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112 Logical and Staggering Cover-up Tattoos With Meaningful Interpretations!

Failure is often the pillar of success, but only if you learn from each shortcoming. Similarly, making regrettable decisions is a part of life, and can inevitably lead to growth as long as the previous patterns aren’t followed.

The demographic of tattoo enthusiasts is often split into two parts; those who are spontaneous and those who are methodical. While going with the flow is music to the ears of spontaneous minds, taking precise and logical decisions align more with methodical people. However, since tattoos too come with a deadline at times, cover-up tattoos remain viable options in both scenarios.

Cover-up tattoos vary in size and design, but take steps that are necessary to give the wearer a clean slate. Their symbolism is often open to interpretation, depending more on the artwork and body part over the role they play in mythology. Under the ocean of cover-up tattoos are various options, all of which can be implemented to begin a new chapter!

The Refreshing Meaning Behind Cover-up Tattoos: An Essential For New Beginnings!

Meaning Behind Cover-up Tattoo

Finding the right piece is necessary when a cover-up tattoo is in the mix. In addition to picking an option that resonates with the wearer, a cover-up tattoo also needs to be measured and pitted against the pre-existing design, but only if minimizing the appearance of the prior tattoo is an incentive.

A cover-up tattoo doesn’t have a specific set of associates in the world of metaphors, making it both a positive and negative for tattoo enthusiasts. However, from what we know, a cover-up tattoo uses its power to heal wounds that are often left unuttered, and assist those stuck between a rock and a hard place, being a common find on those grappling through growing pains.

Additionally, when celebrating new beginnings, a cover-up tattoo’s services can also be relied upon. Often, a cover-up tattoo erases tattoos that are no longer relevant in the wearer’s life, making space for new installments, and, as a result, a new wave of possibilities!

High-spirited Cover-up Tattoos That Trigger Spiritual Healing!

Taking into account the freedom cover-up tattoos provide, almost anything can be obtained with the help of this genre. As long as the stencil covers enough ground to eliminate and replace the old piece of work, finding success should be as easy as squeezing lemons.

Moving on, if you’re in dire need of a cover-up tattoo, or just happen to be fond of how much priority it gives to improving the wearer’s life, getting a glimpse of what it offers is necessary. If you have very little energy for looking them up yourself, allow the following entries to guide you home!

Scar Cover-up Tattoo

Scar Cover-up Tattoo

Our scars, regardless of how they look, don’t define us, but tell a story. Varying in size, scars typically come in packages that are unnoticeable. However, at times, a scar tends to be enormous. Enormous enough to get to our self-esteem.

While surgical procedures are always up for grabs, a scar cover-up tattoo can be a cheaper solution. The visual aspect is anything but disadvantageous, draped in a multicolor scheme. To match the energy of the shades, the volume of components remains high.

Ex Name Cover-up Tattoo

Ex Name Cover-up Tattoo 1
Ex Name Cover-up Tattoo 2

Everything comes with a deadline, regardless of how beautiful it may be. However, it’s not about losing what we once had that defines the scenario, but the way in which we bounce back from that ordeal, so always move forward before questioning yourself.

If you recently ended things with someone you saw as nothing less than a soulmate, know that we’ve been there before. In fact, this cover-up tattoo, revolving around removing the name tattoo of an ex with a new design, is also in the same lane!

Wrist Cover-up Tattoo

Wrist Cover-up Tattoo 1
Wrist Cover-up Tattoo 2

Wrist tattoos are commonly seen as a reliable component when kickstarting a tattoo collection. Though hitting the jackpot with this tattoo is easy as long as the stencil is accurate, on the other end are tattoos that could be effortless to grow out of.

A cover-up tattoo on the wrist could be a bit uncomfortable due to the nerve endings, but should be easy to implement as long as the initial design lacks size. The final outcome is subjective, most opt for color tattoos.

