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47 Enchanting Monkey Tattoo Ideas To Enlighten You

Swinging through trees from trees or casually peeling off bananas, everything that monkeys do seems to radiate a positive energy. They are one of the most joyous and happy creatures on the planet. Sure, they can be aggressive at times when they are threatened but most of the time, they will smile and make funny expressions all day. We all need such positive energy in our lives.

The concept of monkey tattoos arose from this notion. Tattooists all around the world began to appreciate how these creatures live their lives and they wanted to etch their imagery in the realm of the human body. So, the monkey tattoos were born. Since then, millions of people all around the world have imprinted their bodies in the shape of these amazing animals.

Apart from their happy life, they are animals that are closely related to humans. Biotechnologists believe that there is a 97 percent similarity between the genetic content of humans and monkeys. Because of such astounding resemblance and their sharp wit and intelligence, they deserve a place in our bodies.

So without further ado, let’s check out everything there is to know about the monkey tattoos. Grab a coffee and prepare for a bumpy ride.

Meaningful Monkey Tattoo Symbolism To Strike A Chord In You

Monkey Tattoo Symbolism

One of the most apparent meanings and symbolism behind the monkey tattoos is the connection with nature. In this hectic lifestyle, we are deviating further and further away from Mother Nature.

When was the last time you took a stroll in the nearest forest and talked with the birds? We are so glued to our computer screens that we hardly have the time. Monkey tattoos can give us a glimpse of that natural life with its subtle colors and alluring patterns.

In many cultures and religions, monkeys are considered to be supernatural deities with inhuman strength. Many people opt for the monkey tattoo thinking that they will get the same abilities as the monkeys depicted in the religion. Because of their spiritual connotation, it is also believed that the tattoos stray away from all the malicious spirits that lurk in the world.

Finally, monkey tattoos represent joy and happiness. You will never see these creatures with a morose face. They will always jump around and play as if there is no tomorrow. We all need such positive energy in our lives. Being depressed all the time will only take us to our doom.

Monkey Tattoos In Pop Culture: How They Shape The Modern Literature And Cinema

Monkey Tattoos In Pop Culture

Over the years, there have been countless depictions of these gorgeous animals in the modern media. Let’s take a gander at some of those. The purpose of this segment is not only to brag about the cultural significance of these tattoos but also to give you some sources from which you can borrow some stunning tattoo ideas.

Curious George

This mischievous yet curious monkey from the children’s book has become one of the fan favorites for a long time. The overall appearance of the character is like any other monkey but there is just something innocent about him that makes us root for him. From his curious nature to his funny expressions, curious George has quickly garnered a spot in the deepest corners of our hearts.

How Memes Inspire Monkey Tattoos

Memes have taken over the world. Back in the day, social media platforms were used primarily to communicate with each other. However now, people solely use it to spread memes. One meme that ranks one of the highest is undoubtedly that of a monkey. Monkey memes have been trending on the front page of the internet for several times now. These laughable memes have propelled the popularity of monkey tattoos to the mainstream media.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Have you ever envisioned monkeys to be riding horses or carrying guns? These badass images never came to our mind. But thanks to the hugely popular movie series, now we have many ideas that we can get etched on our body canvas. From monkeys striking a menacing pose to them riding motorcycles, the sky's the limit.

Majestic Monkey Tattoo Designs To Blow You Away

Although the sole purpose of a tattoo is sometimes considered to be to show off to people, most monkey tattoos function as a discrete emblem. They are not meant to be highly detailed and full of external elements. Just a jarring display of the fantastic animals in the wild is more than enough to create a range of emotions in us.

There are a wide range of monkey species all around the world. The ones living in the cold and harsh temperatures tend to grow a thick, white coat while the monkeys residing in humid weather are much lighter. Some monkeys have unique facial attributes such as long faces or thick mustaches. You should choose the one species that you connect with.

Cultural significance is another factor that you need to think about. Each monkey tattoo stems from a culture or religion where they have a profound meaning and symbolism. These symbols often teach us the way of life. So, you should make sure to properly investigate to know what tattoo represents what concept.

Monkey King Tattoo

Monkey King Tattoo 1
Monkey King Tattoo 2

Let's start our list with the king of all the monkeys. The monkey king is known to have astounding abilities. He could lift two heavenly mountains just by using his shoulders. He was so fast that many deemed him to run with the speed of a meteor.

