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57 Glorious And Meaningful Gates of Heaven Tattoo Ideas To Dispel The Evil Energies!

Think for a moment that you are staring at the ethereal gates of heaven and just about to follow the footsteps that lead to the divine realms where only happiness exists. No matter how convenient our lives are in the mortal universe, it is nothing compared to the luxuries and peaceful ambiance of heaven. Individuals seek such enlightenment all their lives.

While no guarantee leading a life of nobility and virtue will propel you to the gates of heaven, the glimpse of it in your body canvas can surely stray all negative thoughts away from you. Your minds will be clear and no number of malicious energies will pollute you anymore.

The Gates of Heaven tattoos are something magical as they change your entire perspective on life. If you want to dwell in religious thoughts and desire to connect with your spiritual self, there is perhaps no alternative to these ambient designs.

Today, we are going to start a journey that will not only open new doors in your mind but also enhance your thinking capability. The designs will surely help you transcend yourself to a higher dairy and make you appreciate the beauty of life.

The Ray Of Enlightenment: The Thought-Provoking Meaning Of Gates of Heaven Tattoos

Meaning Of Gates of Heaven Tattoo

We already touched on how these motifs represent your devotion and allegiance to your religion. So, we are not going to shed more light on this aspect. Rather let's talk about an aspect that each of us has to experience at some point in life.

The notion is the death of our loved one. There is nothing more painful than seeing someone you love pass away from the mortal realms. Our hearts ache and we can’t adapt ourselves to the fact that they are no longer with us.

There is no way we can conjure them back to us. But we can surely pray for their well-being in the astral world through the gates of heaven tattoos. Etching them assures us that they will reach the heavenly stairs after their death. Such assurance can calm us down.

Aside from the spiritual connotation, these emblems are also amulets of positivity. The divine representation can fill your soul with positive energy that will help you lead your life with utmost happiness. What more can somebody desire other than peace and tranquility?

Celestial Gates of Heaven Tattoo Designs To Display Your Religious Devotion

Gates of Heaven Tattoo Design

The auspicious designs are often decorated with thick clouds and a radiant light shining from the clouds. This representation hints at how our life can be danced with much of the worldly pollution but soon, those clouds fade away and a ray of happiness illuminates our life.

Most designs are sophisticated with extensive highlighting and shading. These art pieces have a connection with the notion of spirituality therefore they must have some sort of divine motifs in them otherwise the purpose of the ideas will fall on deaf ears.

The placement of the tattoos is also a crucial factor. Always remember that these artworks need some place equally spiritual and divine. Etching them in undeserving places may make the tattoo quite less compelling.

Choosing the right design can be tough. When we have an abundance of ideas in our hands, we always tend to get confused. To avoid such confusion, we have a handful of brilliant Gates of Heaven designs that will look amazing on you.

The Dangers Of Modern Convenience: Neoclassical Gates Of Heaven Script Tattoo

Gates of Heaven Script Tattoo 1
Gates of Heaven Script Tattoo 2

This variant takes a contemporary route and decorates the other side of the gate with modern buildings and skyscrapers.

Rather than being a spiritual motif, the artwork tends to tiptoe between the fine line of the astral and mortal world. It depicts how we are so immersed in our daily activities that we forget to seek refuge from God.

The constant distance from spirituality is bringing a darkness in our lives that we tend to ignore. However, it keeps following us just as it can be visualized in the tattoo.

Fun Fact: Did you know that there is a 1978 documentary film titled “Gates of Heaven” which focused on the pet cemetery business?

The Risks Of Overindulgence: Minimalistic Gates Of Heaven Tattoo On Chest

Gates of Heaven Chest Tattoo 1
Gates of Heaven Chest Tattoo 2

The two gigantic eagles with their enormous wingspan reveal their magnificence in the chest quite beautifully. There are a few other motifs as well that hint how the time in the world is up and we are now gravitating towards something spiritual.

The tattoo works as a reminder to tell us that we should make the best use of our time. Once the time is gone, you can never have the chance to repent yourself.

Remembrance Of The Loved One: Heartwarming Gates Of Heaven Memorial Tattoo

Gates of Heaven Memorial Tattoo 1
Gates of Heaven Memorial Tattoo 2

As we mentioned, the Gates of Heaven tattoos function fabulously as memorial tattoos as they evoke the sense of someone close passing you. It can be your mom, dad, or that one friend who stayed with you in the dark times.

We wish for their welfare even after they leave us. Beautifully illustrating their name and mentioning their birth or death day in front of the gates of heaven can work as an amulet of protection. It exemplifies how we pray that wherever they are, they will always be safe and happy.

The Exuberance Of Angels: Divine Gates Of Heaven Tattoo On Forearm

Gates of Heaven Forearm Tattoo 1
Gates of Heaven Forearm Tattoo 2

The dense clouds that overshadow the gates resemble the many hardships of the world. Reaching the gates of heaven isn’t easy. The path is full of hindrances.

However, you have to keep your resilience and search for the divine purpose of your life. Once you can overcome the dark clouds, the luminous light will appear as if it has protruded from an angel itself to guide you to the majestic realm of heaven.

Encapsulation Of Spirituality: Shaded Gates Of Heaven Tattoo On Arm

Gates of Heaven Arm Tattoo 1
Gates of Heaven Arm Tattoo 2

Previous variants typically have a subtle representation. This design is quite bolder and focuses more on playing with the shadows of the different components.

It features an individual presumably standing in front of the gates of heaven with a silhouette appearance. The thick clouds are present in the distance with the existence of a guardian angel just in front of you. The overall aesthetic is so mesmerizing that you can't help but appreciate the beauty of it.

