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56 Luminescence Galaxy Tattoo Ideas With Universal Meanings And Unlimited Messages

At the end of the day, life is all about the way we perceive it.

While some experience joy and stoicism in the pain and struggle, some only count good times when things are going well through their lens. This brings us to galaxy tattoos; emblems that support the need for subjective interpretation.

Galaxy tattoos are surely some of the most impressive designs on the surface, blending the strangest colors to form a series of soft and neutral shades that unite to present the Solar System, as well as everything that defies gravity.

However, there’s a lot more happening behind the curtains of a galaxy tattoo, which can either be rewarding, or lead to utter demise. That being said, if you’ve come here today to be a representee of a galaxy tattoo, may this material guide you to your desired path.

A Design With Infinite Endings: Finding Life In The Meaning Of Galaxy Tattoos

Galaxy Tattoo meaning

Perhaps the most confusing element of a galaxy tattoo is how it remains separated from a dedicated symbol in the spiritual world, which is something that many count on when obtaining a work of art.

Though sulking and stressing are two ways to cope with the former piece, it’s actually a good thing once you get past your fear.

In fact, galaxy tattoos not being associated with a dedicated symbol makes the design universal, and appropriate in every situation. In other words, galaxy tattoos have various endings, and can be used in every single scenario as long as it makes sense to those seeking their service.

Glimmering Galaxy Tattoos That Portray The Circle Of Life

Due to carrying stars, dust, and planets, among others, galaxy tattoos are already full of presentable components, often requiring zero to no assistance from other designs.

Where there is a will, there is a way, it seems. The same notion applies to galaxy tattoos, which can mesh with other tattoos if enough effort is given.

On a separate note, if you’re not good at using your creative side, I’ve got a surprise for you. Well, actually, a series of surprises.

Listed below are the best galaxy tattoos on the market right now. Don’t hesitate to replicate them, but only after you’ve seen them all!

Galaxy Tattoo On The Sleeve: An Ensemble Cast

Galaxy Tattoo On The Sleeve 1
Galaxy Tattoo On The Sleeve 2

Kicking things off is a sleeve galaxy tattoo, which is probably the best of this series. It displays all the planets belonging to the Solar System, and captures all the shades of the Milky Way.

Not all is easy to deal with about this tattoo, as the piece takes quite some time to form.

Moreover, since each sleeve tattoo is different, it is best if you consult with your artist prior to executing the notion for this tattoo, as smaller frames might require smaller components.

Galaxy Tattoos In Black And White: Released From The Vault

Galaxy Tattoos In Black And White

It’s okay to be a big fan of neutral schemes and step away from color tattoos. We’ve all done it.

Moving on, if you’re seeking a galaxy tattoo, but would like to spare yourself from all the flashy tones that this tattoo carries, obtain a black and white scheme.

The shading might require more depth and take more time, but the pain caused should remain minimal if you rely on your forearm and use it as the primary canvas.

Watercolor Galaxy Tattoo: A Burst Of Notes And Flavor

Watercolor Galaxy Tattoo

On another note, if you’re into runny textures over crispy clean lines and darker shades, perhaps the droopiness of a watercolor tattoo should enter your concept for a galaxy tattoo.

Before anything, know that this tattoo requires space. In other words, make sure you’re targeting the wider spots of your body, such as the forearm. If undersized, move below the belt and assess your upper thigh area for the tattoo.

Small Galaxy Tattoo: Keeping Things To A Minimum

Small Galaxy Tattoo 1
Small Galaxy Tattoo 2

Good things come in small packages, even when dealing with tattoos!

That being said, if you’re not seeking validation from anyone, but rather simply trying to increase your gratitude for life in general, a small galaxy tattoo should suffice.

The selling point is the placement area, which can be adjusted in accordance with your preferences. You may invest in a wrist tattoo, foot tattoo, as well as an ankle tattoo.

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Tattoo: An A-List Investment!

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Tattoo

If you’re a 90s or a y2k kid, perhaps you’ve heard of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, a sci-fi that captures a hypothetical world of fighting crime across all galaxies.

Nonetheless, even if you haven’t heard of the film, there’s no denying the amount of effort put into the makings of this tattoo, which is as jarring as it comes.

