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46 Revitalizing Yet Meaningful Ideas For Faith Tattoos That Cater To God’s Soldiers

They say practice makes perfect, which is something that is regularly reached out to when improvement is the main aim. However, during times of uncertainty, it is faith that guides us through the deepest pits, and finds a way out.

Having faith isn’t just important when forming a bond with God, but is also pivotal for discovering principles that drive us and that we resonate with. Practicing religion can be a good way to strengthen one’s faith, while obtaining one of the many faith tattoos, the main agenda of this guide, can be a great way to mix traditional with a modernized touch.

As of late, there are tons of designs that make up the land of faith tattoos. Be sure to stick around to discover them all, and learn what inspires them to come into existence!

Forming A Bond With What Was Lost: The Straight Cut Meaning Behind Faith Tattoos

Forming A Bond With What Was Lost The Straight Cut Meaning Behind Faith Tattoos

Faith tattoos are usually open to interpretation, being malleable with a series of designs to convey a different interpretation each time.

However, when all is said and done, faith tattoos inspire and encourage their wearers to not only believe in themselves, but also find light in the darkest tunnels. They primarily push users to rekindle bonds with their past selves, and reform religious beliefs that they may have shared with their Creator.

More often than not, religious symbols are found in faith tattoos. This is because most faith tattoos revitalize broken relationships that the wearers share with God.

Immensely Therapeutic Faith Tattoos That Are Specialists In Dealing With Growing Pains!

Immensely Therapeutic Faith Tattoos That Are Specialists In Dealing With Growing Pains!

The world of faith tattoo is rather open-minded, making it easy to collaborate with. Though very few emblems serve as a metaphor for faith, the emblems harmonize with a plethora of complementary visuals with ease.

Since each option is quite limited in size, faith tattoos are quite easy to install as well, being great options for minimalists as well as beginners.

From tattoos that denote the importance of love to illustrations that are handcrafted for religious purposes, here are some of the best designs under faith tattoos currently taking the town by storm!

The Three Magical Words: Love Hope Faith tattoo

Love Hope Faith tattoo 1
Love Hope Faith tattoo 2

Harmonizing words to form an incredible tattoo is rather easy, even more so when you’re working on a faith tattoo.

While the word faith finds compatibility with any kind of energy, it tends to gravitate and feel empowered when surrounded by just two elements; love and hope.

A trio of faith, love, and hope when revealed as a tattoo enables people to grow, spiritually, as well as connect with others. More often than not, universal symbols, such as a heart tattoo, are used to amplify the sentiments of this piece.

Mind Over Matter: Faith Over Fear Tattoo

Faith Over Fear Tattoo 1
Faith Over Fear Tattoo 2

Grappling past gut instincts is difficult when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. For that reason alone, having faith in what once used to be your driving factor can prove to be more challenging than meets the eye.

Certain tattoos, such as a faith over fear tattoo, tackles that specific issue, proving to be a viable solution for those who just need good words in their ears to work past that phase.

Since the piece is almost always compact, a faith over fear tattoo can easily match the preferences of the wearer.

Becoming One With Religion: Faith Cross Tattoo

Faith Cross Tattoo 1
Faith Cross Tattoo 2

Finding faith in religion is perhaps the easiest way to pull oneself out of a tough spot. Additionally, having faith in religion results in spiritual growth, which usually offers a great shoulder to lean on when requiring consolation.

Believers of Chrisitanity are suggested to experiment with a Cross infused faith tattoo, featuring a three-way of Cross tattoos, otherwise known as three Cross tattoos with the word “faith” engraved in between the triplets.

Running big on minimalism, this too provides flexibility, being a snug fit almost anywhere.

A Path For Newbies: Faith tattoo on Wrist

Faith tattoo on Wrist 1
Faith tattoo on Wrist 2

Not much needs to be done if all you’d like to obtain through a faith tattoo is a reminder staying strong and remaining patient at all times. However, if you’re a beginner, one of the best options is obtaining a wrist tattoo for your interpretation of faith.

The tattoo often runs on minimalism, but if you’d like to take it up a notch, try using emblems with ties to your religion. You may use a church to denote Christianity, siding with a monastery if you’re a devoted Buddist.

Feeling Comfortable In One’s Skin: Walk by Faith tattoo

Walk by Faith tattoo 1
Walk by Faith tattoo 2

Putting your best foot forward is the best way to rejuvenate faith in your being, as well as key to a healthy life. Therefore, don’t just let the faith you have stay stagnant. Embrace the notion by letting faith consume you.

Placed above is a brilliant interpretation of the term, “Walk By Faith,” draped in a blackwork scheme.