Hand Cover-up Tattoo

Hand Cover-up Tattoo 1
Hand Cover-up Tattoo 2

One of the most challenging procedures in the world of tattooing is a hand tattoo. While the canvas is wide, the structure of the hand is quite uneven, making it a tough surface to work with. What’s even more challenging is removing a previous design on the hand, which may require a hand cover-up tattoo.

Removing the tattoo permanently may take months to reach completion. A hand cover-up tattoo, on the other hand, can take a couple of days at most, decreasing in duration if the stencil has already been made.

Flower Cover-up Tattoo

Flower Cover-up Tattoo 1
Flower Cover-up Tattoo 2

Floral patterns are always ideal if obtaining staggering designs is the main aim. It also caters to those that prefer options, since flowers come in multiple types and species, each of which contains a unique color scheme.

A compilation of floral designs can be a great addition to a cover-up tattoo, standing out most when the previous design or canvas is huge. While using colours can improve the impression, sticking to neutral schemes can be more effective at hiding the shielded portion.

Cover-Up Finger Tattoo

Cover-Up Finger Tattoo 1
Cover-Up Finger Tattoo 2

Finger tattoos are easy to implement, despite being bony. The creative process is difficult when the stencil or groundwork is complex, which is why many resort to minimal emblems.

Although the success rate of a finger tattoo is high, and the impact it has on the outlook of a person is immovable, there are various cases in which a finger tattoo falls short of living up to its potential. That is when this cover-up tattoo comes in, using colours to seal wounds from the past.

Black Cover-Up Tattoo

Blackout Cover-up Tattoo 1
Blackout Cover-up Tattoo 2

Often, the struggle of replacing a design with another tattoo is more challenging than meets the eye, for both the wearer and the artist. In fact, when push comes to shove, the size of the former tattoo, as well as the colours used shapes the future of the cover-up tattoo. When draped in vibrant schemes and intricate pieces, removing the pieces is as difficult as they come.

There’s always a solution, however. Similarly, if you believe that your piece can’t be replaced with another emblem, a black cover-up tattoo, which seals the previous piece with black ink, should do enough to get rid of the issue.

Forearm Cover-Up Tattoo

Forearm Cover-Up Tattoo

A forearm tattoo is a go-to for beginners who are afraid of pain, and veterans who, at some point in time, would like to pursue a sleeve tattoo. A forearm tattoo isn’t just easy to obtain as opposed to its peers, but is also easy to eliminate, bringing this cover-up tattoo into existence.

Covering up a forearm tattoo may be difficult if the initial scheme is elaborate, but doable, still. The best part about this artwork is that it can be about anything, as long as it makes the user happy.

Sleeve Cover-up Tattoo

Sleeve Cover-up Tattoo

Committing to a sleeve tattoo is easier said than done, as each segment requires tons of careful planning, especially if it’s a representation of a person’s life or personality. Similarly, removing a sleeve tattoo is painful, even when the process involves pain killers and numbing cream.

Since the price tag of removing a sleeve tattoo is high, you might as well think of a design to restore the design. Consult with a professional artist with tons of experience in cover-up tattoos, especially if failure isn’t an option.

Butterfly Cover-Up Tattoo

Butterfly Cover-Up Tattoo 1
Butterfly Cover-Up Tattoo 2

Focusing more on the concept over the complexity of the piece is a good way to find success with cover-up tattoos. However, if you’d like to play it safe as well, consider placing your trust in tattoos that are already iconic in the fashion scene.

A butterfly is the perfect component to reach out to if you want the metaphor as well as the structure to align with your agenda. Since it often represents transformation, this tattoo fits like a glove with the concept of cover-up tattoos.

Cover-up Chest Tattoo

Cover-up Chest Tattoo 1
Cover-up Chest Tattoo 2

Chest tattoos, while private, can easily run their course. Similarly, if you’re currently dealing with a scenario in which your chest tattoo seems worn out and unnecessary, instead of removing the design, improve the canvas with a new one.

