47 Timeless G59 Tattoo Ideas For People With No Fear!

47 Timeless G59 Tattoo Ideas For People With No Fear!

From just messing around in SoundCloud to becoming the king of the underground rap scene, the $uicideboy$ has come a long way. Now they have their own label called the G59 Records. This alignment of the numbers and letters in the name is the root of the G59 tattoos.

While the idea stems from a rap group, the meaning is quite personified. The dainty artworks interpret various stages of our lives just with their simple imagery. When you look at the tattoo, you get a reflection of all your actions and decisions that you took in your entire life.

The minimalist tattoo appears majestically in the realm of the biological skin. Each of the letters and numbers has a unique curve to them signifying the twists and thrills of life. There’s so much more to the G59 tattoos than meets the eye.

A Gibberish Nonsense Or A Way Of Life? Hidden Meanings And Symbolism Of G59 Tattoos

A Gibberish Nonsense Or A Way Of Life Hidden Meanings And Symbolism Of G59 Tattoos

Both the numbers of the G59 tattoo are quite common. If you look at your own life, you will find countless instances of encounters with these numbers. Therefore, the tattoo can mean a significant event or occurrence in your life that shaped your identity.

Although we will touch on the numerological aspect of the tattoos at a later stage, let's give you a gist of it. Consider your life to be a set of digits from 1-10. Number five is just in the middle point and number 9 is near the end. Do we need to say more?

Perhaps the most notable meaning of the G59 tattoo is to showcase tribute towards the $uicideboy$. If you are a fan of the underground rap group and enjoy their music, you ought to get this tattoo.

Gallant G59 Tattoo Designs To Adore Life’s Virtues

Gallant G59 Tattoo Designs To Adore Life’s Virtues

The beautiful intertwinement of the letters and the numbers is so alluring that the tattoo hardly requires any other secondary element. However, there are motifs that you can attach such as amulets or emblems of death or mother nature.

Monochrome is a quintessential part of the G59 tattoos. The black hues or indigo colors imprinted on the skin create quite a unique aesthetic. You will never get enough of the G59 tattoos.

Because of the plethora of interpretations of the tattoos, you have the luxury to experiment a bit. Either twist the letters with an elegant curve or boldly represent the numbers to manifest your inner message. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to the G59 tattoos.

Shadow Of Death: Highly Stylized G59 Logo Tattoo

G59 Logo Tattoo 1
G59 Logo Tattoo 2

One of the quintessential aspects of $uicideboy$ lyrics is the notion of substance abuse and self-harm. These notions are closely associated with death itself. That’s why, the logo of the G59 is the motif of death, a menacing skull.

Each part of the skull is boldly shaded so that it looks incredibly realistic. The jarring picture expresses the inevitability of death along with the desire to enjoy the small things in life.

The shadow gradient across the surface of the skull increases the universal appeal of the tattoo. The details depict the wearer's story much more appropriately.

Many Faces Of Life: Dainty G59 Tattoo On Hand With A Single Point

G59 Hand Tattoo 1
G59 Hand Tattoo 2

The cultural phenomenon which is the G59 records has released some of the best underground hip hop tracks. Infused with various aspects such as horrorcore, drill, alternative hip hop, and rap opera, the music of the group is something that feels otherworldly.

To commemorate your allegiance to the rap group, there is no better approach than etching a timeless hand tattoo. While there is room for exaggeration, the tattoo keeps things simple and hard-hitting depicting the passion of the wearer.

 Etched For Life: Sublime G59 Matching Tattoo Depicting The Circle Of Life

G59 Matching Tattoo

If you look at the tattoos from a numerical standpoint, you will realize that the two numbers interlaced with the letter have different meanings. The number five is associated with concepts of equilibrium. You will see many of your biological organs in this specific number.

Your feet have 5 toes and so does your hand. Even the petals in the flowers are in the same number. Therefore, it's quite apparent that the number dictates equilibrium or completion. When you both get the matching tattoo, it means that your love for each other is now complete. You are truly made for each other.

Three-Dimensional Wonder: Realistic G59 Skeleton Tattoo


The first iteration of the G59 designs already touched on the skeletal aspect of the tattoo. This one is similar in symbolism but not in look.

The tattoo features a highly detailed depiction of the human skull just like the first tattoo on our list. But the fact that this specific tattoo is three-dimensional is what sets it apart. Just this simple tweak in geometry made the tattoo much more appealing to the eye.

Geometrical Magnificence: Simple G59 Wrist Tattoo

G59 Wrist Tattoo 1
G59 Wrist Tattoo 2

The wrist is where the monochrome, minimalist tattoo makes its striking appearance. The tattoo's classic style tells your unique tale and illustrates how you overcame adversity to reach this point in your life.

Even though the wrist tattoo is identical to the other designs on the list, the artwork is exceptional because of where it is placed. Pressure on your wrist frequently causes the bone to show, which improves the tattoo's aesthetic greatly.

