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46 Fashionable Faith Over Fear Tattoo Ideas To Stay Ahead Of Your Contemporaries!

One of the most misunderstood concepts is the notion of faith. Most people confuse this divine exp experience with fear. You have to understand that fear is something that is fueled by forceful actions. This happens when someone compels you to obey them, may it be a mortal or a god.

On the other hand, the notion of faith is entirely deliberate. It's a spiritual awakening when you start to understand the true meaning of life. The faith over fear tattoos allow you to delve deep into the ominous pit where you can achieve this holy experience.

Body modifications are mostly done to showcase to others as a mere means of art form. However, the faith over fear of tattoos is much more than that. These manifestations expand your mind and compel you to think about every aspect of life from a different perspective.

If you want to change your life, we highly suggest you take a look at the enigmatic history of the faith over fear tattoos.

Embarking On The Path Of Spirituality With The Meaning Of Faith Over Fear Tattoos

Embarking On The Path Of Spirituality With The Meaning Of Faith Over Fear Tattoos

Everything you need to know about these auspicious designs is right on the name. The jarring portrayals take an alternative route and try to express how faith is more important in shaping an individual.

The flame of fear only ignites for a while. It slowly burns down and the fuse goes out. On the contrary, the ignition of faith keeps on burning and the fame keeps getting stronger and stronger as you start to embrace the concept with an open arm.

These designs are a symbol of bravery and express the desire to embark on a spiritual journey. Not everyone can showcase to the world about their relationship with their religions. It takes guts to encapsulate the emotions and let them burst out in the form of body modifications.

Fresh Faith Over Fear Tattoo Designs To Get Rid Of Your Cardinal Sins!

Fresh Faith Over Fear Tattoo Designs To Get Rid Of Your Cardinal Sins!

Similar to other spiritual designs, the faith over fear tattoos follow a similar trend and focus more on the symbolism rather than the artwork itself. You will notice in the later stage of the essay that most designs solely feature the quote and nothing else.

This is because the quote itself carries so much weight that the imagery doesn't require anything else. If you want to take things up a notch, we recommend you include some religious motifs such as crosses or portrayals of religious figures. The inclusion will surely make your mind deviate away from evil and pessimistic thoughts.

Monochrome is the style to go when it comes to these designs. The raw emotions can't be portrayed with the messy incorporation of whimsical hues. So, stick to the roots and decorate your body with the shadow of darkness.

Blast Of Monochrome: Spiritual “Faith Over Fear” Cross Tattoo

“Faith Over Fear” Cross Tattoo

You just have to include this one otherwise it can be considered a cardinal sin. The cross is perhaps the most auspicious piece of religious motifs in the whole world and the manifestation of it in the body speaks volumes.

The whole notion of intense faith in God exuberates in the tiny spherical structure glorified with monochrome. The pitch-black darkness may hint at something malicious but it's truly spiritual in every regard.

The quote stands just beneath the depiction of the cross, further adding to the holiness. You will surely feel something serene as soon as you etch the tattoo.

 Aura Of Confidence: Elongated “Faith Over Fear” Spine Tattoo

“Faith Over Fear” Spine Tattoo 1
“Faith Over Fear” Spine Tattoo 2

Fear is driven by negative emotions that often lead to occurrences that are not pleasant. It plays with the vulnerable side of individuals whereas faith opens new doors in their brains and makes them feel peaceful.

Why the spine? Well, this particular organization of bones is considered to be the amulet of faith. When you deeply believe in something, your spine is straight which exudes a burst of confidence.

Memoirs Of The Past: Dainty “Faith Over Fear” Tattoo On Wrist

“Faith Over Fear” Wrist Tattoo 1
“Faith Over Fear” Wrist Tattoo 2

The modern portrayals of suicide have made people all around the world believe that cutting their wrists can free themselves from the astral world. Don’t make this mistake.

Instead, you should get a brilliant wrist tattoo with the dainty depiction of the quote. Equip it with a date that means something important for you and the result will surely blow you away.

