70 Engaging Evil Eye Tattoo Ideas With Positive Meaning To Protect You

70 Engaging Evil Eye Tattoo Ideas With Positive Meaning To Protect You

Underneath the sunshine and rainbows of the world, there lies a dark concept that has haunted individuals since the inception of time. While the depiction of the evil eye is as the name suggests, it's a force or a culmination of energy that latches onto someone when they are subjected to envious thoughts and acts.

From time to time, people have been seeking to prevent the vicious clutches of such dark forces and opted for body modifications to refrain themselves from evil eyes. Among them, the evil eye tattoo surely ranks at the top because of its incredible theatrics and symbolism attached to it.

With so many various designs existing, you have the luxury to choose the design of your dreams. The manifestation of the evil eye will not only accentuate the sensuality of your body but also keep you safe and sound. So, folks! Let's forget everything else and dive straight into the immersing world of evil eye tattoos.

Enigma Of The Evil Eye Tattoo: Deciphering The True Meaning Of The Misinterpreted Concept

Enigma Of The Evil Eye Tattoo: Deciphering The True Meaning Of The Misinterpreted Concept

The contemporary and old-fashioned symbolism of the once feared eyes is dozens apart as both have them touch a significant aspect of human life.

Many people consider the evil eye to be just an ordinary amulet to appear grim and eerie to normal people whereas it can be an amulet of self-expression and the desire for protection. It's time to take a gander at the many faces of the evil eye tattoos.

Protection From Evil

This particular meaning is quite blatantly obvious as you even can sense it's coming on the list. The modern interpretation of the evil eye is a symbol of protection from misfortune.

You may be wondering how a tattoo can have such power. Well, belief is everything. If you believe that the tattoo can safeguard you then there is a good chance that it will.

A Sign Of Bad Luck

From a religious perspective, the appearance of black hues or eyes is often regarded to be a bad omen. Viewing such notions can lead to disastrous occurrences. So why do people get tattoos with such negative energy?

Why do you watch horror movies or travel to seek paranormal entities? We as human beings are enthralled by notions that have a negative connotation. That’s why we smoke even knowing that it's harmful to us.

Just like this, we opt to get the tattoo as it can give us a glimpse of the other side that is quite less talked about.

A Voice For The Secluded Souls

If you look around you, you will notice that most of the people who are interested in notions such as the evil eye are quite secluded from society. They are either ostracized or left the spotlight willingly.

Dark concepts have always given such outcasts a voice to speak. They could finally release their suppressed thoughts through the means of such artworks.

Enchanting Evil Eye Tattoo Designs To Get Rid Of Envious Stares!

Enchanting Evil Eye Tattoo Designs To Get Rid Of Envious Stares!

You will find everything under one roof when it comes to evil eye tattoos. Jarring symbolism, check. Hearty elements, check. Portrayal of a grim reality, check. Imagery with insane theatrics, check. There are only a few other designs that are amazing in every aspect.

What started as a notion of evil and dark powers has now become an emblem for those who don't fit into the social conformities. For those who seek something beyond the realms of the universe and want to immerse themselves into something divine and auspicious, the evil eye tattoo is for them.

That’s why, the tattoo may be minimalist or extravagant, there is a certain level of theatricality involved in each of the designs which creates layer after layer of depth.

From the retinas to the eyelashes, there will always be an element with realistic features to evoke a unique feeling in your soul. If you want to experience such a euphoric event then let's journey together on the list of the most compelling evil eye tattoos.

Old Fashioned Notion: Dainty Evil Eye Tattoo

Small Evil Eye Tattoo 1
Small Evil Eye Tattoo 2

Let's spice things up with the daintiest reincarnation of the evil eye itself. What's so intriguing about the imagery is how colorful the inner retina appears.

As you might’ve guessed, the artwork stays on a minimalistic route with no sort of exaggeration. These emblems work wonderfully in sexy placements such as the side of your stomach.

The discreet manifestation of evil does not represent that you are a worshiper of the evil forces rather depicts how you seek protection from malicious entities.

Adopting The Ocean: Colorful Blue Evil Eye Tattoo

Blue Evil Eye Tattoo 1
Blue Evil Eye Tattoo 2

The blue rendition of the evil eye appears majestic with its subtle display of vibrant hues. Curated with jarring shapes, the tattoo looks as if it is borrowed straight from the outer universe.

While the topic of discussion is evil eye which is nonetheless a controversial subject to talk about, this particular version looks quite neutral. The hypnotic manifestation along with the colors appears to be well-versed in the natural aspects.

