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73 Heavenly Horse Tattoo Ideas To Ride In Style

From police work to agriculture, there isn’t a single sector where the horses haven't played a crucial role. Even the urine of pregnant mares is collected and used to produce billion-dollar pharmaceutical products. Humans and horses have been intertwined with each other for a long age.

The history is so rich and comprehensive that there is even a special vocabulary to describe everything horse-related. Therefore, it's quite obvious that such a significant animal deserves a spot in our body canvas. The majestic appearance of the animal can elevate the overall style to a whole new level.

Everything about the horses is elegant. Even when they run, it feels like we are watching a movie. Each step is so perfectly made that it feels surreal. Furthermore, each of the horses represents a unique symbolism and meaning that resonates with a lot of individuals. So today we have gathered to explore everything there is to know about horse tattoos. Sit back and relax while we embark on the journey.

The Practical Meaning Of Horse Tattoos That No One Talks About

Horse tattoo meaning

From Greek mythology to Hindu cultures, there are thousands of different depictions of the sacred animal. Therefore, it's quite obvious that the horse tattoo will have countless meanings and symbolism. Most people consider the tattoo to be a symbol of freedom, power, heroism, and nobleness. These are all quite fancy words. Let's look at some practical meanings of the horse tattoo.

Curiosity Is A Necessity

Normally, horses have a quick fight-or-flight response. When something threatens them, horses try to startle them and run away. However, these creatures are also incredibly curious. Before making a quick decision, they assess the cause and situation properly. They are natural investigators. This aspect of horses teaches us that we should also think before we act.

It's Not The Horse, It's The Trainer

No matter how fast or superior the horse is, in a race it will fail miserably if the rider isn’t skilled. It's the rider's physical and mental strength that wins races. This teaches us that rather than relying on our natural abilities, we should work hard towards our dreams. If we continuously think that we are special and we will inevitably achieve success then the end won't be pretty.

A Vessel For Recovery

Many clinicians often recommend disabled persons to ride horses sometimes to improve their mood and confidence. They believe that the rhythms of horse riding can lead to positive reinforcement. Because of this notion, many people consider the horse tattoo to be an emblem of growth and recovery. So, if you are struggling with your life, you can consider this tattoo.

Celebrities With Horse Tattoos To Further Intrigue You

Horse tattoos seem to be the go-to design for many celebrities. From the football star David Beckham to the American rapper Iggy Azalea, many popular celebrities have jarring horse tattoos. Most of them tend to get the tattoo on their forearm. So, without further ado, let's check out all the big names that have the horse tattoo along with the tattoo position.

Celebrity Name    Tattoo Position

India Westbrooks - Ribcage

RaeLynn - Forearm

Jacqui Sandell - Wrist

Melanie Martinez - Forearm

Iggy Azalea - Forearm

Christel Khalil - Hip 

David Beckham - Neck

Handsome Horse Tattoo Designs To Hypnotize You

Horse tattoo design

Scientists indicate that there are close to 300 breeds of horses in different regions of the world. Each of them has their characters and uses. So, it's quite obvious that even the tattooed version of this magnificent animal will have quite some variety.

Some horse tattoos have a lot of details and colors while others just have a simple outline of the creatures. Every design has its advantages and disadvantages. Many grandiose tattoos only focus on the artwork while not having any significant meaning.

On the other hand, some tattoos have minimal amounts of textures but convey a lot of hidden messages and emotions. You should look deep into your soul and try to figure out which design connects with you the most.

Dark Horse Tattoo

Dark Horse Tattoo 1
Dark Horse Tattoo 2

Let's start our amazing list with none other than the design that Katy Perry wrote a song about. Although the song wasn't quite about horses, it regained the popularity of the dark horse tattoo.

These horses are majestic in every single way. When they rum, the ground shakes. When they flick their mane, it feels like the entire earth stops moving.

There is no other color that suits the horses better than black. If you are confused about what posture you should draw the horse in then you should close your eyes and fix on the running horse. Nothing tops a majestic horse running swiftly in the land.

