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57 Fabulous Cow Tattoo Ideas To Let Your Inner Child Out

From plowing the land to making fertilizers, the use of cows is unlimited. If we try to name them all, this article will never end. These domestic animals are the source of our nutrition. Without them, perhaps we would soon gravitate towards extinction. They deserve a tattoo on our body canvas just for the sake of their contribution to humankind.

Cow tattoos also have tremendous religious and cultural value. In Islam and Hinduism, these majestic animals play crucial roles in shaping customs and rituals. Aside from the religious perspective, they are tremendously calm creatures. Having a tattoo of them can make you feel peaceful on a hectic day.

Last but not least, these tattoos are incredibly adorable. No matter how cold-hearted you claim to be, your heart will melt with the sight of a cow tattoo. Their fluffy structure along with a velvety color combination will surely soothe your soul any moment of the day. So, without beating around the bush anymore, let’s jump right into the world of cow tattoos. Hold on to your seatbelts.

Gut-Wrenching Meaning Behind Cow Tattoos To Make You Cry

Meaning Behind Cow Tattoo

The most straightforward meaning of the cow tattoo is undoubtedly peace and tranquility. You will never see these gentle creatures fighting or causing a scene. They are often seen peacefully grazing on the fields or taking care of their calves.

The wonderful scenery in the world has to be the moment when the mother cow feeds her calf. The young calf struggles at first to get hold of the udder. However, it learns and gently drinks the milk. Because of such moments, cow tattoos are often considered to be a symbol of motherhood and fertility.

Perhaps the most symbolic and deep meaning of the cow tattoos comes from Islam. On every holy occasion of Eid, Muslims all around the world sacrifice their cows in the name of their creator. After sacrificing, they distribute the meat to relatives and poor people. Therefore, the depiction of cows in tattoos also represents the message of sharing love and happiness with others and making the world a better place.

Charming Cow Tattoo Designs To Start A Rebel

According to scientists, there are more than 1000 cow breeds in the world. Therefore, it's quite obvious that the cow tattoo designs will be diverse as well. Picking the right tattoo design for you among such vast varieties can be both arduous and time-consuming. So, we figured it out to give you some general ideas.

Although the breeds are large in number, most of the cow tattoos feature the Holstein-Friesian cow breed because of their insane impact on the dairy industry. Furthermore, these breeds also look the most aesthetic with their humongous size and black-and-white coating.

Most cow tattoo designs tend to be cute therefore they either take the cartoonish or minimalist style. There are some grandiose-looking tattoos on the list but they are not opted by the masses. Most people want to get the cow tattoo solely for themselves, not to showcase it to others. Now that we have gotten the general details done, let's get into the nitty-gritty of all the cow tattoo designs that will shake you to your core

Cow Skull Tattoo

Cow Skull Tattoo

If you are a seeker of the dark arts and sorcery, this is the tattoo for you. Cow skull tattoos are incredibly dark and grotesque which will make you morbidly curious.

In ancient times and even today, people practiced witchcraft with the use of a cow skull. It was considered to be an integral part of the ritual. As times progressed the rituals stopped but people's fascination remained.

Now they get these cow tattoos on their body canvas as an alternative. Full of abstract shapes and feathers, the cow skull tattoos make anyone look badass.

Highland Cow Tattoo

Highland Cow Tattoo 1
Highland Cow Tattoo

These cow tattoos feature a species that is quite different from the usual cows that we see. Rather than having a typical black or white coat, these cows have a reddish-brown coat color and some even have yellow coats.

What makes them stand out is their distinct hair on the head. They look like the cool dudes with sleek hairstyles that we all envy. Because of their unique hairstyle, these animals are often considered to be the most handsome cows on the planet.

Men around the world love to get this tattoo because of how masculine they look with images of the Highland cattle. From the rugged look to the long, pointy horn, everything about the cow exudes a masculine energy just like the octopus tattoos.

Cute Cow Tattoo

Cute Cow Tattoo

Seeing adorable representations of the cows is a pleasant experience however illustrating such an art piece isn’t an easy task. Many tattooists often couldn’t come close to making them look cute and cuddly.

A good idea to make the cow tattoo look cute is to illustrate the cow in a chibi version. Such a portrayal instantly makes our hearts melt.

Eyes are a big factor when it comes to a cow tattoo. You need to make the eyes as large as possible. You should try to create anime eyes on the cows so that it feels like the eyes are reflecting the light.

Small Cow Tattoo

Small Cow Tattoo

The magnitude of this tattoo is quite confusing. Debates often spur among tattoo enthusiasts regarding what length should be considered as small. For us, the cow tattoos that are only catered for the wearer can be viewed as small tattoos.

