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52 Captivating Cosmos Flower Tattoo Ideas To Express Your Hidden Emotions!

The gentle flowers swaying in the summer breeze are the most relaxing scenes you can ever witness. But can you ever experience such a scene amidst your hectic schedule? Probably not. We have become so immersed in our own monotonous lives that we can hardly spare any time to appreciate the beauty of nature.

But such appreciation is a necessity. If you never get in touch with Mother Nature, you will never be able to enjoy her warmth. Tension and worries will keep on piling and the insurmountable burdens of them will weigh you down.

The cosmos flower tattoos offer you a quick way out. These beautiful flowers reveal their true magnificence in the tattoo form. Etching them in the perfect place can get you in touch with nature. When you look at the alluring design, you will feel as if you are lying in a garden full of ornamental flowers scattered all around you.

To feel such magical emotions, there is just no alternative to the cosmos flower tattoos. Amidst all the mediocre designs that only obfuscate our brains more and more, the cosmos flower tattoos are a shining beacon of hope and inspiration. The artwork will compel you to take things easy and have a laid-back approach to life.

Now that you are enlightened, let's get to the meat of the topic and explore everything there is to know about cosmos flower tattoos.

The Place Beyond Our Dreams: The Deep And Hypnotic Meaning Of Cosmos Flower Tattoos

Meaning Of Cosmos Flower Tattoo

The name cosmos comes from the Greek word “Kosmos” which means order. The artistically ordered petals of the cosmos flowers hint at the harmony and order of nature. Another inspiring meaning of the cosmos flower tattoos is to live in the moment. We all have flaws in us but it doesn't mean that we have less share of the pie.

Worrying about what should've happened or what will happen can hinder your present happiness. The delicate designs teach you to forget everything and enjoy the gifts of nature.

In the Mexican context, these flowers mean something spiritual. In many of the festivals and rituals, people ornament the buildings and use the flowers as jewelry believing that they are the amulets that can bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Finally, the flowers are a symbol of freedom. Just like they release their petals to the full extent after their dormant stage, these artworks inspire us to unleash our full potential instead of hiding it.

Charming Cosmos Flower Tattoo Designs To Reveal Your Inner Beauty

The reason why the cosmos tattoos have gained so much popularity over the years is because of their diversity. With so many species blooming in the wild, you have a myriad of options to choose from. The flowers range from subtle pink colors to vibrant red commemorating a range of different emotions and meanings.

Choosing the color is the most essential aspect of these natural designs as each of them symbolizes a unique meaning. For example, the blue cosmos flower tattoos portray the notion of inspiration and desire whereas the red cosmos flower tattoos express intense emotions such as deep love and passion.

Another aspect is the placement of the designs. Wrist, neck, or shoulder, you should try to etch the design either in these three places as they elevate the already mesmerizing design even more. We are not saying that other areas are strictly prohibited. But these are the perfect spots that can hold the magnificence of these designs.

You can also equip the flowers with other natural motifs such as birds. Birds are a match made in heaven as together they commemorate the notion of peace and freedom. To give you more idea in this regard, here are some stylish cosmos flower tattoos that will make you look classy.

 Monochromatic Magnificence: Shaded Black And White Cosmos Flower Tattoo

Black and White Cosmos Flower Tattoo 1
Black and White Cosmos Flower Tattoo 2

You will hardly come across these elegant flowers in monochromatic flamboyance. Because of such an unusual appearance, the human mind gravitated towards the designs rapidly.

The eight petals are aligned in a perfect manner symbolizing balance and harmony in life. The tattoo will work as an amulet reminding you to balance all aspects of your life like a pro.

The lack of colors may make it less whimsical but the neutral hues tend to turn the imagery into something rawer and more symbolic which is preferred.

Fun Fact: Did you know that cosmos flowers are the birth flowers of individuals born in October?

 Maintaining The Boundaries: Fineline Cosmos Flower Tattoo On Shoulder Blade

Cosmos Flower Shoulder Blade Tattoo 1
Cosmos Flower Shoulder Blade Tattoo 2

The thin stems of the flower and the unique orientation of the petals reveal their magnificence in the atmosphere of the shoulder. As there are a lot of spades in the area, you can draw quite a majestic manifestation.