 Time’s Running Out: Alarming Gates Of Heaven And Clock Tattoo

Gates of Heaven and Clock Tattoo 1
Gates of Heaven and Clock Tattoo 2

Indulging yourself repeatedly with the conveniences of life is slowly draining away your time. Most individuals think that they will embark on the spiritual journey when they are old and have free time. But who can guarantee that they will live that long?

We know that it's a terrifying idea but it's inevitable that all of us must die. The gates of heaven and clock tattoo represent how the clock is ticking and you should make the best use of it rather than waiting for the right moment.

Overcoming All Odds: Abstract Gates Of Heaven And Faith Tattoo

Gates of Heaven and Faith Tattoo 1
Gates of Heaven and Faith Tattoo 2

There is a popular proverb that faith can move mountains. The gates of heaven are mainly a metaphor that exemplifies the inner peace and happiness within us.

Achieving tranquility isn’t an easy task. However, when you believe in the power of these motifs, the road starts to become easier. The blessings of gods miraculously work as stairs that will guide you to the place that you so much crave.

Glimpse Of Nature: Flowery Gates Of Heaven Tattoo On Thigh

Gates of Heaven Thigh Tattoo

Till now, most of the designs featured the gate either closed or half-opened. But the thigh is such a divine place that can withstand the magnificence of fully opened gates of heaven.

This particular manifestation dictates that you have finally overcome all your traumas and connected with your spiritual self. Now you are slowly walking toward the glaring sun which symbolizes eternal happiness.

Connection That Transcends Boundaries: Illuminating Gates Of Heaven Name Tattoo

Gates of Heaven Name Tattoo 1
Gates of Heaven Name Tattoo 2

The universe will not always exist. All that you see in front of your eyes will be scattered after some time. The destruction is mentioned in nearly every holy book.

That's why, you should always make connections that transcend the boundaries. The passion should be intense so that your love for each other keeps on burning even after your death. With the name tattoo of your loved one, you will be reunited at the gates of heaven.

Guidance To Glory: Realistic Gates Of Heaven Tattoo On Sleeve

Gates of Heaven Sleeve Tattoo 1
Gates of Heaven Sleeve Tattoo 2

It is believed that there is a guardian angel with us at all times. The angel protects us from the malicious forces of the universe and keeps our minds devoid of evil thoughts.

The tattoo doesn't only feature one guardian angel but two to keep you safe. When two guardian angels are protecting you from two angles as you walk to the gates of heaven, nothing will be able to stop you.

Touch Of Flamboyance: Stylish Gates Of Heaven And Angel Tattoo

Gates of Heaven and Angel Tattoo 1
Gates of Heaven and Angel Tattoo 2

When you have a laid-back mindset, everything seems easy to you. Appreciating the little things in life can make you enjoy the many hardships of life.

The tattoo features an individual stylishly walking up the stairs as if the entire path were a breeze to him. Such depiction may seem arrogant to some but the portrayal will surely ooze some confidence in you.

 Fulfilling The Dream: Ornamental Gates Of Heaven Tattoo On Back

Gates of Heaven Back Tattoo

As we are at the end of the journey, let's look at a design where the gate is fully open and the glorious heaven is just in sight.

As the back has enough space, it can beautifully encapsulate the scenic ambiance of heaven. Rather than the gate itself, the tattoo focuses on the majestic columns of heaven and highlights your walk to the desired place. The tattoo can be considered a motif to showcase your fulfillment in life.

Tribute To The Holy Son: Powerful Gates Of Heaven And Jesus Tattoo

Gates of Heaven and Jesus Tattoo 1
Gates of Heaven and Jesus Tattoo 2

The notion of heaven, hell, and earth was derived from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He was the person who forgave the watch and every soul on earth. If it wasn't for him, we would all be thrown into the pits of hell.

The tattoo is the ultimate tribute to the holy son. You can visualize him floating in space as if he is welcoming us mortals into the holy land. If you want to lead a life of religion then the art piece is perfect for you.


The mesmerizing world of the gates of heaven tattoos is something that we often cherish but don’t want to get in the core of. For this reason, we have an extra section where we talk about the more significant aspects of these tattoos.

These questions will clear the many doubts you have in your mind. Make sure you read them carefully and if you have more queries, feel free to shoot us a comment.

Q: How Many Gates Are Present In The Gates Of Heaven Tattoos?

Ans: Usually, most gates of heaven tattoos feature one gate with clouds roaming in the background. But in the Book of Revelations, there are mentions of twelve distinct gates leading to heaven.

You can include as many as you want in your tattoo as long as the symbolism of the tattoo is intact.

Q: Are Gates Of Heaven Tattoos Difficult To Illustrate?

Ans: Yes, you guessed it right. These designs are quite difficult to illustrate as they often consist of heavy shading. Mostly, the abundance of clouds in the artwork is what makes it so tough to pull off. But there are some simple designs as well that you can check out on our list.


Day by day, we stray further away from God. We are so busy with the intricacies of life that we have truly forgotten that this universe isn’t the sole one. After death, our souls will be transferred to a divine realm where our fates will be decided.

Some of us would be guided to the gates of heaven while others would be cast into the horrible realm of hell. The Gates of Heaven tattoos inspire us to walk in the path of righteousness so that we will be rewarded for our good deeds.

Even if you think of the tattoo metaphorically, the design exemplifies peace and tranquility that many of us don’t have in our lives. The positive energy exuding from the designs may give you some relief during the dark times and compel you to seek enlightenment.

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