Increasing the size of the chest tattoo could bring to the table tons of pain, but should be worth the effort as long as you’re content with the new installment. Using colours is once again advised, but only if the tattoo is hefty.

Rose Cover-up Tattoo

Rose Cover-up Tattoo

The healthiest way to heal from regrettable decisions is to replace them with an icon that celebrates rights and wrongs, such as a rose tattoo. Leading the way with intricate detail, soft colours, and dark borders, wearing a rose cover-up tattoo tends to be a win-win scenario for everyone.

This tattoo looks best when the area is as wide as a forearm. However, based on the experience of the artist, this tattoo can also be implemented elsewhere.

Cover-up Dark Tattoo

cover-up dark tattoo 1
cover-up dark tattoo 2

Taking help from neutral tones is a great way to deal with jarring designs, although it might require some time. However, regardless of the scheme, covering the piece should be easy, especially if shades involve the likes of black, grey, and ash.

Breaking the session down into manageable segments can be a great way to get the job done without enduring an unbearable level of pain. Be sure to travel with a companion, since the creative process is more complex than meets the eye.

Cover-up Back Tattoo

Cover-up Back Tattoo 1
Cover-up Back Tattoo 2

One of the most delicate pieces is a back tattoo, mainly since the area is often protected from the public eye. It is often sentimental, often pursued for soulmates, spiritual growth, and during hardship.

Getting a back tattoo is easy as long as you’ve made your pick regarding the design. Finding a substitute? Even easier! And if you don’t believe us, humble yourself with the components of this design.

Tribal Cover-up Tattoo

Tribal Cover-up Tattoo 1
Tribal Cover-up Tattoo 2

Finding a tattoo to lean on is easy when a tattoo with presentability is all that you’re looking for. However, if you also want the new piece to enable you to find character development and spiritual growth, only a handful can help you out, one of which is a tribal tattoo.

A tribal tattoo was initially formed to represent tribes and ancestors. However, in the present day, a tribal tattoo also helps the individual with staying true to themselves. The size of each intricate illustration can unlock a wave of emotions, and easily replace a pre-existing tattoo as a cover-up piece.

Arm Cover-up Tattoo

Arm Cover-up Tattoo

Similar to forearm tattoos, arm tattoos are quite prominent, being a common find in almost every enthusiast with a knack for getting tattoos. Due to the layers of fat and muscle accumulated by the arm, using it as a canvas for a tattoo is like walking in the park.

Replacing a redundant design is also just as effortless, since the resilience of the location remains the same. Many resort to using mythical creatures such as dragons, since it offers interpretations with and without color.

Blackout Cover-up Tattoo

Blackout Cover-up Tattoo 1
Blackout Cover-up Tattoo 2

Similar to a blackwork cover-up tattoo is a blackout design, shading the former illustration with the help of jet black ink. It is often regarded as the top pick for those that are seeking immediate solutions, despite offering setbacks.

A primary setback of this piece is its pain level, which ranks high on the tattoo pain chart. Since the needle is constantly making contact with the same layer of skin, the installation process could cause discomfort.

Cover-up Cross Tattoo

Cover-up Cross Tattoo 1
Cover-up Cross Tattoo 2

Finding faith in religion is one of the easiest ways to move on from unresolved wounds from the past. Moreover, if your setback is a tattoo that needs immediate release, do so with a cover-up tattoo. Better yet, release yourself from the cage with a cross tattoo.

A cross tattoo is simple and unchallenging to obtain. Often, the size of the graphic is increased to decrease the noticeability of the previous tattoo.

Tummy Tuck Cover-up Tattoo

Shedding weight is easy as long as your calorie intake is low. It tends to be easier if you also partake in physically intense exercises, such as football.

Since stretch marks are normal when shedding weight, using surgical procedures involving a tummy tuck could be just as common. But if you feel that the stitches are too apparent, blur it out with a cover-up tattoo!