The utilization of the elegant lines is what mesmerized us. Each of the petals is separated with a thick black line creating a thought-provoking atmosphere in the area.

Discreet Yet Effective: Small Cosmos Flower Tattoo With A Personal Touch

Small Cosmos Flower Tattoo 1
Small Cosmos Flower Tattoo 2

Flower tattoos need to be as personal as possible because these delicate emblems only express the hidden story and emotion of the wearer.

You can opt for the pink cosmos flower tattoo if you are thinking of showcasing your love to your significant other. The subtle colors beautifully portray the deep passion you have for your loved one.

Horizon Of Positivity: Detailed Cosmos Flower On Leg Tattoo

Cosmos Flower Leg Tattoo 1
Cosmos Flower Leg Tattoo 2

The gentle imagery of the cosmos tattoo is renowned for its elongated shape. So, there isn't a better spot other than the leg to portray the beautiful flower.

Just the sole depiction of the flower can be too boring for many as our minds seek excitement and thrill. For this reason, you can include tiny splashes of water in the petals. This theatrical approach will bring a fresh vibe to the design.

 A Heartwarming Depiction: Cute And Dainty Cosmos Flower Tattoo

Cute Cosmos Flower Tattoo 1
Cute Cosmos Flower Tattoo 2

The smaller the representation, the cuter the tattoo is. If you seek something adorable blossoming in your body canvas then illustrate a small version of the elegant flower.

While the design may be tiny, the textures and details are still present in the tattoo. These simpler variants may not portray much symbolism but they are incredibly soothing to look at.

 Exuberance Of Beauty: Stylish Cosmos Flower Tattoo On Thigh With Bubbles

Cosmos Flower Thigh Tattoo

The humongous space in the thigh requires quite a flamboyant design. Etching something small would rather look completely comical, don’t you think?

As you are drawing something grandiose, the texturing of the thigh tattoo needs to be on point. From the hollow core to the vibrant petals, you need to illustrate each of the designs with utmost care and precision. To make it look more realistic, you can include some small bubble-like shapes all around the artwork to give it a creative edge.

 Textures To Be Felt: Realistic Cosmos Flower Tattoo With A Hollow Core

Realistic Cosmos Flower Tattoo 1
Realistic Cosmos Flower Tattoo 2

All you need to know about the design is in the name. The cosmos flowers have quite an airy growth habit which makes them quite prone to the gentle breeze of the wild.

Their gentle sway is perfectly captured in this vibrant rendition. The stem of the flower is a bit horizontally reclined so that you can feel the air hitting the petals of the flower. The scenic beauty will surely give a gentle touch to your sensual skin.

The Connection Beyond Dreams: Celestial Cosmos Flower And Moon Tattoo

Cosmos Flower and Moon Tattoo 1
Cosmos Flower and Moon Tattoo 2

The merge between the vibrant flowers and the celestial majesty is something truly magnificent. It is believed that the cosmos flower blooms the brightest when the moon is perfectly aligned with the earth.

This incredible phenomenon is artistically depicted in the design. Rather than combining the two elements, you should keep them intact as if they are exemplifying the two hidden aspects of life.

 Symbol Of Purity: Cosmos Flower Tattoo On Wrist With A Twist

Cosmos Flower Wrist Tattoo 1
Cosmos Flower Wrist Tattoo 2

Quite a distinct design, don’t you think? Your wrist is a mysterious place that seems to empower people when a tattoo is etched there. Rather than including the stem and the leaves, the flowers alone can paint an amazing picture.

You should always choose the pink color when illustrating on the wrist as the hues tend to blend well with the skin. You will frequently be able to observe the tattoo and get energized by the beauty of it.

 Manifestation Of Artistic Freedom: Exuberant Cosmos Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Cosmos Flower Bouquet Tattoo 1
Cosmos Flower Bouquet Tattoo 2

The inclusion of multiple flowers is always better than one. You can borrow the essence of an entire garden with the bouquet tattoo.

The artwork is full of positivity and this is what we desperately need in this dire world. Furthermore, the gentle blossoms also fulfill our artistic needs by maintaining their composure. The tattoo takes quite some space therefore you have the artistic freedom to tweak the tattoo at your freedom.