Iron Horse Tattoo

Iron Horse Tattoo 1
Iron Horse Tattoo 2

You may be scratching your head thinking what on earth is an iron horse tattoo. Well, if you live in the village area, you already know what we are talking about.

If you touch the muscle of a horse, you will notice how strong it is. It almost feels like iron. The muscles are so stiff that they feel like the meat inside is going to burst out.

The iron horse tattoo portrays the strength and power of these incredible creatures. Many bodybuilders and powerlifters get the tattoo believing that they will get muscles like horses.

Simple Horse Tattoo

Simple Horse Tattoo 1

We often misconstrue the meaning of simple tattoos. We think them to be devoid of any kind of shapes and colors. But that’s far from the case for the simple horse tattoo.

These tattoos are highly colorful and often consist of secondary elements such as birds and swords in the artwork. The horse itself has whimsical colors, especially in its mane. The creature feels like it is ready to take off and fly away to a spiritual world.

Tribal Horse Tattoo

Tribal Horse Tattoo 1

There are many tribes located throughout the world. Each of these tribes has their armies and they are often content with horses. Aside from this, these tribes also consider horses to be their totems.

Some of them even worship the creature thinking that they can grant them good luck and success. So, if you also are seeking property in your life, the tribal horse tattoo can give you some solace.

Black Horse Tattoo

Black horse tattoo 1
Black horse tattoo 2

Black horses are known to be highly charismatic. These silhouette animals look like the shadows do their bidding. When they run, it feels surreal as if the entire world rejoices with them.

As these tattoos are devoid of any kind of color, it's best to incorporate a lot of details so that it doesn't get misinterpreted. From the elegant mane to the muscles in their body, everything needs to be portrayed beautifully. Although the tattoo works great in all parts of your body, it's the theatricality of your forearm that complements the tattoo best.

War Horse Tattoo

War Horse tattoo 1
War Horse tattoo 2

During the medieval battle, horses were an integral part of the army. The army with the most horses was considered to be the strongest.

These horses were fierce and even in the faces of death, they stood their ground fighting against the enemy. Their bravery has won many wars. Most armies have their symbols and decorations to ornament the war horses. The higher-ups such as the king ride much more decorated hours compared to the soldiers.

Traditional Horse Tattoo

Traditional Horse Tattoo 1
Traditional Horse Tattoo 2

You already know what the tattoo is about. In ancient traditions, people carved many symbols and shapes in caves and their loving houses. They made amendments to please the gods.

The traditional horse tattoo comprises these amazing symbols and shapes that could be found in those monuments and caves. From clouds to peacock feathers, this tattoo is full of whimsical components that take you on a psychedelic trip.

Small Horse Tattoo

Small Horse Tattoo

Cute and cuddly. Perhaps, these two adjectives are best to describe how the tattoo looks. Just by visualizing the tattoo, your heart will instantly melt with sheer wholesomeness.

Although the tattoo is small, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't include many textures and symbols. It's the other way around. You can color it quite extensively and fill up each of the parts with vintage symbols. The result will blow your mind.

Horse Head Tattoo

Horse Head Tattoo 1
Horse Head Tattoo 2

Although every part of the horse is majestic and amazing to look at, it's the head that deserves a separate tattoo. The elegant posture of the head can make even the rudest soul in the world smile.

A jarring background always goes a long way. So, you should illustrate a vibrant background behind the depiction of a horse. As for the horse, you should color it extensively so that it portrays your wide range of emotions.

Horse Skull Tattoo

Horse Skull Tattoo

Although it may get a bit repetitive, we have to include this one on our list. You will see the skull tattoo on every single tattoo design and for good reason.

You always need a bit of realism. The depiction of horses reminds us of the good old days. We feel immensely happy. But we should always remember that there is also sadness and despair in the world. The horse skull tattoo pictures the duality of mankind in a highly realistic manner.

Blue Horse Tattoo

Blue Horse Tattoo

This tattoo looks like it has been curved straight out of a fairy tale. The vibrating colors look extraordinary as they attract even the dullest of souls.

