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68 Enchanting Gorilla Tattoo Ideas For The Brave Souls

Trends keep on changing. The tattoo design that is the talk of the town one moment may not be so hot in the next. That’s why, a timeless tattoo design is the way to go which will always look breathtaking no matter what the season is. Such a tattoo will accentuate your entire style and personality. What better tattoo design is there than the gorilla tattoo? The majestic beast etched in your body canvas will make you look like a modern-day warrior all set to break the conformities of society.

Gorilla tattoos are highly fashionable. From the alluring black exterior to the meaningful postures, the tattoo will always be the center of attention. Incorporating some natural elements such as flowers or mountains into the artwork will further enhance the imagery to the next level.

Aside from the aesthetics, these tattoos are also quite symbolic. In every moment of your life, the tattoo will keep on teaching you important lessons that will bring out the best version of you. Who knows, with the gorilla tattoo, you may become as fierce and respected as the gorillas in the wild.

50 Shades Of Gorilla Tattoos: The Inspiring Meaning Behind Them

Gorilla tattoo meaning

There is a lot to learn from the gorillas. Seeing them in captivity has made a twisted picture of them stuck in our minds. However, they are far from it. They are highly intelligent creatures and often leaders of the jungle.

These social beings often sacrifice themselves for the survival of another gorilla. We as humans may be the superior species but, in many aspects, and virtues, we can’t match them. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the most thought-provoking symbolism and meaning of the gorilla tattoos.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

You will never see the gorillas unnecessarily fighting. They will only fight or put on a menacing face when they are threatened. Most of the time, they are seen to calmly play within themselves or eat peacefully.

But don’t be deceived. They have tremendous strength in their muscles. Perhaps, that's the reason why they don’t showcase their power so often. When you have more power, you tend to become more reserved. It's always the weak that show off. So, you should never judge someone based on their personality. They may have amazing abilities hidden under their calm demeanor.

The Cradle Of Leadership

Gorillas are natural leaders. Most of them live in troops which consist of some silverback gorillas and other young and female gorillas. In these troops, there is usually one gorilla that leads the group. Scientists have even observed that the leader sacrifices themselves for the sake of the troops. This is a virtue that is very much needed in our selfish society.

An Amulet Of Wisdom

Gorillas have amazing cognitive abilities. They can perform some basic puzzles that even human children struggle with. Therefore, these majestic animals have always been considered to be a symbol of intelligence and wisdom. Having such a tattoo on your body will compel you to make the best decisions in your life.

Heartwarming Gorilla Tattoo Designs To Stay Ahead Of Trend

Gorilla tattoo idea

There are a wide range of designs you can choose from when it comes to gorilla tattoos. As the animal doesn’t have any whimsical colors on their body, it is advised to keep it this way in the tattoo as well. Most gorilla tattoos are highly realistic. They are etched in the body because of their strength and power. So, a minimalistic tattoo may completely fail to portray this.

While the tattoo is mainly done by men, even women can get this majestic beast illustrated on their bodies. The rawness of the tattoo will surely complement the sensuality of the woman's body. All the places are suitable for the gorilla tattoo. However, you should get it in the chest or back to fully depict their viciousness.

The hair on the outside can take quite some time. Many people often stumble during the illustration and make a huge error. A good way to tackle this is to create a beautiful outline before starting the inking process. This will create a solid foundation for your tattoo. Then you can illustrate the design of your dreams without any worry. So, without further ado, let's look at some of the hottest designs trending on the internet.

Traditional Gorilla Tattoo

Traditional Gorilla Tattoo

Traditional gorilla tattoos are vibrant artworks of the majestic beasts that lurk in every corner of the jungle. The magnificence of the animal is accentuated with incredible patterns and subtle colors.

Most traditional tattoos try to feature the central image with natural components such as flowers and leaves. The traditional gorilla tattoo is no different. The artwork consists of a wide range of floral patterns that look beautiful with the face of the gorilla.