The perfect place for such tattoos is undoubtedly the neck or the forearm where you can easily conceal or showcase the tattoo at your own will.

The tattoo itself doesn’t comprise any sort of color or textures. It's just gentle imagery of a Holstein cow staring at you. The eyes are purposefully drawn to be small so that it looks cute on you.

Two-Headed Cow Tattoo

Two-Headed Cow Tattoo

Before diving deep into the lore, let's look at why two-headed cows exist. This mainly occurs due to a condition called polycephaly in which the baby cow has two separate heads fused. The first time people knew about this freak of nature was in Northeast India.

From then on, people became completely enthralled by it. It makes us wonder if there is anything impossible by Mother Nature. Soon, people’s obsession with the creature took an artistic turn and this tattoo was born.

If we look at literature even, there is a poem called “Two-Headed Calf” which talks about self-identity and connection with nature. Aside from looking menacing, the two-headed cow tattoo also seems to have a symbolism and deep meaning to it.

Cow Tattoo With Flower

Cow Tattoo With Flower

In Hinduism and Judaism, cows are quite respected. These animals are connected with their lord, Krishna. They believe that these creatures are a symbol of protection and purity.

That’s why oftentimes they decorate the cows to show respect to the gods. The concept of cows' tattoos with flowers arose from this notion. When you have the tattoo, you will come across someone who is truly a seeker of peace and serenity.

Simple Cow Tattoo

Simple Cow Tattoo

There is not much to differentiate between the simple cow and small cow tattoo. Both of these tattoos function as personal emblems that inspire the wearer.

Like the other tattoos on the list, this tattoo features an ordinary Holstein cow with two tiny eyes. The imagery of the tattoo is purposefully watered down so that it looks soothing to the eye. You have to agree that most realistic and highly textured tattoos tend to look messy and overdone. It's the simple tattoos that you become fond of in the end.

Traditional Cow Tattoo

Traditional Cow Tattoo

In Hinduism, cows are quite a sacred animal especially because of their association with the Hindu god Krishna. Furthermore, it is also known that the earth goddess Prithvi transformed into a cow to bless human beings.

Therefore, it's quite apparent that these majestic animals are very auspicious to the Hindu people. That’s why, people often showcase their love for them by decorating with beautiful flowers and jewelry. The traditional cow tattoo comprises an artwork of such a decorated cow that is often found in the temples.

Baby Cow Tattoo

Baby Cow Tattoo 1
Baby Cow Tattoo 2

These adorable depictions of the baby cows are a delight to watch. Babies are always innocent. Having a tattoo of them can fill your heart with purity and joy. In a wretched world like today, this is just what everyone requires.

To go completely insane on the cuteness scale, the baby cow tattoo just doesn’t feature one baby, it features nearly half a dozen of them. Having them stare at you with pearl-like eyes is the greatest feeling in the world. Furthermore, the coating of the baby cows tends to be colorful on the tattoo therefore you are bound to feel a bit festive.

Strawberry Cow Tattoo

Strawberry Cow Tattoo

Strawberries and milk have become synonymous with each other. You can't have one without the other. There are many of us whose favorite drink is strawberry milkshake. Aside from the culinary associations, these components also look great together in a tattoo.

Most of these tattoos feature the cute cows either holding or laying on strawberries. The red velvety textures and colors of the strawberry truly complement the elegance of these amazing animals beautifully. You cannot help yourself but get a tattoo of these naughty yet lovable cows.

Cartoon Cow Tattoo

Cartoon Cow Tattoo

Over the years, there have been many depictions of friendly and useful animals to human beings. Perhaps the most well-known of them all is Otis from the Barnyard franchise.

Otis is a Holstein-Friesian cow which means that he has the quintessential characteristic of black and white colors in the exterior. The character is quite fun and witty, compelling fans of the series to get a tattoo of him.

Funny Cow Tattoo

Funny Cow Tattoo

Back in the early stages of the internet, there was a video of a cow playing a guitar and singing a folk song. The video instantly went viral and people started to become memes of it.

The funny cow tattoo attempts to revisit that golden video of the cow masterfully playing guitar with spectacles on its eyes. Everything about the tattoo is bound to make you laugh. Having such a comical tattoo can elevate your mood when you are having a bad day.

Holstein Cow Tattoo

Holstein Cow Tattoo 1
Holstein Cow Tattoo 2

If it wasn’t for the Holstein cows, we were doomed. The normal cows could hardly produce enough milk for the entire population of the world to feed on. Because of the Holstein cow, we can now drink milk without any worry of the world.