Monkey king protested against the heavens for the injustice for a long time. Finally, he was imprisoned by Buddha. After many years, he finally got released to avenge himself.

The story of Monkey king is well known. The tattoo features him gently mediating in the clouds. It is believed that having his tattoo can compel people to follow his footsteps. Who knows, after getting the tattoo, you may have the same inhumane strength and super speed.

Monkey Belly Button Tattoo

Monkey Belly Button Tattoo 1
Monkey Belly Button Tattoo 2

For some people, these are the craziest tattoos to ever exist. Many even vomit at the thought of this design. However, you cannot deny that these designs are quite creative, to say the least.

It is utilizing the belly button to make it look like the stomach is a revolutionary idea whether you like it or not. Creating the monkey stomach using the belly button makes a three-dimensional effect that is hard to find in any other tattoo.

These tattoos are highly colorful as the monochromatic color scheme doesn't work on the belly button. The proportionality is also quite important as some people tend to butcher the design by putting the head of the monkey in the wrong place. So you should be careful.

Cute Monkey Tattoo

Cute Monkey Tattoo

What's better than one monkey? Three monkeys. That’s the main point behind this tattoo. Rather than drawing a single cute monkey, the tattoo features three adorable monkeys sitting in a twig.

Colors plays an integral part in feeling certain emotions. That’s why, you will see film directors use a certain color palette in their movies to excite the audience. In the case of the monkey tattoos, the monkeys are filled with three different colors to bring a range of emotions to you.

A gentle sky is depicted in the background to create an optimistic feeling in you. The naive expressions on the faces of the monkeys along with the scenic background will surely make your heart melt.

Arctic Monkey Tattoo

Arctic Monkey Tattoo

We all have heard about the band. This indie rock group stormed into the scene with one after another banger. Now and then, we strap headphones to our ears and groove with the beats of the arctic monkeys.

However, this tattoo doesn’t feature anything from the bond. Rather it focuses on the snowy monkeys found in the arctic, cold areas. They have a distinct pair of hollow eyes and a characteristic grayish fur.

The tattoo also features some abstract shapes such as semicolons and arrows to portray the notion of guidance. The entire tattoo is done using a bold black color to create an aesthetic look.

Small Monkey Tattoo

Small Monkey Tattoo

Small monkey tattoos are cute and they will make you happy at any point of the day. These types of tattoos don’t have much detail to them. Just an illustration of a monkey wearing a colorful jacket and holding a flower is more than enough.

Ankles are the perfect spot for the small tattoo as the monkey will remain discreet. It will keep on energizing you while remaining hidden from others. Who knows, you may become the best of friends over time with the small monkey on your ankle tattoo.

Monkey Face Tattoo

Monkey Face Tattoo 1
Monkey Face Tattoo 2

We all mindlessly use the monkey face emoji every day while chatting with our peers. However, how many of us paid any attention to how the face looks? Sadly, we are too accustomed to sending messages rather than appreciating the natural elements.

A monkey's face is quite thoughtful. They don’t just violently make angry expressions. Often, you will see them contemplating by making long faces. In these times, their faces seem quite like Greek philosophers. That’s why these tattoos are often believed to be symbols of wisdom.

Traditional Monkey Tattoo

Traditional Monkey Tattoo

Traditional monkey tattoos are full of vibrant and whimsical colors. Having such a colorful tattoo brings out a festive vibe in you which is desperately needed in such a hopeless world.

These tattoos feature the monkey being in the middle of bouquets of radiant flowers and leaves just like the sea turtle tattoos. The monkey is the only element that is black while everything else oozes with a wide range of hues. Such contrast truly creates a mesmerizing design that works for all ages.

Japanese Monkey Tattoo

Japanese Monkey Tattoo

Like the Chinese, in Japanese culture, monkeys are quite respected among the people. Many Japanese wholeheartedly believe that these creatures are the reincarnations of the god, Buddha. They are also known to be messengers between the Kami spirits and the humans of the earth.

Therefore, it is quite easy to understand how religiously significant these animals are. Having such a tattoo will calm your brain and embark you on a peaceful journey in which you may find the meaning of life.