As for the gorilla, an intimidating expression or posture is always appreciated. Such expressions are always associated with strength and passion which many strive to showcase in their tattoos.

Gorilla Chest Tattoo

Gorilla Chest Tattoo 1
Gorilla Chest Tattoo 2

Imagine you are walking in the jungle without any worry in the world. Suddenly, a gorilla jumps in front of you and stares at you menacingly. How would you feel? Your heart would stop pumping with fear.

This is the main idea behind the gorilla chest tattoo. Having a tattoo of a terrifying gorilla on the chest will make you look intimidating even to the fiercest of opponents. Although it is said to be a chest tattoo, in most cases the artwork even extends to the shoulder and the lower rib to fully express the message and symbolism.

These chest tattoos are highly colorful, often mixed with floral patterns and natural colors. Even the gorilla has some flair to it to elevate your style.

Angry Gorilla Tattoo

Angry Gorilla Tattoo 1
Angry Gorilla Tattoo 2

Gorillas may seem like the chilliest animals on the planet. Either in the zoo or in the wild, you will see these majestic creatures eating or mainly keeping to themselves. But don’t get deceived by their relaxed posture.

If you threaten them by any means, they can obliterate you with their incredible strength. They have so much power in their muscles that they can crush even the strongest of metals.

When they are angry, they make a violet roar which shakes the very ground. The angry gorilla tattoo features this violent expression of the gorilla with incredible details.

Gorilla Hand Tattoo

Gorilla Hand Tattoo

Human fascination with crystals has always been there. We have enamored these fancy lattices with geometrical shapes. The gorilla hand tattoo makes all our dreams come true by mixing the giant animal with these beautiful shapes.

The tattoo features a gorilla with numerous colorful crystals protruding from its head. The shininess in the exterior along with the quintessential curves of the crystals makes your eyes stay glued to the tattoo design.

Silverback Gorilla Tattoo

Silverback Gorilla Tattoo

We all know about the silverback gorillas but few of us realize why they are called this term. Usually, when a gorilla reaches its adulthood, silver hair tends to grow on its back. This characteristic hair is why they are called silverback.

Many people get the tattoo of them because they are the epitome of masculinity. Each silverback gorilla has a humongous body and can grow up to 280 kilograms in weight. Of course, they are the pinnacle of strength and power.

Gorilla Face Tattoo

Gorilla Face Tattoo 1
Gorilla Face Tattoo 2

According to genetics, humans and gorillas have over 96 percent of gene similarity between them. Scientists even believe that we descended from them. So, they are a basic interest among the humans in these primates.

So what makes them so interesting? Sure, they have huge strengths. But the aspect that makes them so intriguing is their face. At different times, gorillas tend to make faces that can either give you nightmares or calm you. Which image of the gorilla will you choose?

Gorilla Sleeve Tattoo

Gorilla Sleeve Tattoo

It takes quite some courage to get a gorilla sleeve tattoo. As the tattoos are visible most of the time, you appear as someone who is not afraid to show their style and personality.

Most sleeve tattoos are highly colorful. These images are ornamented with thick outlining and shading to make the gorilla look as realistic as possible. Pairing it with some whimsical colors can take you on a trip that will alter all your senses.

Gorilla Back Tattoo

Gorilla Back Tattoo

Your back allows you to illustrate the magnificence of these beautiful animals in their full form. The enormous space in the back can be covered with a jarring image of a gorilla gently sitting in the jungle.

While most other tattoos on the list focus on the gorilla being in a violent pose, the back tattoo is quite different. It features a curious gorilla gently staring at you as if it wants to be your friend. Who knows, you guys may become best friends for eternity.

Gorilla Head Tattoo

Gorilla Head Tattoo

The head is where the power is. We have all heard this expression. The same goes for the case of gorillas. All their might, straight and intelligence, everything stems from their head.

That’s why, people all around the world crave to get the tattoo to become as mighty as the gorillas. Just as the name suggests, the artwork features a fierce gorilla making an angry face. Monochromatic colors are used so that the rawness of the animal is beautifully portrayed.