The whole gimmick of this tattoo is the erratic use of colors. However, you should remember that not all colors go well with the blue. If you try to illustrate the mane of the horse in black or red, it can look quite hideous. That’s why you should only stick with colors that are close to blue.

Race Horse Tattoo

Race Horse Tattoo

A horse can run in many manners. Their locomotion in the solid ground is known as gaits. There are usually four fundamental gaits that horses perform while running.

We are not going to bore you with all the details but it's the galloping horse that you want to choose for the tattoo. With this kind of running, the horse can run up to 60 kilometers per mile. Isn’t it insane? When you will have the tattoo, you will also be as swift as the galloping horse.

Carousel Horse Tattoo

Carousel Horse Tattoo

As kids, we all have gone to amusement parks with friends and parents. One thing that immediately hooked us was the merry-go-round. It was a roundabout with carousel horses.

You can sit on these horses and they will move for several minutes until the turn is over. The movement didn’t feel much like the actual horse but it was enough to give us euphoria. So, if you want to go back in time and enjoy riding these carousel horses then this is the tattoo design for you.

Horse Outline Tattoo

Horse Outline Tattoo

The horse outline tattoo is simple. It does not comprise any colors or any extravagant textures.

It's just a general outline of the horse. Each part is depicted as subtle as possible. These tattoos aren't meant to be showcased to others. They are your emblems. These tattoos will blend right with your skin and become your best friend for eternity.

Bucking Horse Tattoo

Bucking Horse Tattoo

Horses are usually calm creatures but you should test their patience as they can get mischievous at times. Bucking is something they do when they feel threatened.

The horse abruptly lowers its head and raises its legs at the maximum length. If someone is riding the horse and they are inexperienced, they will get knocked off in an instant. It's a natural act of the horse and it has become quite popular in recent days. The popularity even transcended to the tattoo industry where it's depicted using a monochromatic color scheme.

Wild Horse Tattoo

Wild Horse Tattoo

Most of the horses that we see around us on farms or just strolling in village areas are domesticated. They are incredibly docile and hardly react in any situation.

On the other hand, wild horses are quite the opposite. If you try to play with them, they can pretty much dismantle you with their immense strength. These creatures always want to be free. That’s why, people etch the tattoo to represent their desire and ambition to live life to the fullest.

Running Horse Tattoo

Running Horse Tattoo

Some people may immediately sharpen up their pens to bombard us for including this tattoo on our list. They may say that we are glorifying the torture of horses. We don’t care. As long as it looks good, it fits in my tattoo.

The colorful representation of a rider and the horse is always fantastic. It also has a heavy meaning as it portrays the special bond between the two. So, you should stop negatively viewing everything.

Dala Horse Tattoo

Dala Horse Tattoo

Dala horses used to be mere toys for children. However, in the contemporary era, these wooden horses represent Sweden. The name is derived from Dalama which is a province in Sweden.

These tattoos therefore portray the rich history and culture of the Swedish people. As they are wooden structures, the Dala horses are portrayed with alluring symbols and patterns throughout their body. Seeing the tattoo for a few minutes can give you quite a trippy effect.

Horse Memorial Tattoo

Horse Memorial Tattoo

Seeing someone you loved dearly pass away is probably the most painful feeling in the world. Words cannot describe just how much it hurts to never see them again.

However, with the horse memorial tattoo, they can live within your skin forever. The beautiful creature can be a vessel that will always make you remember the times you spent with them. This way, the horse memorial tattoo will immortalize your loved one.

SeaHorse Tattoo

SeaHorse Tattoo

It's quite bizarre and uncanny to think that horses can live under the deep blue sea. When we do realize that there are horses there, we immediately think of giant and powerful creatures swimming with their muscles.

But the seahorse is far from it. These tiny creatures look no way like the horse on the ground. Their entire body is quite compartmentalized and they have a squeaky little tail. Overall, the appearance of these animals is adorable and they deserve to be etched on the body canvas.

White Horse Tattoo

White Horse Tattoo

We already talked about the black horse. So, some people might’ve been thinking "Where are the white counterparts?" Is the author of the article racist?