Stretch Mark Cover-up Tattoo

Stretch Mark Cover-up Tattoo

Another natural occurrence on the human body is a stretch mark, which only becomes more noticeable when the wearer has an incredible change in weight. However, while the loose piece of skin celebrates new milestones, the appearance of it can hamper one’s esteem.

If you’d like to regenerate your confidence, sign up for some pain. Replace your wounds with a cover-up tattoo.

Shoulder Cover-up Tattoo

Shoulder Cover-up Tattoo

Using the shoulders for a tattoo is a bright idea, taking into account the amount of space and privacy they offer. Upgrading the design with a cover-up tattoo is just as simple, but might take some time due to its bold frame.

A shoulder cover-up tattoo takes skill and patience. It often requires time as well, which may require the wearer to free up space from their schedule.

Ankle Cover-up Tattoo

Ankle Cover-up Tattoo 1
Ankle Cover-up Tattoo 2

An ankle tattoo, while painful, is the best piece of work to install if improving your appearance is the main aim. Removing it is just as easy, truth be told, especially if the step involves a cover-up tattoo.

Often, ankle tattoos run small in size, making them effortless to tattoo over. While colorful patterns are fan favorites, you may also block it out with neutral schemes.

Cover-up Heart Tattoo

cover-up Heart tattoo

Using frames is a good way to keep a previous design on the hush. Likewise, if your obstacle is a tattoo that you no longer can relate to, try wearing a cover-up heart tattoo, a blockbuster among this genre.

Illustrating the heart is the second move, while the first move is to blur out the former ink using white tones. Once the first part is done, any tattoo can be replicated as long as it can be engraved into the heart.

Cover-up Foot Tattoo

Cover-up Foot Tattoo 1
Cover-up Foot Tattoo 2

A foot tattoo is one that symbolizes intimacy and delicacy, both of which are enjoyed when there’s tons of privacy involved. However, if you would like to move on from the artwork you implemented in the honor of someone you don’t associate with anymore, a cover-up tattoo might be the only option.

Using floral patterns can be a good way to unlock this piece. For smaller pieces, using slightly larger icons should suffice.

Feather Cover-up Tattoo

Feather Cover-up Tattoo

Feather tattoos are key sources if finding protection is your main aim. When obtained, a feather tattoo can ease the mind and heal the body from traumatic events and unresolved issues from the past.

If your current obstacle is a tattoo you now regret wearing, a feather can easily resolve it permanently. Just use its structure as a cover-up tattoo, and add to the stencil using complementary items if a solo piece isn’t enough.

Cover-up Skull Tattoo

Cover-up Skull Tattoo 1
Cover-up Skull Tattoo 2

Cover-up tattoos come in various forms, paving the way for creative minds to find success with ease. It can also cater to philosophical minds and stoics, however, especially if the right emblem is used.

Bringing more light to life and the inevitability of its end can be a great way to obtain a new beginning without feeling insecure. And if you like the sound of that, don’t forget to give a skull tattoo the chance it deserves.

C Section Cover-up Tattoo

C Section Cover-up Tattoo

Obtaining a C-section is definitely the better option to resort to, carrying less pain before, during, and after a child is born. Though it saves lives, the scar induced by the procedure is a sizable one, leaving a dent on one’s confidence.

While embracing it for the purpose it serves can be a good way to come to terms with a C-section scar, you can use a cover-up tattoo to kick start that journey, but only if you’re used to dealing with tons of pain. If not, use numbing cream 30 minutes before the tattoo is installed.

Cover-up Large Tattoo

Cover-up Large Tattoo 1
Cover-up Large Tattoo 2

With time and patience, one can heal all their wounds. Similarly, if you’d like to remodel a large tattoo that no longer feels as relevant as it once was in your eyes, know that there’s a way to flip the script in your favor.

This cover-up tattoo is one of the two ways, serving as the only option that won’t wipe your tattoo away from existence. While it might take some time to reach completion, with enough effort, any design can be showcased as the stencil.