This tattoo has very little to do with the symbolism, and more to do with the visuals. Therefore, pick the right guy for the job!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Tattoo: A Box Office Hit Among Superhero Fans!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Tattoo 1
Guardians Of The Galaxy Tattoo 2

Another candidate that is bigger than the symbolism of a galaxy tattoo is one that runs on the characters of the Guardians of the Galaxy, a franchise that has won the hearts of all.

Since the whole cast can’t be used for the tattoo, it is better if you set your sights for one of the many characters.

For instance, if you’re not fond of Groot, perhaps settle for Star Lord as the main face of your design.

Galaxy Rose Tattoo: Because Love Is A Universal Language

Galaxy Rose Tattoo 1
Galaxy Rose Tattoo 2

Taking away the spotlight from the average galaxy tattoo is this variant, running on not just the power of life, but also love; a feeling that can move mountains.

With very little space, the only representee that feels right as a metaphor for love is a rose tattoo, which also has a fair share of dark energy.

Regardless, in this scenario, the tattoo conveys that love heals everything; from broken bonds to unresolved feelings of trauma.

Galaxy Star Tattoo: For The Chosen One

Galaxy Star Tattoo

While used for lessons, tattoos are also the best companions if all you desire is a boost in morale. And though not many options exist on the list, a galaxy star tattoo appears to be the only anomaly that boosts one’s self-esteem.

What makes it more compelling is the size it holds, which pairs rather impressively with its delicate structure.

The best bet is an arm tattoo, which can keep the pride you have within yourself behind closed doors.

Milky Way Galaxy Tattoo: The Unsung Hero

Milky Way Galaxy Tattoo 1
Milky Way Galaxy Tattoo 2

Many are often seen talking big about the Solar System, as well as the planets that it supports. However, an unsung hero that brings light unto our universe.

To be in the other lane, here’s a tattoo that not only represents the Milky Way, but also conveys all the difference it makes just by being present.

The best location can be found in wide areas, so be sure to add the back as a promising candidate.

Black Galaxy Tattoo: A Feature With A Dark Twist

Black Galaxy Tattoo 1
Black Galaxy Tattoo 2

Since galaxy tattoos are so comfortable with changing form, it is easy to change the demeanor of a galaxy tattoo, especially with colors.

When paired with black, a galaxy tattoo associates with darkness. Often, it reminds us of the inevitability of death.

Therefore, if you’ve been taking life for granted for way too long, perhaps a galaxy tattoo is all you need for a reality check. Don’t commit to a large scheme, but a manageable one if you’re a beginner.

Galaxy Armband Tattoo: An Accessory Of Life

Galaxy Armband Tattoo

For those who haven’t yet found a small-scale version of a galaxy tattoo; here it is. Otherwise known as an armband galaxy tattoo, this design is often used to give a subtle reminder about the beauty and the pain of living life.

Above all, it is the presentation that tends to be the driving force of this tattoo. The artwork uses fine-line needles, subsiding pain from those who render their skin as pain-sensitive.

Geometric Galaxy Tattoo: Constructing The Solar System

Geometric Galaxy Tattoo 1
Geometric Galaxy Tattoo 2

If you ask me, I believe that many overuse and overcommit to a galaxy tattoo. Often, they pursue large designs, even when smaller options are available.

A candidate that uses frames to maintain the aesthetics of a galaxy tattoo without it being too overwhelming is this geometric art piece, which engraves the picture into a diamond.

In comparison, this concept is easy to build, with a duration that is as little as 40 minutes.

Galaxy Tattoo On The Hand: A Big Bet For Adventurers

Galaxy Tattoo On The Hand

Hand tattoos are always a hit or miss. And while this might just be a miss at white collar jobs due to being too flashy, it could be a hit if you’re a free-spirited mind with the heart of an adventurer.

This hand tattoo captures the Solar System perfectly, finding impressive detailing in the stars, orbits and planets. Though the pain level is also insane, it can be toned down if the coloring process is divided into many portions.

Galaxy Tattoo In Black And Gray: Exploring Imagination Without Constraint

Galaxy Tattoo In Black And Gray

Often, it is our mind that stops us from living up to our potential, whether it’s due to fear, or just unresolved regret from the past.