Gorilla Neck Tattoo

Gorilla Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos can be tricky. You need to take the angle and proportionality of the tattoo into account. You often stretch and rotate your neck which leads to the alteration of the tattoos' imagery. So, you need to choose a tattoo that looks great from any perspective.

Therefore, it's recommended to get a tattoo of a gorilla that is looking at something rather than straight. This way, the tattoo will look good no matter which angle you look at it from.

Gorilla Skull Tattoo

Gorilla Skull Tattoo

The concept of this tattoo stems from the blockbuster movie called Kong: The Skull Island. We all know the story of King Kong. He is the giant gorilla that helps people in fighting their battles.

In this movie, he goes up against some of the most bizarre and toughest creatures that can give you nightmares. The tattoo features Kong battling against these foes in a highly realistic manner. The tattoo will compel you to fight against your demons in life.

Tribal Gorilla Tattoo

Tribal Gorilla Tattoo

In many tribes, people consider the gorillas to be their totem. They paint their body to look like them so that they have the same strength and fierceness during the battle.

Most tribal gorilla tattoos feature symbolic shapes and signs that are associated with each of the tribes. If you research a lot, you will notice that each tribe has its symbol. These symbols are mainly abstract and devoid of any color. So, you should always include them to express your allegiance to a particular tribe.

Gorilla Forearm Tattoo

Gorilla Forearm Tattoo 1
Gorilla Forearm Tattoo 2

For decades, the forearm has become the ideal place for all sorts of creative expression. The versatility and visibility of the place allow you to throw in a wide range of soothing gorilla tattoo designs. The ample space allows us to draw the beasts in the stature that they deserve.

As we already mentioned, there is nothing more frightening than seeing a gorilla get angry. They extend their jaws to such a degree that feels like it can devour an entire human being with it. Such imagery along with some colorful patterns will look quite exclusive on the forearm.

Japanese Gorilla Tattoo

Japanese Gorilla Tattoo

The first name that pops up when we are on the topic of Japanese gorilla tattoos is none other than Shabani. This handsome gorilla stays in the Higashiyama Zoo in Japan.

So, what's the buzz about Shabani? Well, Shabani gained quite some popularity when he amazed everyone by tightrope walking. Not many animals in Japan were known to be able to perform such a feat and Shabani made headlines because of it. Soon, he became a household name and now he is synonymous with the Japanese gorilla tattoo.

Small Gorilla Tattoo

Small Gorilla Tattoo

Cute and cuddly. These are the perfect adjectives to describe this small rendition of the magnificent beast. As these are discreet emblems, the best position for this tattoo is either the forearm or the neck.

While many claim these tattoos to be worthless, they can be quite symbolic and artistic. Even in a small region, you can showcase your mastery in inking with the right style. You should always make sure that each component of the gorilla is visible otherwise what's the point of the tattoo?

Geometric Gorilla Tattoo

Geometric Gorilla Tattoo

We despised geometry back when we were young. We always scratched our heads thinking why do we need to learn all these unnecessary formulas and shapes? Well, this is the reason.

The knowledge of geometry can help you create a beautiful geometric gorilla tattoo. The diamond-like shapes in the body make the gorilla seem biomechanical. The intensity in their faces is elevated to a whole new level with the incorporation of these symbols.

Gorilla Knee Tattoo

Gorilla Knee Tattoo

If you look at your knee meticulously, you will notice that it is perfectly oval-shaped. The head of the gorilla has the same structure. Therefore, it's the perfect place to illustrate a gentle tattoo of the gorilla’s head.

Having a gorilla tattoo on the ankle has its extra perks. As it's a high place, the gorilla will tend to look like it has risen above the ground. This inspiring imagery will motivate you to push forward in your life.

King Gorilla Tattoo

King Gorilla Tattoo

In a jungle, there are many adult gorillas. However, only one among them is a king. You can notice who is the king just by looking at his behavior and posture. The king gorilla has his flair and swag.