Though the artwork is no short of time-consuming, a Walk By Faith tattoo is a must for those seeking a means of achieving survival.

A Platform For Optimists: Good Faith Tattoo

Good Faith Tattoo 1
Good Faith Tattoo 2

Apart from denoting the importance of having faith, a tattoo that represents one’s beliefs, irrespective of religious or not, is a good faith tattoo.

In short, it is a metaphor of one’s actions, all of which are driven through faith and positivity.

A good faith tattoo not only needs the sentimental element, but also an emblem that supports it. Almost always, adding relevant complementary symbols works wonders with this tattoo.

The Search For Spiritual Awakening: Faith Symbol Tattoo

Faith Symbol Tattoo

Though metaphors of faith are found in religious symbols, words, and even punctuations, a devoted emblem for faith also exists, resembling a kite when push comes to shove.

Often, the insides are engraved with patterns, based on geometric lines, making a faith symbol tattoo one of the most aesthetically pleasing tattoos out there.

In addition, the artwork is usually fused with blackwork elements, which pans more focus on the frame of each shape over the engraved housing.

Attraction And Love In One: Faith tattoo on Neck

Faith tattoo on Neck 1
Faith tattoo on Neck 2

An incentive of obtaining a faith tattoo can easily be found once you look into just how much change it tends to bring. It not only harnesses qualities that ensure peace and serenity, but can also be used to enhance one’s physical appeal.

One of the best areas for a faith tattoo is the neck, which, while sensitive, is one of the most attractive areas on the body.

If the 5-letter word is insufficient for your benchmark, add floral designs or tattoos that complement the term faith.

A Unique Expression For Devoted Followers: Blind Faith Tattoo

Blind Faith Tattoo 1
Blind Faith Tattoo 2

Believe it or not, but when you truly place your utmost trust into something, positivity enters your life in various ways.

Similarly, if you always count on faith more than most, don’t be too surprised if good news comes knocking at your front door.

Additionally, if a tattoo of the phrase is what you’re looking for, try taking notes from this piece, offering a sketch with a blindfold to denote one’s devotion to faith.

Thinking Outside The Box: Cursive Faith Tattoo

Cursive Faith Tattoo 1
Cursive Faith Tattoo 2

Truth be told, there are various ways in which one can represent their faith tattoo. However, more often than not, keeping the illustration as simple as possible is what stands out the most.

Making changes to the basics, such as the font or the size of the tattoo, can actually work wonders if you’re searching for a subtle upgrade.

But if you don’t believe us, take into account this variation of faith tattoos, led by cursive letters to shape its final impression.

A Subtle Yet Important Means Of Remembrance: Small Faith Tattoo

Small Faith Tattoo 1
Small Faith Tattoo 2

Using fine-line needles can be a great way to obtain something that is painless, being an ideal move to make for first-timers. Likewise, if you’re seeking something plain and simple, why not obtain a small faith tattoo to keep yourself going?

Alongside offering flexibility, this piece runs big on saving time, being a win-win scenario for those working around a tight schedule.

Due to not having much to present, this minimalist piece is also extremely generous to one’s budget.

An Option With A High Ceiling: Faith Forearm Tattoo

Faith Forearm Tattoo 1
Faith Forearm Tattoo 2

A forearm tattoo is usually the best pick to side with if you’re sensitive to pain. Conversely, a forearm tattoo gravitating towards faith can also make sense if you plan on obtaining a sleeve tattoo at some point in time.

The purpose of this tattoo is to be accessible at all times, working as a ray of hope when running out of luck, or when dealing with hardship.

Many also consider this tattoo as a token of one’s spiritual awakening, allowing them to form a stronger bond with God.

Belief In The Palm Of Your Hand: Faith Tattoo on Hand

Faith Tattoo on Hand

While painful, sketching the term “faith” across the surface of the hand shows signs of strength, and courage; two complementary elements that strengthen one’s faith.

Obtaining the tattoo can be a bit time-consuming due to the structure that the hands possess, but it remains a must-have for those seeking wisdom in faith.

Due to being exposed to sunlight, and being prone to sweat, a hand tattoo revolving around faith might fade over time. To avoid the consequence, partake in quarterly touch-ups.

Protecting Wearers And Their Peace Of Mind: Shield of Faith Tattoo

Shield of Faith Tattoo 1
Shield of Faith Tattoo 2

Faith isn’t just empowerment. Faith is protection.

Although the main aim of faith tattoos is to bring one closer to their religious beliefs and stay in-tune with their spiritual being, certain designs, such as a shield of faith tattoo, protects the wearer’s peace of mind.