Cosmic Monochrome With Celestial Stars: Symbolic G59 Leg Tattoo

G59 Leg Tattoo 1
G59 Leg Tattoo 2

The small world of the G59 tattoos is enhanced with cosmic powers, giving the artwork a celestial and ostentatious appearance. The tattoo's focal point, which might be any planet in the galaxy, is arranged in a ritualistic fashion.

There are several possible meanings for the tattoo. This astrological abomination appears to be spiritual enlightenment to the naked eye. The artwork shows how interconnected everything is in the universe.

Raw And Beautiful: Intricate G59 Arm Tattoo

G59 Arm Tattoo

To make a bold statement, you need to choose a place in your body that is readily noticeable. There isn’t any other place as visible as your arm.

To the unaided eye, the jarring flower in the tattoo may appear pale and mundane. However, the symbolism behind the color scheme will make you contemplate your outlook. Such monochromatic hues portray the notion of seeking freedom and independence. In this world full of social conformities, you need to free yourself from the invisible shackles.

Bull’s Eye: Focused G59 Forearm Tattoo

G59 Forearm Tattoo

Tough world we live in, don’t we? If you start to fool around without focusing on your goal, you will be left behind. Others will trample you and you will be all alone at the end.

Many of the lyrics of $uicideboy$ touch on this particular subject matter. To keep you alive in the game, you need to be hyper-focused. The tattoo on your wrist with a bullseye symbol will always keep your eye on the prize.

When Geometry Meets Realism: Subtle G59 Gravestone Tattoo With Natural Elements

G59 Gravestone Tattoo

The concept of death can be scary. However, every living being will meet their death at one point or another. No matter how much you try to escape it, it will keep on following you.

The geometric depiction of the gravestone isn’t meant to remind you of the grim reality. Instead, when you realize that death is close, you start to appreciate life. While their imagery is most certainly morbid, to say the least, there is a certain sense of cuteness mainly due to the subtle appearance of the secondary elements.

Cap On Cap: Humorous G69 Kneecap Tattoo

G59 Kneecap Tattoo

This one is quite an interesting design. If you are inept with the knowledge of your body anatomy then you already know the structure of it. The oval shape with a slight extension in the edge makes it look like a cap, doesn’t it?

Imprinting jarring imagery of the cap just above the kneecap makes it look like a human being with a hat on.

Blast Of Darkness: Bold G59 Thigh Tattoo With A Bloody Spider

G59 Thigh Tattoo

The jiggly wiggly extension of your leg holds a lot of mysticism. Therefore, it deserves a larger adaptation of the G59 tattoo.

A deep red indigo-colored spider can be seen to slowly crawl up with its eight legs to infer the G59. Don’t let it catch the central image at all costs.

Overcoming The Hindrances: Intertwining G59 Barbed Wire Design

G59 Barbed Wire Tattoo 1
G59 Barbed Wire Tattoo 2

Life’s full of obstacles, there’s no denying it. While we all know this notion and experience hardships now and then, it's better to keep a reminder.

The G9 barbed wire tattoo can be that reminder. The depiction of shaded barbed wire artistically intertwined with the letters and numbers will tell you to brace yourself.

Discreet Emblem Of Inspiration: Upside Down Cross G59 Tattoo

G59 Negative Space Tattoo

Before jumping the gun thinking we are glorifying Satanism, hear us out. Rather than looking at the tattoo with a skeptical eye, you should observe the artwork from an artistic standpoint.

Doesn’t the straight line eerily resemble a race track? This negative space tattoo makes the proper use of the barren lands of your skin to portray a deep message. Life’s a race. Be the best version of yourself to achieve your glory.

Nightmare On The G59 Street: Monochromatic Display Of Death

G59 Grim Reaper Tattoo

The personification of death further solidifies the symbolism of G59 tattoos. The skeletal representation entertains your morbid curiosity while keeping doors open for a wide range of interpretations.

The pitch-black cloak of the Grim Reaper makes the tattoo even more nightmarish. It feels like the skeletons appear in your skin out of nowhere to scare you.


There is hardly any information on the internet regarding the G59 tattoos. If you don’t believe us, give the keyword a search on any of the websites. You will find zero data about the topic. So, it became our moral obligation to educate you on everything about the G59 tattoos. Try to read the answers attentively.

Q: Should You Get A Original G59 Tattoo Or A Trendy One?

Ans: Of course, the former one. With the resurgence of G59 tattoos, people are following the herd and getting the usual tattoos etched on their bodies. Just imagine, everyone with the same tattoo design. Won’t it become mundane? The world strives for originality. You should do the same.

Q: Will People React Harshly On Your G59 Tattoo?

Ans: Any kind of tattoo design is regarded to be taboo so no matter what the idea is, it will be subjected to harsh criticism. Our advice is to not pay any heed to the naysayers and get the tattoo anyway.


Time flies right under our noses. No matter how much we try to cling to it, it will keep on slipping away. In such a short time, we should cherish the things that we enjoy. Whether it’s the music that we nod our head to or the story that resonates with us, we should etch it with us forever. The G59 tattoos are a quick and easy way to immortalize such deep notions. The discreet artwork in a suitable place on your body can inspire you even on the worst days.

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