as a bicep tattoo, is another honorable mention on this list, offering a much larger depiction, along with attention to detail.

Often, since inner arm tattoos denote masculinity, it is a great design for men to experiment with. The area carries plenty of nerve endings, though, so ask your tattoo artist to tread carefully.

When push comes to shove, a peacock’s feather seems more appropriate for this entry, as tons of jarring components can be engraved into the concept.

Peacock Neck Tattoo: A Symbol For Womanhood

Peacock Neck Tattoo 1
Peacock Neck Tattoo 2

A peacock tattoo is perhaps the most noticeable design in the world today. Keeping it subtle is often a challenge and a half, given the visuals carried by the average peacock tattoo.

However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Similarly, if you can’t help but obtain a peacock tattoo, a neck tattoo might be a great way of keeping things secluded.

If pain is a pet peeve, trim the size down or break the installation process into multiple, manageable segments.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that we’ve looked into some of the highlights on my list of best peacock tattoos, here is a questionnaire that will jog your brain with relevant information regarding the phenomenon!

Q: Why are peacocks so relevant in the tattoo world?

Ans: Peacock tattoos are some of the only tattoos that promote the comfort of being oneself to the fullest, accepting every flaw that one may possess along the way. They're some of the most open-minded symbols in the tattoo world, being generous to any user, despite being impossible to pair with.

Q: Are peacock tattoos compatible?

Ans: Almost always, peacock tattoos outshine any other component, making them difficult to form bonds with supporting designs. However, the only match appears to be floral elements, coming in various species to be on the same wavelength.

Q: Can peacock tattoos erase bad omen?

Ans: While not always the case, peacock tattoos, especially those only involving their feather, are known for dealing with bad fortune, thanks to the presence of the evil eye. For more info on the evil eye tattoos, give this guide a read.


If you’re always giving into conformity, abiding by the rules set by those around you, perhaps it’s time you start being true to yourself. Additionally, if you need a push, why not let a peacock tattoo enter your life?

Peacock tattoos tackle the feeling of shame headfirst by making space for mistakes, and prioritizing authenticity and transparency above all. Each variant is known for being bold on the outside, but also has a glowing effect on people, when used for the right reason.

The nature of a peacock tattoo rides solo, much like a peacock. And if you’re not keen on obtaining a depiction of a peacock, consider experimenting with its distinct features.

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