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69 Outstanding And Meaningful Marigold Tattoo Ideas With Rays Of Hope!

If you’re not new to tattoos, perhaps you’re aware of the impact that floral patterns have in the world of art; not just with their visuals, but also their symbolism.

One of the more popular species goes by the name marigold, coming in a bold shade of orange, carrying rays of light in its petals. In addition to looking visually sound, marigolds are also celebrated for the versatility they possess as an art piece.

That being said, if you’ve recently confirmed your decision of obtaining a marigold tattoo, perhaps the following article will give you some much needed guidance. Alongside the best of marigold tattoos, this tattoo will also unveil the hidden messages behind marigold tattoos that make them more appealing!

The Real Meaning Behind Marigold Tattoos: Positivity, Strength, And The Inevitability Of Life And Death

Marigold tattoo meaning

Marigolds are known for surviving harsh weather conditions, and for providing assistance to living creatures such as bugs, as well as birds to make their everyday lives better.

As tattoos, marigolds are seen as optimists, always representing notes of positivity to bring better change. Wearing a marigold tattoo is also a positive for weaklings, as the artwork also encourages one to get stronger, from a both mental and physical standpoint.

In the spiritual world, marigolds are used as a token for life and death, which could have something to do with their life span. Though they lead a blooming life, most marigolds cease to exist after 6 months at most.

Gleaming Marigold Tattoos That Fill Lives With Joy!

Marigold tattoos are extremely easygoing, making them seamless when in collaboration with other designs. Don’t get too confident, however, as a marigold requires careful placement in order to succeed.

On another note, if you’re seeking marigold tattoos prominent in the world of art at the moment, there are tons of concepts listed below.

From small concepts to hybrids involving more than one marigold, here are all the designs that you may take notes from.

Traditional Marigold Tattoo: Finding Contentment In Uniform Colors

Traditional Marigold Tattoo

Marigolds often come in various colors.

However, their uniform colors remain shades of orange, alongside hints of red and green, making traditional pieces miles better than the average design.

Speaking more to feminine minds, this marigold tattoo often comes in the form of a back tattoo, as well as a shoulder blade tattoo.

Small Marigold Tattoo: A Bundle Of Joy In A Small Package

Small Marigold Tattoo

Marigold tattoos don't need much space, making them shining candidates for small tattoos.

A prime candidate involves this design, which is as painless as it comes, with a touch of elegance.

Small marigold tattoos are extremely versatile, being adaptable to any body part. From the wrist to the neck, this tattoo can fit on any surface.

Marigold and Carnation Tattoo: A Collaboration For The Books

Marigold and Carnation Tattoo

Carnation tattoos when mixed with marigolds not only represent strong visuals, but also a wave of emotions.

Often, this tattoo may denote rejection, particularly from a loved one or an admired companion.

Worry not, however, as this tattoo mainly focuses on the silver lining as opposed to offering a trip down memory lane.

Mexican Marigold Tattoo: A Remedy For Health Issues

Mexican Marigold Tattoo

In countries like Mexico, marigolds aren't just seen as presentable species given as gifts, but also seen as great home remedies.

Wearing it as a tattoo only makes things easier, as marigolds have been known to cure people from diseases such as fever, cold, and other flu-like symptoms.

The best part about this tattoo is its pastel colour scheme, installed through using a magnum shader.

Marigold and Rose Tattoo: The Correlation Between Love And Hope

Marigold tattoos are seen as some of the best designs for strength and recovery. However, when pitted with a rose tattoo, it showcased the power of love.

Regardless of how small, love heals it all. It makes life worth living, and gives us something to look forward to on the daily.

In short, whether you're practicing self-care or just in need of some affection, a marigold rose tattoo might be a great design to wear.

Marigold Sleeve Tattoo: A Patchwork That Defies Strength

Marigold Sleeve Tattoo

If used in high volume, a marigold tattoo can easily be the breadwinner of a sleeve tattoo. It's quite simple too, as all one has to do is stick to a pattern to get the job done.

Though the final outcome is worth the wait, this tattoo takes a while to reach the finish line.

The best thing you could do is either break the artwork down, or divide it into multiple sessions. To deal with the pain, consider using the forearm as a canvas and consuming painkillers.

Sugar Skull Marigold Tattoo: Making Peace With Death

Sugar Skull Marigold Tattoo

Adding skulls to a marigold tattoo might seem like a peculiar move to follow. However, if you’re hoping to make peace with the inevitability of death, a sugar skull marigold tattoo should be the main aim.

Running large in size, this tattoo teaches us the importance of gratitude, as well as the importance of family.

Since the tattoo can’t get any smaller, many pursue thigh tattoos to represent this design.

Marigold Tattoo on Wrist: A Beginner’s Start To Something New

Marigold Tattoo on Wrist

You don’t have to go all out with a tough stencil to showcase how much a marigold tattoo means to you. In fact, if you’re simply seeking a stepping stone, start fresh with a wrist tattoo.

Not only will it be accessible at all times, but the tattoo will also be available for collaboration at any cost.

If required, you may even boost the sentiments with a quote that motivates you to do better each day!

Marigold Tattoo On Leg: A Wide Canvas For A Small Token

Marigold Tattoo On Leg

Yet another feminine piece involves this marigold tattoo, mostly placed on the side of the leg. The tattoo is unisex by nature, but transitions to a feminine variant by becoming one with a moon tattoo.