He may look like any other adult gorilla but it's his style and dominance in behavior that makes him stand out. Having such a tattoo on your body canvas will always remind you of one crucial aspect of life. It's your behavior and personality that makes you unique.

Baby Gorilla Tattoo

Baby Gorilla Tattoo

No matter what the animal is, the baby version is always incredibly adorable. This is especially true in the case of the baby gorilla. The big black eyes along with the innocence in their faces can melt even the rudest of souls on the planet.

You don’t need to do much in the case of the baby gorilla tattoo. The cuteness in their faces is enough to carry the entire artwork. You can simply add some green leaves in the background to make the tattoo look more natural.

Realistic Gorilla Tattoo

Realistic Gorilla Tattoo 1
Realistic Gorilla Tattoo 2

Think twice before getting this tattoo. This tattoo tends to cause people heart attacks. You may be wondering how this is possible. Well, seeing a gorilla up close can make anyone tremble.

All jokes aside, this tattoo is truly remarkable. The artwork will feel like there is a meaningful gorilla wreaking havoc in your body. To make this possible, you need to shade the tattoo properly. With proper shading and highlighting, the gorilla may truly come to life.

Watercolor Gorilla Tattoo

Watercolor Gorilla Tattoo

When we write about each of the tattoo designs, we have the tattoo right in front of our eyes so that we can give you the most accurate description. While writing about this tattoo, we couldn’t move our eyes from the tattoo. That's how mesmerizing it is.

The vibrant watercolors are always soothing. They are the best choice when you are trying to depict something natural. Most of the watercolor tattoos consist of a scenic background. In the case of this tattoo, there is a background consisting of mountains, and flowers that will take your breath away.

Gorilla Warrior Tattoo

Gorilla Warrior Tattoo 1
Gorilla Warrior Tattoo 2
Gorilla Warrior Tattoo 3

There are many depictions of gorillas being warriors in modern films. Movies such as The Rise of the Planet of the Apes showcase the gorillas to be a highly intelligent species that can even wield guns and drive fast cars. However, the gorilla warrior tattoo portrays these creatures in a much more traditional attire.

The artwork focuses on the gorillas wearing ancient armor and swords. They are seen to be all set to crush their opponent under their feet. With their sharp sword and shield, they can fight to the death against the fiercest of enemies.


Struggling to find the right information about gorilla tattoos? We know your trouble. Sadly, there isn't any concrete information regarding the gorilla tattoos.

That’s why, we have taken the liberty to answer some of the burning questions pertinent to gorilla tattoos to clear all your doubts. If you still have queries, feel free to reach out.

Q: Are Gorilla Tattoos Considered To Be Lucky?

Ans: Yes, they are. These majestic beasts are known to be peaceful creatures that only get angry when threatened. Their beautiful pictures along with their mesmerizing black coating make our hearts stop every time we see them. That’s why their tattoos are often considered to be a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Q: Which Is The Best Place For Gorilla Tattoos?

Ans: Gorillas are flamboyant creatures. They often like to showcase their strength to others. Therefore, it's best to draw the tattoo in a place where you can show their magnificence to the fullest. So, either your back or chest is the perfect choice.

Q: Which Celebrity Has A Gorilla Tattoo?

Ans: Many celebrities have gotten a gorilla tattoo over the years. However, there is one who has taken the tattoo to a legendary status. He is none other than UFC fighter Conor McGregor. This bad boy of UFC has a tremendous gorilla tattoo right on his chest.


Suppression of emotions for a long time is quite detrimental to both our mental and physical health. In this modern era, we often don't speak our minds. We keep our views, emotions, and outlook on life to ourselves. This is mainly occurring because of the rapid progress of technology.

However, this is hampering us all. We are slowly getting more and more burnt out. The gorilla tattoo may be the only solution. With the depiction of this magnificent creature, you can finally express those deep emotions that had been lurking inside you. Revealing those suppressed thoughts through the gorilla tattoo will surely relieve you of all the stress of the modern world.

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