Encapsulation Of Belief: Whimsical Watercolor “Faith Over Fear” Tattoo

Watercolor “Faith Over Fear” Tattoo 1
Watercolor “Faith Over Fear” Tattoo 2

Undoubtedly, the perfect choice for any sort of spiritual tattoo is the watercolor style. This is mainly because the colors portray deep emotions in quite a raw manner.

The subtle colors blend well with the skin creating mystifying imagery. Anything can look good when it's done in this particular style but as it's a faith-over-fear tattoo, it's best to ornament your body with any motif from the religion such as a church or mosque.

 Peek Of Darkness: Monochromatic “Faith Over Fear” Tattoo On Shoulder

“Faith Over Fear” Shoulder Tattoo 1
“Faith Over Fear” Shoulder Tattoo 2

The sensuality of the shoulder tattoos exceeds the corporeal boundaries and appears to be the bridge between two opposing worlds. The grim reality of death isn’t meant to frighten you.

Rather the depiction of the angel of death will pour the seed of belief deep into your soul which will eventually grow into a gigantic tree. The magnificent monochrome hues of the tattoo work majestically portray such a holy nation.

 Borrowing The Celestial Powers: Minimalist “Faith Over Fear” Star Tattoo

“Faith Over Fear” Star Tattoo 1
“Faith Over Fear” Star Tattoo 2

Stars are one of the quintessential motifs of faith and you will come across them countless times in many of the religious literatures.

Even if you stray aside from the books, just take a gander over the ominous sky over your head. Don't the celestial objects make you think about the many cryptic notions of life? The star tattoo creates a unique feeling in you as if you are lying on the ground looking at the radiant blobs.

 Breath Of Fresh Air: Colorful “Faith Over Fear” Flower Tattoo

“Faith Over Fear” Flower Tattoo 1
“Faith Over Fear” Flower Tattoo 2

The incorporation of subtle wildflowers is great for neutralizing the meaning of the faith over fear tattoos. Many claim that these types of tattoos are too straightforward in their messages and need some toning down.

Well, here you go. If you are someone who is still tiptoeing on the lines of faith and complete disbelief then the tattoo will be great for you. It's a brilliant and colorful manifestation of the purest emotion slowly starting to take shape.

 Seeking The Path To Enlightenment: Cursive “Faith Over Fear” Arrow Tattoo

“faith over fear” arrow tattoo 1
“faith over fear” arrow tattoo 2

You need directions in your life, don’t you? Someone without any determined path is like a lost canary that wanders here and there to ultimately meet its death.

The entire gimmick of the faith over fear tattoos is that the symbolism is the key and this particular manifestation doesn't shy away from expressing tons of inspiring messages across the board.

 Exuberance Beyond Comprehension: Highly Stylized “Faith Over Fear” Tattoo On Forearm

“Faith Over Fear” Forearm Tattoo

Thinking of showing your deep faith to the entire world? Then we have just the design for you. Unlike most of the ideas on this list, the forearm tattoo features a rather extravagant take on the minimalist concept.

The quote remains in its typical state but there is a portrayal of Jesus just above it. You can also opt to include a pitch-black cross to further intensify the imagery.


The subject matter is quite extensive and deserves thousands of pages to properly describe the artwork. It's quite apparent that you have questions in your mind and we are here to answer them all.

If you still have more queries, shoot us a comment and we will be at your service.

Q: Which Is The Best Place For A Faith Over Fear Tattoo?

Ans: Anywhere you want. You have complete freedom when it comes to faith over fear tattoos. You can opt anywhere you desire.

But if you want some expert opinions then get it etched in someplace discreet like the wrist or the shoulder. The concept of faith is a personal one and deserves to be treated similarly.

Q: Are Faith Over Fear Tattoos Holy?

Ans: Yes, they are. They are as holy as anything can be. These artworks are emblems of the purest emotion known to mankind. Without any force and manipulation, individuals believe in something. Therefore, these images are quite holy in every regard.


Certain artworks have a hidden ability to heal people. You may laugh it out but it's true. Words can’t describe such notions properly. You need to experience it. The faith over fear tattoos is something that transcends individuals from the corporeal world to somewhere divine.

In a world full of distractions and confusion, the designs make your mind steady and empty of malicious thoughts. It's safe to say that the faith over fear tattoos are not a hobby or luxury anymore, they are a necessity.

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