However, to break free from the shackles of what we call failure, perhaps we just need to let our minds be. Supporting that mindset is a black and white galaxy tattoo, which allows one to see in “black and white.”

This tattoo is by far the unsung hero on this list, as it prioritizes integrity and transparency above all. It’s a great way to be more proud of who you are, as opposed to what you could have been.

Spiral Galaxy Tattoo: An Illusion For The Mind

Spiral Galaxy Tattoo 1
Spiral Galaxy Tattoo 2

If you’re seeking something your mind will be proud of, take inspiration from this spiral galaxy tattoo, which only faces a change in its color scheme for a maze-like effect.

The reception of this tattoo is rather positive, as many find an uncanny resemblance between this emblem and a sharingan tattoo, a popular feature from Naruto, and a leader among Anime tattoos.

If you don’t want the colors, however, I suggest you prepare for a fine-line piece instead. Please don’t describe the following sub-headings

Galaxy Tattoo On The Arm: Carrying The Weight Of The World On Your Deltoids

Galaxy Tattoo On The Chest: Working Past Challenging Times In Private

Galaxy Tattoo On The Chest 1
Galaxy Tattoo On The Chest 2

Galaxy Cat Tattoo: In The Honor Of A Reliable Companion

Galaxy Cat Tattoo 1
Galaxy Cat Tattoo 2

Galaxy Butterfly Tattoo: The Nature Of Womanhood

Galaxy Butterfly Tattoo

Galaxy Tattoo on the Back: An Investment Full Of Detail

Galaxy Tattoo on the Back

Galaxy Cover Up Tattoo: Letting Nature Heal Wounds From The Past

Galaxy Cover Up Tattoo

Galaxy Tattoo On The Thigh: Providing Direct Control Over A Design’s Exposure

Galaxy Tattoo On The Thigh 1
Galaxy Tattoo On The Thigh 2

Galaxy Tattoo On The Forearm: A Project For Vivid Imagination

Galaxy Tattoo On The Forearm 1
Galaxy Tattoo On The Forearm 2

Galaxy Moon Tattoo: A Representation Of One’s Emotional Intelligence

Galaxy Moon Tattoo

Galaxy Flowers Tattoo: The Connection Between Happiness And Meaning In Life

Galaxy Flowers Tattoo 1
Galaxy Flowers Tattoo 2

Andromeda Galaxy Tattoo: Finding Closure With The Milky Way

Andromeda Galaxy Tattoo

Astronaut Galaxy Tattoo: Ode To Apollo 11

Astronaut Galaxy Tattoo 1
Astronaut Galaxy Tattoo 2

Galaxy Tattoo On The Leg: Seeing The World Through A Feminine Lens

Galaxy Tattoo On The Leg

Traditional Galaxy Tattoo: Morphing The Planets Into Existence

Traditional Galaxy Tattoo 1
Traditional Galaxy Tattoo 2

Frequently Asked Question

In short, forming a galaxy tattoo from scratch should be easy, given the lenient principles it follows in the spiritual world. Additionally, galaxy tattoos can also represent anyone, as long as their demands are met.

With that being swept out of the way, here are some questions that tackle the fundamentals of galaxy tattoos, alongside recommendations that newbies might find useful.

Q: Why do people call galaxy tattoos universal?

Ans: In short, galaxy tattoos are associated with every source of energy, as long as the energy denotes some sort of positivity. This makes a galaxy tattoo not only adaptable with various designs and components, but also makes it a tattoo that accepts all irrespective of purpose and the way they look.

Q: Are galaxy tattoos easy to depict?

Ans: While its metaphorical value is something one may easily grasp, adopting the visuals to form a galaxy tattoo is one of the hardest challenges in the tattoo world today.

Very few can give out enticing galaxy tattoos, not only due to the number of skills required, but also for the time the whole procedure takes. Some also decline to install a galaxy tattoo due to its cost.

Concluding Remarks

That’s all for now, folks!

If you don’t know already, galaxy tattoos are some of the hottest designs in the art scene at the moment, carrying not only magic in their color scheme, but also in their open-book interpretation.

In other words, when you’re working with a galaxy tattoo, you can perhaps bring to life anything that you put your mind to. As long as you’re able to understand the gravity of the meaning, nothing else matters.

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