The tattoo shows a tribute to such heroes who have single-handedly taken the responsibility to ensure that our nutritional levels are satisfactory. Aside from their incredible milk yield, these cows are also quite soothing to watch with their black-and-white shapes. Therefore, it's a must to get this cow tattoo on your body canvas.

Realistic Cow Tattoo

Realistic Cow Tattoo

When we talk about a realistic cow tattoo, the background is the first thing that you need to pay attention to. We all know that the textures and colors of the tattoo have to be spot on. However, it's the background that makes or breaks the deal.

If you can create a scenic background with sun rays and clouds then the cow tattoo will instantly look more realistic. Apart from this, you need to include as many textures as possible. From the pupils of the eyes to the hair on the nose, you need to include everything about the cow to make it seem real.

Watercolor Cow Tattoo

Watercolor Cow Tattoo

At first glance, the tattoo looks like a gigantic mistake. Why are there splats and blobs of color all over the tattoo? How can someone make such an error? Upon further inspection, you start to make sense of the magnificence of this tattoo.

The splats and blobs are done intentionally to create a unique psychedelic effect. Because of this, the tattoo transcends from a boring artwork of a cow to an extraterrestrial depiction that is meant for the superior lifeform. Watercolors truly do wonders just as they completely change the aesthetics of the cat tattoos.

Cow Outline Tattoo

Cow Outline Tattoo

Simple yet satisfying. This is the perfect tagline for the cow outline tattoo. The tattoo doesn’t feature any sort of details or colors. You just have to make a general shape of the cow and voila.

So what's so great about this tattoo? Well, this tattoo blends right with your skiing to the point that others will have a hard time figuring out whether it's a tattoo or part of your skin.

Cow Ankle Tattoo

Cow Ankle Tattoo

Have you ever wondered why despite being one of the most painful spots to get a tattoo, the ankle tattoo remains a favorite to many tattoo enthusiasts? Well, it's a high place. The ligament makes the ankle look like a mountain in a barren area.

Having a cow tattoo on the ankle instantly makes it look stunning. The elegance of the cow tattoo is elevated to a whole new degree because of the mountain-like figure of the ankle.

Cow Cover-Up Tattoo

Cow Cover-Up Tattoo

We all make mistakes. However, it doesn’t mean that we deserve a lesser piece of the pie. Out of desperation, we sometimes tend to get the most hideous-looking tattoos. Later on, we contemplate.

The cow cover-up tattoo offers us a once-in-a-lifetime solution to this mess. A tattoo of the cow will completely hide the existence of the previous tattoo. Who says mistakes can’t be altered?


You will find abundant information about cows on the internet however you will come across hardly anything on their tattoos. Most of the information on cow tattoos is severely outdated and they will rather confuse you than educate you.

That’s why, we have selected some of the most thought-provoking questions and their answers to clear all your doubts. If you still have any doubts, feel free to reach out. We are always there to clear up your confusion.

Q: Which Celebrity Has A Cow Tattoo?

Ans: Several well-known celebrities have gotten cow tattoos over the years. Perhaps the name that caused the most buzz was undoubtedly Doja Cat. This American rapper got a black-colored cow skull tattoo on her wrist on March 23 which looks quite menacing, to say the least. The wrist tattoo quickly made headlines and many of her avid fans started to follow in her footsteps and got the tattoo as well.

Q: Are Cow Tattoos Considered To Be Lucky?

Ans: Yes, they are. In most cultures and religions, cows are considered to be quite an auspicious creature. They are often associated with many of the gods. People believe them to be symbols of positivity. Having a cow tattoo will keep all the evil thoughts from polluting your mind.

Q: Are Cow Tattoos Painful?

Ans: It completely depends on how many details and colors you want to incorporate in your cow tattoo. A simple or small tattoo will be far less painful than a realistic one. Another important aspect that is associated with pain is the place. If you get the cow tattoo in a place that is directly on top of the bone such as your ankle or spine then it can hurt quite a lot. Other places such as your thigh or back which has some meat in them tend to hurt less.


Our brains are hardwired to self-destruct. The amount of stress we go through every day can make our heads explode. Because of such tension, our life expectancy is slowly crumbling down. We are becoming more and more resentful towards each other and the world is coming to an end.

In such times of desperation, the cow tattoos can be a beacon of hope. We have a lot to learn from these peaceful creatures. Having their tattoo will remind you to breathe a sigh of relief and take things easy for a while. The soothing designs will ease some pressure off you and you will start to view the world in a much more peaceful manner.

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