 Back To The Past: vibrant Traditional Evil Eye Tattoo

Traditional Evil Eye Tattoo 1
Traditional Evil Eye Tattoo 2

The traditional manifestation of the evil eye is quite vintage in aesthetic and portrays the symbolism much more potently. It adapts to one of the most scenic components of nature which are the flowers.

If you look at any flower from a distance you will instantly see the resemblance of the core with a biological eye. Perhaps that's the reason why these elements are combined to create a beautiful artwork.

Display Of Resilience: Discreet Evil Eye Design On Finger

Evil Eye Finger Tattoo 1
Evil Eye Finger Tattoo 2

The evil eye can appear anywhere and your finger can’t escape from the glance as well. The unique proportionality of the finger makes it a perfect choice for a discreet evil eye tattoo.

As there is not enough space in the region, the evil eye often plays peekaboo with the wearer. It's as if the eye is showing off its magnificence by hiding within the edges of your finger.

Conquering The Greek Essence: Stylish Evil Eye Tattoo With A Twist

Greek Evil Eye Tattoo 1
Greek Evil Eye Tattoo 2

As we gradually progress to the inner portion of the essay, we will touch on more designs that have a historic association. This one sits at the top of the list of symbolic ideas. The eye itself doesn't bear much uniqueness to the other contemporaries. There's only a slight splash of black at the edges to give a theatrical effect.

In ancient Greek culture, the evil eye is quite an auspicious concept. Greeks wholeheartedly believed in such dark energies and often sought protection from the gods.

Connection With The Roots: Intricate Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo

Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo 1
Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo 2

Hamsa or the Hand of Fatina is quite an artistic take on the old-school notion of the evil eye. The imagery is considered to be a symbol of protection and guidance.

According to Islamic history, people were fueled by the notion of envy which is directly associated with the evil eye. Many people were harmed because others couldn't tolerate their success and cursed them.

The beautiful shapes and patterns along with the highly realistic eye in the center provided them with comfort and often refrained the dark thoughts from entering their minds.

Fine Display Of Simplicity: Minimalist Evil Eye Tattoo

Simple Evil Eye Tattoo

These designs are for the ones who are quite intolerant of pain. The simple outlines along with subtle colors will hardly take your time. You can get them in an instant.

They may be simple in stature but they don’t shy away from painting a bigger picture. The minimalist approach dictates how the existence of the evil eye can persist.

Elevation Of Sensuality: Fineline Evil Eye Tattoo On Neck

Evil Eye Neck Tattoo

Viewing the neck, many sculptures and poets have crafted their finest creations. It's such a divine region of the biological body that it deserves equally sensual elements as artwork such as The Evil Eye.

To match the theatrics of the place, the eyelashes are boldly depicted as well if the evil eye is intensely staring at you. Who knows, maybe you are its next target.

 Eyes Like The Goddesses: Sparkling Egyptian Evil Tattoo

Egyptian Evil Eye Tattoo 1
Egyptian Evil Eye Tattoo 2

The context of the evil eye was born in the dunes of Egyptians. The concept arose to prominence amidst the deserts and pyramids.

It's only fair to showcase a form of tribute to the rich culture by etching a magnificent Egyptian eye tattoo. To make it appear a bit more medieval, there is an Inclusion of a twisted symbol just beneath the eye.

 Necessary Evil: Dainty Eye Tattoo On Wrist

Evil Eye Wrist Tattoo 1
Evil Eye Wrist Tattoo 2

This is a necessary piece of art that desperately needs some attention. The current generation is deviating from the spiritual lands and perhaps succumbing more and more to evil notions.

With the fine line tattoo on the wrist, you will always think of the dark energies lurking in the shadows. The vicious mix of black and blue hues will change the outlook of your life from pessimistic to optimistic.

 Immersion Beyond Exaggeration: Monochromatic Evil Eye Tattoo On Chest

Evil Eye Chest Tattoo

This one is quite fitting to its name. The menacing manifestation of the eye truly appears as if it has been dragged out of the deepest pits of hell.

The color contrast of the chest tattoo is off the hooks as well as it features the quintessential color scheme of black and white. The bold eyelashes floating on top of the eye look like the dark horizon at a distance.

Grim Reminder Of Dark Energies: Bloody Evil Eye Tattoo With Layers

Red Evil Eye Tattoo

The conceptualization of these intriguing designs stems from the well-known history of the evil eye bleeding. When the eye persists on an individual, it reeks blood from its pores.