Simple Monkey Tattoo

Simple Monkey Tattoo

These tattoos are quite discreet and they only inspire the wearer. Not all tattoos are meant to be showcased to the world. The tattoo features a cute and cuddly monkey gently sitting and making a smiley face.

Whenever you are having a bad day at work or nothing is going right for you, you can see the tattoo. The elegant smile on the monkey's face will surely uplift your mood and compel you to fulfill all your dreams and ambitions.

Grease Monkey Tattoo

Grease Monkey Tattoo

Do you have a knack for fixing automobiles? Do your friends secretly call you a magicam of repairing cars? Then this is the perfect tattoo choice for you. With this tattoo, you will look like the ultimate engineer who can fix any vehicle in no time.

The tattoo features a monkey having all sorts of equipment to fix a car. From safety goggles to spray paints, he is all ready to shine the car brand new. This sort of tattoo expresses your thirst for automobile knowledge and your desire to fix anything that you can get your hands on.

Tribal Monkey Tattoo

Tribal Monkey Tattoo

Many native American tribes to this day consider monkeys as totems. They often paint or scarify their body in the shape of monkeys believing that it would grant them intelligence and strength.

These tattoos are quite rugged, to be honest. The monkey looks like it belongs from the deepest part of the jungle with gnarly nails and spiky fur. To make the tattoo look more tribal, various shapes such as spirals and swirls are added to the body parts. All in all, this tattoo will surely make you feel like a warrior.

Sock Monkey Tattoo

Sock Monkey Tattoo

For a long time, sock monkeys are believed to be a sign of good luck. That’s why you will often see people giving each other sock monkeys. They are even presented as a gift to the ill hoping that the sock monkey will quickly recover them.

Therefore, you can understand just how magical these tattoos are. Having a sock monkey tattoo can prevent all sorts of evil spirits from harming you. You will start to find success in everything you do because of the blessing from the tattoo.

Chinese Monkey Tattoo

Chinese Monkey Tattoo

When someone gets called a monkey, they often get angry. But not the Chinese. Chinese people consider these animals to be quite clever and sly. That’s why when someone calls them a monkey, they take it as a compliment.

The monkeys also have quite an importance in their culture. Sun Wukong, the monkey king is all too known to the Chinese people. By practicing Taoist, the monkey has gained supernatural abilities that he uses to take down the fiercest of foes. The tattoo features a cool image of the monkey king with his typical colorful decorations.

Realistic Monkey Tattoo

Realistic Monkey Tattoo

You will have to look twice to confirm if what you are seeing is a tattoo or an actual monkey. This kind of deception can often occur in the case of realistic monkey tattoos. The details feel so real and smooth that it feels like the monkey is real and living inside your skin.

So how to illustrate such a marvelous tattoo? Well, you need to be patient. You can’t hurry when drawing a realistic tattoo. Each of the strokes needs to be precise. The shading needs to be appropriately done so that the monkey tattoo feels like there is sunray falling on it. When you are finally finished, you just have to stare at the tattoo in awe.

Cartoon Monkey Tattoo

Cartoon Monkey Tattoo

YouTube is currently filled with channels that release cartoons of monkeys doing their activities. They are getting millions of views because kids drool over them. Parents don’t supervise their kids nowadays and they quickly get addicted to this kind of cartoon.

The cartoon monkey tattoo features a cartoon rendition of the lovely beast that jumps around the trees. Like the cartoons, these tattoos are incredibly stimulating therefore you will stare at these artworks for hours without ever feeling bored.

Baby Monkey Tattoo

Baby Monkey Tattoo

I was looking for something to melt your heart. The baby monkey tattoo is just for you. These adorable creatures look like little balls of fur that compel you to give them a big hug.

So what makes the baby monkey tattoo so cute? Well, it's the big, sparkly eyes. You can pretty much see the entire world in them. When you look into their eyes, you forget all the worries of your life. The two oversized ears are bound to make your life. All in all, the baby monkey tattoo will surely make your day.

Geometric Monkey Tattoo

Geometric Monkey Tattoo

This one's for the mathematicians out there. We all wondered what's the point of the difficult equations and graphs other than making our lives a living hell. Well, you can use the knowledge to curve a stunning geometric monkey tattoo.