This leg tattoo is a great pick if you’re seeking a way to keep moving amidst the setbacks in life, and benefit you even more if you wear shorts and dresses.

For best results, keep the design small, but the color scheme bright.

Marigold Tattoo on Ankle: Enhancing Appeal And Power At The Same TIme

Marigold Tattoo on Ankle

Ankle tattoos look best when the pieces run big on elegance, which is why a marigold feels like the perfect fit.

It is slightly feminine, however, with the potential of achieving expansion through names and quotes that align with the piece.

The best part about this ankle tattoo is the colour scheme, where the orange tone steals the show. If you’d like something that is more neutral, perhaps using dark borders should also be an aim.

Marigold Tattoo on Chest: A Wave Of Emotions

Marigold Tattoo on Chest

While delicate, a marigold tattoo when placed as a chest tattoo might be used to convey strong feelings of pent up emotions, which can lead to doom if not dealt with on time.

From a visual standpoint, this tattoo is a stunner, beating out the odds of most tattoos on this list.

Another advantage of this isn't just the fact that it's a unisex design, but also a piece that ranks low on the pain chart.

Marigold RIP Tattoo: Finding Unity In Mourning Mourning

Marigold RIP Tattoo

the loss of a loved one is something that can't be expressed with words, and doesn't come with a handbook.

However, if you're seeking a shoulder to lean on, consider an RIP marigold tattoo, which can be a great piece if you prefer isolation over unity.

This tattoo is subtle, and extremely helpful for moral support. However, I'd still suggest you reach out to loved ones, especially if you're struggling mentally.

Watercolor Marigold Tattoo: A Maze For The Eyes

Watercolor Marigold Tattoo

Bringing more attention to the visuals, ditching the spiritual side of a marigold is this variant, led by components of a watercolor tattoo.

The best part about this tattoo is its subtlety, even after all the color it contains.

A wrist tattoo is seen as the best design due to its limited frame, while the chest is a good area for those seeking larger depictions.

Marigold and Butterfly Tattoo: The Beauty Of Growth

Marigold and Butterfly Tattoo

Growing pains are required if you'd like to develop your character.

When times get tough, however, don't just give in to adversity. Rise above instead with the help of a butterfly and marigold tattoo.

For those unaware, combinations of butterfly tattoos with a floral touch reflect on the importance of staying strong during transitions, especially in unfamiliar territory.

Marigold and Bird Tattoo: A Foreshadowing Of Good News

Marigold and Bird Tattoo

A two in one kind of deal in this scenario is a marigold bird tattoo, involving a collaboration for a great after effect.

Although the design is a bit demanding with its components, it is a great sight, often perceived as a sign of good fortune.

Red Marigold Tattoo: The Power of Eternal Love

Red Marigold Tattoo 1
Red Marigold Tattoo 2

Red marigolds aren’t common, but still a noticeable species in the world today. Perhaps they’re more dominant in the world of art, prominent for the way in which they add to the appeal of a tattoo.

A red marigold tattoo is often seen as a token for love, commonly used to celebrate the relationship between two or more partners.

Often, this tattoo also represents a marriage between inseparable partners.

Marigold Semicolon Tattoo: Surviving Uncomfortable Urges

Marigold Semicolon Tattoo 1
Marigold Semicolon Tattoo 2

Not enough was talked about mental health, but that was before mental health tattoos came into existence.

If you’re already wary of mental health tattoos, perhaps you don’t need an introduction to semi colon tattoos; known for catering to survivors.

On another note, if you’re seeking a teammate, consider using a marigold tattoo, which has been known to be a fan favorite due to its association with hope.

Geometric Marigold Tattoo: Floral Design Taped With Sharp Lines

Geometric Marigold Tattoo

Using geometric patterns is the easiest way to add more detail to the petals of a marigold; elements that are voted the best parts of the floral scheme. Various shapes may be added, with the octagon being the most used shape for the frame.

Ditching colors is a good idea, since adding bright tones only deducts from the beauty in the frames of this tattoo.

The best area is yet again the wrist, with the forearm being a close second.

Frequently Asked Question

Understanding a marigold tattoo is easy. However, placing the tattoo in the right place could be a challenge and a half if left unattended.

Furthermore, if your knowledge of marigold tattoos is below average, perhaps some assistance could be of great help. Worry not, however, as the following questionnaire does just that!

Q: How long does it take to install a marigold tattoo?

Ans: Often, marigold tattoos lack size. That’s great news, truth be told, as it makes each marigold tattoo easy to install, irrespective of location.

If you’re seeking advice, I’d advise you to use a location that brings out the best in your physical appearance or makes you feel at home in your own skin.

Q: What does a marigold tattoo signify?

Ans: Marigold tattoos often lean towards a positive stance, from acting as a ray of hope to encouraging an optimistic narrative in life.

However, on certain occasions, marigold tattoos could denote jealousy, particularly towards another individual and their accomplishments.

Final Verdict

With all that’s been covered, I hope it’s easy for you to pursue a marigold tattoo based on your perception of the floral design. While the designs can free you from a creator’s block, it is important you utilize the meaning behind marigold tattoos for success.

From being a great thigh tattoo to looking sound with a carnation tattoo, marigold tattoos appear to carry tons of potential in the land of tattoos. Be sure to revise the material if you have yet to decide on a suitable design!

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