While the image on display doesn't manifest such a gore and morbid nation, it still doesn't shy away from painting a visceral image. The radiant color instantly grabs your attention and makes you obsessed with the aesthetics.

Exuberance of Nature: Whimsical Evil Eye Flower Tattoo

Evil Eye Flower Tattoo 1
Evil Eye Flower Tattoo 2

Quite a break from the grim designs. The evil eye takes a deep dive into the savannahs of the corporeal world and decorates itself with the jewelry of nature.

There’s a certain level of realism involved in the tattoo design. Even the eye seems to glaze when you look at it meticulously. The greeneries around it fabulously accentuate the realism even more.

 Aura Of Protection: Shaded Evil Eye Hand Tattoo With Blend Of Fineline

Evil Eye Hand Tattoo

Yet another fine line design on the list that ornaments your hand to make it seem like the biological part has descended from the outer universe.

The scattered lines levitating from the surface of the eye manifest the oozing aura of negativity of the evil eye. The hand is quite a visible place that will surely remind you every once in a while, to keep you sane from the contamination of the malicious entities of the world.

Wings Of Darkness: Subtle Butterfly Evil Eye Tattoo

Butterfly Evil Eye Tattoo

Let's look at the evil eye from a different perspective, shall we? Enough of the satanic stuff. The graphic on display blends the most whimsical insects of nature to nullify the overall metaphor.

The jarring display of intricate shapes and colors is the perfect choice for families around the world. The evil eyes are depicted in the colorful wings of the butterfly to portray a beautiful scene. The edges of each element are highlighted with care so that the imagery appears realistic.

Etching A Literal Organ: Detailed Evil Eye Tattoo With Realistic Textures

Realistic Evil Eye Tattoo 1
Realistic Evil Eye Tattoo 2

The name hints at everything there is to know about the stunning piece of art. The hyper-realistic motif of darkness spreads its entire wings and manifests with glory in the realm of the human body.

Each element of the eye is portrayed with an artistic touch. From the jarring eyelashes to the distinct glow in the retina, the tattoo ticks all the boxes.

Blast Of Monochrome: Intricate Mandala Evil Eye Tattoo

Mandala Evil Eye Tattoo

The magnificence of the evil eye is intricately portrayed in the labyrinth shapes that are called the Mandala. The alluring patterns suggest how complex the notion is and escape from its glance can be even more sophisticated.

Such tattoos are extremely desirable forms of body modification as they highlight the intricacies of life and portray the exclusivity of the wearer. You will easily stand out among your contemporaries.

Emblem Of Personal Expression: Omnipotent Evil Eye Tattoo Behind The Ear

Evil Eye Tattoo Behind the Ear 1
Evil Eye Tattoo Behind the Ear 2

While the entire concept of the open eye is quite pessimistic, this particular design is significantly welcoming. The tattoo also appears magical as it often hides underneath the exterior of the ear.

The inner retina of the eye is highly stylized therefore you will get completely lost in the whimsicality of the alluring patterns. The radiance inside the eye further solidifies how omnipotent it truly is.


The evil eye is a highly controversial subject matter that needs a further shade of light to reduce the enigmas surrounding it.

So, we opted to answer some of the many speculations hovering on the internet sphere. We tried to answer each of these questions with our years of knowledge on the topic.

Q: Is It Okay To Get An Evil Eye Tattoo?

Ans: It depends on your geographical location, culture, and customs. Modern contemporaries think of the tattoo as a form of relief or a sign of protection. But it can mean something opposite in your area. So, it's best to investigate what it symbolizes and then think about etching the tattoo.

Q: Does The Evil Eye Always Have A Negative Connotation?

Ans: We are going to also answer this in the negative. The evil eye itself is a negative concept however the imagery as a form of body modification primarily expresses optimistic notions.

The wearer portrays how they want to stay away from the evil glare or what Muslims call “The Nazar”. When someone looks at you with an envious glare, the evil eye is known to attach to you. The tattoo is a belief that it can safeguard the wearer from such a malicious stare.


Symbolic, aesthetic, touching a less talked about notion as well as giving voice to people with suppressed thoughts, the evil eye tattoo does every one of these with elegance. The startling design manifests beautifully in the biological organs depicting the story of the wearer.

If you think of the tattoo in a different light than just considering it as a taboo, the tattoo starts to make a lot of sense. It teaches how the people around you may seem like they are in your favor but they may have dark and envious thoughts inside them. It's best to always keep your eyes open.

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