Such monkey tattoos are quite alluring to watch. Each part of the monkey tattoo is perfectly compartmentalized into thousands of geometric pieces. When you look at the tattoo, you feel like you are looking at a diamond monument of the happy animals that coexist with us.

Aztec Monkey Tattoo

Aztec Monkey Tattoo

In many cultures and religions, monkeys hold quite a high spot. People believing in these religions often consider these primates as gods. One instance can be found in Hinduism where there is a monkey god named Hanuman.

However, there isn’t any other civilization that revered monkeys as much as the Aztecs. According to them, Ozomatli was a monkey god who was known to be the companion spirit of humans. This monkey was also known to be connected with many of the blessings of the Aztec people such as food and shelter. Having such a tattoo on your body canvas can be quite a positive omen in your life.

Crazy Monkey Tattoo

Crazy Monkey Tattoo

Most monkeys tend to be quite calm and collected. You will see them gently chewing off their bananas or playing with their comrades. Sometimes fights break out but it's nothing serious.

However, if you threaten them in some way, get ready to feel the wrath. These tiny creatures get increasingly violent and they can cause quite a havoc in the scene. With their sharp teeth, they will try to bite directly into your skin. When they are angry, they become crazy. The crazy monkey tattoo comprises this image of a furious monkey staring menacingly at you.

Watercolor Monkey Tattoo

Watercolor Monkey Tattoo

Drawing natural tattoos isn't an easy feat. You need to capture the essence of realism with the colors. Many tattooists fail to do so and make a tattoo that feels artificIal.

A good way to achieve a soothing monkey tattoo is by using watercolors. The colors gently flow in the skin leaving a smooth texture that makes the tattoo feel like it's oozing a positive aura. You can depict any scene from your everyday life. Just a scene of a monkey holding a camera can be portrayed beautifully with the use of watercolors.

Diving Deep Into The Jungle: An Astounding Time Lapse Of Monkey Tattoos

Most tattooists start to make a natural-looking monkey tattoo but end up with a tattoo that feels artificial. This is mainly because they don’t know which color palette to use. The incorporation of bizarre colors can completely ruin the whole imagery.

That’s why to get your creative juices flowing, we have a brilliant time lapse of monkey tattoos. You can see how the tattooist only uses the colors that match with the background. Because of their sensible choice, they finish with a hearty and vintage-looking monkey tattoo.


If you search about monkey tattoos on the internet, you will be greeted with a whole lot of images but hardly any information. For the novices out there, it can get quite confusing. You need to spend a lot of time to find out accurate and relevant information regarding monkey tattoos.

That’s why, we have collected some of the most thought-provoking questions on the internet about monkey tattoos and tried to answer them in the most concise way possible. If you still have queries, feel free to reach out.

Q: What Is The Best Place For A Monkey Tattoo?

Ans: Most monkey tattoos are quite discreet and work as a personal emblem. That’s why people prefer to etch the monkeys as ankles or neck tattoos. These places are sensual which elevates the imagery of these fantastic animals.

Q: Does Monkey Tattoos Have A Spiritual Meaning?

Ans: Yes, they do. In both Hinduism and Chinese culture, there is a representation of a superior being who resembles a monkey. In Hinduism, he is known as Hanuman, and in Chinese culture, he is known as the Monkey king.

It is believed that this deity can perform some miraculous acts and have immense capabilities. That’s why, many consider monkey tattoos to bless them with good luck and strength.

Q: Is There A Particular Style That Looks Great In Monkey Tattoos?

Ans: It depends on the wearer's perspective and beliefs. If they want the tattoo to look a certain way then they need to follow a particular design.

In general, monkey tattoos have a wide range of styles and they all look astounding. From the tribal to the traditional, you can choose any style and it will look remarkable on your body canvas.


When we want to ridicule someone we often call them monkeys. We call them this because we think that monkeys are dumb creatures that are quite inferior to us. While they may be inferior to us in size and achievement, they have many virtues and characteristics that we need to embrace as humans.

In such a depressing world, having monkey-like characteristics means that you are happy about the little things in life. You don’t worry or give up so easily. You fight till your dreams become a reality. Having a monkey tattoo will teach you the ways of the monkey life which will grant you peace and serenity in this chaotic society.

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