Well, here you go. The white horse tattoo represents exclusivity. When you have the tattoo, you will come off as someone confident in yourself. They know that they are the best and they are ready to take over the entire world.

Horse Sleeve Tattoo

Horse Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are bold and expressive. When you have a sleeve tattoo, it means that you are not afraid of the conformity of society.

So, if you are proud of your horse tattoo and don’t care what others are saying then this is the design for you. The jarring patterns commemorate your rebellious nature. Horses themselves can be done when domesticated but originally, they also want to be free just like you.

Watercolor Horse Tattoo

Watercolor Horse Tattoo

There is not much to deceive about the watercolor. You already know how mesmerizing they are because of their ability to blend with the skin.

The watercolor horse tattoo does not dip the entirety of the horse in such color. Rather the tattooist only makes waves of watercolors in certain areas of the tattoo to make it appear as if the horse is exuding some kind of energy. This energy can protect you from all the evil spirits that lurk in the shadows.

Skeleton Horse Tattoo

Skeleton Horse Tattoo

This is a tattoo that may draw a line for some people because of how menacing the tattoo appears. The skeleton looks like the armor of the horse. It's so badass that you immediately feel like getting the tattoo.

The idea stems from the anime called Naruto where the nine-tailed fox had skeleton armor just like the one depicted on this tattoo. The sheer deadliness of the combination of the horse and skeleton can overwhelm even the chilliest of people. So, think twice before getting the tattoo.

Japanese Horse Tattoo

Japanese Horse Tattoo

Japanese people love to exaggerate things. If something is bland in the outside world, you will see the same thing in a myriad of colors in Japan. They are just festive people who love to blow things out of proportion.

The same is the case for Japanese horse tattoos. Aside from the horse, tattooists include a wide range of components such as tidal waves, flowers, and the sun. Your mind can’t even fathom what is going on with the sheer number of components each of the three tattoos has.

Abstract Horse Tattoo

Abstract Horse Tattoo

Abstract horse tattoos are a whimsical representation of the four-legged pals that we know and love. Rather than having simple skin, these horses have jarring shapes and patterns throughout their body.

As the artwork is abstract, you can interpret the tattoo in any way you desire. It's like a mirror where you can visualize what you want to see. The most intriguing part of most horse breeds is their majestic mane. So, you should emphasize that especially while drawing the tattoo.

Heart Horse Tattoo

Heart Horse Tattoo

We were thinking about how we should end this list of horse tattoo designs. Should we include another realistic tattoo? Then we suddenly stumbled onto the heart horse tattoo and we immediately thought that we should end with a bang.

This tattoo blends the horse and the heart in such a way that it's hard not to get dumbfounded. Some flowers are added to the artwork as well to give a natural aesthetic.


Although there is a myriad of information regarding horses, there isn't much about tattoos. All that there is are some obscure and outdated articles that hardly have any accurate information.

That’s why, we have taken the liberty to answer some of the most burning questions on the internet to give some solace.

Q: Are Horse Tattoos A Symbol Of Power?

Ans: Yes, they are. Even in medieval times, only the higher-ups rode horses with decorations. So, it is quite obvious that the animal has been associated with showcasing power and strength for a long age.

Q: Does Any God Have Association With The Horse Tattoo?

Ans: There have been many depictions of horses associated with Greek gods. Perhaps, the most notable one is Poseidon. The winged horse named Pegasus is known to be sired by the god of the ocean himself. Riding this white magical horse, Poseidon could travel to different realms.


We often come across these creatures. Many people have tried to capitalize on these animals by begging for money. We see these creatures helpless and getting beaten down by humans. But in nature, the scenario is completely different.

They are one of the most fascinating creatures to exist in the jungle. They have such strong muscles and power that even predators such as lions and hyenas don’t bother them that much. So, what happened to the horses? Well, if you succumb to outside pressure, you start to become feeble. The horse tattoo teaches us to be free and rebellious.

When society tries to shackle you with obsolete norms, just break free. The horse tattoo will give you the courage to do that.

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