Ray Of Inspiration: Straightforward Cosmos Flower Tattoo On Forearm

Cosmos Flower Forearm Tattoo 1
Cosmos Flower Forearm Tattoo 2

How can we forget the forearm tattoo from our star-studded list? The manifestation of the flower in the forearm represents your courage and strength.

The alluring flowers will always remind you that you have come a long way. You are always enough and you should never doubt yourself no matter how dire the circumstances may be.

A Unique Amalgamation: Combination Of Cosmos Flower And Steller Jay

Cosmos Flower and Stellar Jay Tattoo 1
Cosmos Flower and Stellar Jay Tattoo 2

You can’t just equip anything ordinary with the cosmos flower. There needs to be something as equally inspiring as the cosmos flower to go with it.

The first thing that comes to our mind is the Steller jay. The cute bird has been the symbol of freedom and independence for hundreds of years. The combination of these two natural components will propel you to reveal your true self to the whole world.

 Splashes Of Radiance: Gradient Watercolor Cosmos Flower Tattoo

Watercolor Cosmos Flower Tattoo 1
Watercolor Cosmos Flower Tattoo 2

Till now, we only talked about tattoos focusing on their placement. While the placement of the cosmos flower tattoo is equally important, you cannot ignore the fact that it's the colors that pack the punch.

Any other style of the contemporary tattoo world can only portray one specific color in the petals but not the watercolors. These magical hues can depict the flowers in a gradient color scheme which can make you feel that you are hovering over the rainbow itself.

 The Elegance Of Nature: Flamboyant Cosmos Flower Tattoo On Sleeve

Cosmos Flower Sleeve Tattoo 1
Cosmos Flower Sleeve Tattoo 2

When you have an elongated place such as your sleeve, what will you do? Will you illustrate something simple covering only a miniscule amount of space or completely go wild?

If you are thinking of the latter design then we have the same mindset. With such theatrical space, you ought to ornament the sleeve with as much flamboyance as possible to make it look like an actual garden.

Reversing The Mistake: Whimsical Cosmos Flower Cover-Up Tattoo

Cosmos Flower Cover-Up Tattoo

Tattoos aren't just artwork; they are a lifestyle. Out of excitement, we sometimes tend to make the worst mistakes of our lives and keep on regretting them for the rest of our lives. But this contemplation was only done in the past. Things have changed now.

You can completely renew your previous hideous tattoo into something fantastic with a coverup design. The subtle colors of the cosmos flower are perfect for hiding any trace of the old design. You can even include a curious bird hanging on the stem of the flower to make a scenic ambiance.


In the charming petals of the cosmos tattoos, the secrets of the universe remain. No one dares to unveil them. But we are not afraid.

Let's reveal the secrets together with these fascinating questions and their answers. After reading them, you will surely become more knowledgeable on the subject matter. Don’t trust us? Just read and find out.

Q: What Does the White Cosmos Flower Tattoo Symbolize?

Ans: The color white has only one apparent symbolism and it is without a doubt the notion of peace. The white cosmos tattoo hints at the desire to achieve a peaceful world where there are no quarrels and bickering involved. Everyone lives there happily ever after.

The designs also represent the aspect of purity. If you consider yourself to be pure who isn’t yet affected by the contamination of modern society or aspire to be one then you can get the tattoo.

Q: Are Cosmos Flower Tattoos Considered To Be Lucky?

Ans: In many cultures, they are believed to be extremely lucky. When someone falls in love, they give the flowers as gifts to their loved one so that they will be together for eternity.

As there are some spiritual connotations involved in the design as well, individuals also consider that having the cosmos flower tattoos can function as their guardian angel.


The illustration of wildflowers always makes us feel cheerful. Looking at the designs gives us a glimpse of hope in the dire world where wars and chaos occur each moment.

The diversity in the designs allows us to showcase ourselves as distinct individuals with our capabilities. The cosmos flower tattoos are truly a ticking time bomb. Once they are etched in the body, they blast and expose the hidden mist of positivity in us. No matter how pessimistic you consider yourself to be, the alluring beauty and symbolism will shift your mindset into an optimistic state.

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