The artwork is often fused with a pair of Cross tattoos, surrounded by leaves, framed in a shield-like structure for maximum presentability.

A Specialist In Preserving One’s Struggles: Faith Arm Tattoo

Faith Arm Tattoo

Prioritizing areas with tons of muscle tissues or layers of fat is great if you’d like to minimize the pain level of the experience, and unlock a memorable moment instead.

Similarly, to obtain a faith tattoo on your upper body, resort to getting an arm tattoo, preferably for a lenient creative process.

The best part isn’t just the fact that this faith tattoo is as easy as it gets for beginners, but also the size aspect of the location, which can accommodate small depictions as well as elaborate schemes!

Loyalty With No End Time: Infinity Faith Tattoo

Infinity Faith Tattoo 1
Infinity Faith Tattoo 2

Minor adjustments can make normal tattoos more staggering, which is exactly what the collaboration between a faith tattoo and an infinity tattoo does.

The visuals on the outside feel soothing and rather inspirational to look at, while the artwork helps restore the wearer’s confidence beyond the surface.

Showcasing it in areas carrying a wow factor is key if you want to make a difference with this tattoo. On the contrary, you may resort to using your collarbone or shoulder blade to keep it subtle.

Everyday Is A Second Chance: Faith Arabic Tattoo

Faith Arabic Tattoo 1
Faith Arabic Tattoo 2

Translating the language can be a clever way to separate yourself from the crowd when obtaining a tattoo as common as a faith tattoo. If you’re willing to wait for memorable results, why not convert faith into the Arabic word for it?

The beauty of Arabic letters lies in its bold structure, which looks best when each contributor is sized up.

Though the purpose of this tattoo reprises the nature of any other faith tattoo, the artwork requires a heavier canvas for a clear presentation.

Hope Begins With A Home: Family Faith Tattoo

Family Faith Tattoo 1
Family Faith Tattoo 2

While many survive the highs and lows of life through religion, there are many of us who rely on loved ones to make everyday life easier.

A faith tattoo that reflects on the importance of day ones is this faith tattoo, which is infused with the term family to serve as a token for remembrance.

No matter where you obtain this piece, a faith family tattoo always reminds one of how loved they are in this life, encouraging one to be grateful when things go astray.

Because Love Conquers All: Rose Faith Tattoo

Rose Faith Tattoo 1
Rose Faith Tattoo 2

Love heals all. Additionally, love triggers all.

In other words, if there’s one emblem that one can pair to rejuvenate their belief in God, a mix between a tattoo that symbolizes love and faith should be prioritized.

While a quote tattoo paired with a cross tattoo around the forearm can be a common find, using traditional roses alongside the print can fulfill the formerly-mentioned agenda and purpose of this faith tattoo.

Guarding What Comes Through One’s Ears: Faith Tattoo Behind the Ear

Faith Tattoo Behind the Ear

For something minimal, compact areas should be considered.

Additionally, if you’re seeking something that pairs well with your femininity, a great body part you can place your bet in is the area behind the ear.

A behind-the-ear tattoo of faith finds delicacy with ease. It is also easy to take care of, and looks astonishing with an updo.

You may also replace the letter ‘i’ with a cross for an effect that is more dramatic.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’ve garnered knowledge regarding faith tattoos, and all the options that one can replicate as their own, here are some renowned questions about faith tattoos that we’ll solve to establish a better understanding of the genre.

Q: Why are faith tattoos so powerful?

Ans: Faith tattoos don’t have much to offer on the outside, but work like charms on the inside. It allows one to stay true to themselves, and encourages them to blindly trust everything that they believe in, regardless of whether it’s for financial gain or for spiritual awakening.

Q: What are faith tattoos compatible with?

Ans: Despite having very few representatives, faith tattoos harmonize with tons of complementary items, such as floral patterns, religious symbols, as well as with any kind of body part, making it one of the most impactful designs in the world of tattoos.

Q: Where do faith tattoos look their best?

Ans: For a tattoo as meaningful as a faith tattoo, delicate areas look astonishing. Areas such as the wrist, finger, as well as sensitized areas such as the area behind the ear are three great options for showcasing a faith tattoo.


With the help of what’s been covered, we hope you’re able to discover a tattoo that denotes faith to not just embrace more of yourself, but also find a moment of serenity with where you are in life.

Faith tattoos serve as reminders to stay true to oneself, and stay devoted to religious ties. Each artwork offered by faith tattoos are not only visually soothing, but also therapeutic for the mind.

Before you side with an option, be sure to align your tattoo with the sensitivity of your body. Aim for resilient areas, such as the legs for a painless procedure with tons of privacy.

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