Star Cover-Up Tattoo

Often, doodling over the structure can make a great cover-up tattoo, but only if the design carries a compact frame. Additionally, if you’ve been searching for a tattoo that is delicate and easily accessible, why not look into the potential of a star tattoo?

Star tattoos find the perfect way to distract spectators with their gleaming scheme and sophisticated artwork. While they could fall short of covering complicated illustrations, a star tattoo can easily stand over a name or quote tattoo that serves no purpose to the wearer.

Cover-up Color Tattoo

Cover-up Color Tattoo

Cover-up tattoos always offer options, with and without colors. While the former is ideal for minimalists and enthusiasts with a knack for classic patterns and themes, a color tattoo caters to those seeking a bright fresh start, literally.

The artwork of this piece depends on the size of the former illustration. To hide the prior design, draping the former illustration in white is recommended before any other component falls into place.

 Cover-up Half Sleeve Tattoo

Cover-up Half Sleeve Tattoo

Cover-up Dragon Tattoo

Cover-up Dragon Tattoo

Leg Cover-up Tattoo

Leg Cover-up Tattoo 1
Leg Cover-up Tattoo 2

Cover-up Letters Tattoo

Cover-up Letters Tattoo

Sunflower Cover-up Tattoo

Sunflower Cover-up Tattoo

Words Cover-up Tattoo

Words Cover-up Tattoo

Rib Cover-up Tattoo

Rib Cover-up Tattoo

Mandala Cover-up Tattoo

Mandala Cover-up Tattoo

Owl Cover-up Tattoo

Owl Cover-up Tattoo

Cover Un Ring Tattoo

Cover Un Ring Tattoo

Wolf Cover-up Tattoo

Wolf Cover-up Tattoo

Tree Cover-up Tattoo

Tree Cover-up Tattoo

Japanese Cover-up Tattoo

Japanese Cover-up Tattoo.jpg

Cover-up Koi Fish Tattoo

Cover-up Koi Fish Tattoo

Birthmark Cover-up Tattoo

Birthmark Cover-up Tattoo

Phoenix Cover-up Tattoo

Phoenix Cover-up Tattoo

Anchor Cover-up Tattoo

Anchor Cover-up Tattoo

Cover-up Eagle Tattoo

Cover-up Eagle Tattoo 1
Cover-up Eagle Tattoo 2

Cover-up Wings Tattoo

Medusa Cover-up Tattoo

Medusa Cover-up Tattoo 1
Medusa Cover-up Tattoo 2

Frequently Asked Question

Having a solid game plan is mandatory when pursuing cover-up tattoos, since botching the process up is as easy as finding a positive outcome when aiming for that design. Additionally, if you feel that you’re being held back by feelings of doubt, let the following questionnaire restore your faith in cover-up tattoos.

Q: Are cover-up tattoos expensive?

Ans: While its size varies, a cover-up tattoo is always more costly than the average tattoo. The reason behind it is the procedure itself, which may require laser removal to lighten the noticeability of the former tattoo.

Q: How long does it take to obtain a cover-up tattoo?

Ans: It could be tough to fit the time frame of a cover-up tattoo inside a box, since the duration depends on the complexity of the tattoo. However, on average, basic tattoos can take up to a couple of sessions, while larger, elaborate schemes may require a couple of weeks to replace.


A cover-up tattoo is more of a companion than a work of art. Sure, a cover-up tattoo doesn’t exist without the illustration it carries. However, the sole purpose of it is to free the wearer from regrettable decisions and help them move on to new things in life. With the purpose it carries, a cover-up tattoo is often acknowledged for improving the state of one’s mental health.

Providing a pat during hard times is one of the many specialties of a cover-up tattoo, while offering flexibility is another promising selling point. Like a chameleon, a colour tattoo not only comes in different colors, but also shapeshifts and positions itself into any area of the body with ease, making it one of the frontrunners in the world of art at the moment!

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