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73 Heartwarming Cloud Tattoo Ideas To Fade Away Your Worries

Have you ever laid on an open field and looked at the beautiful orientation of clouds way up there? If you look at them for a while, they start to take the shapes you want them to have. If you are thinking about vicious dragons, the clouds slowly seem to turn out to be the vicious monsters of the prehistoric days. Everything about these elegant elements of the sky warms our hearts.

Did you know that cloud gazing is a popular activity among many people around the world? This just shows how beautiful and mysterious the clouds are. There is even a term for finding shapes in the clouds which is called pareidolia. So why not become a part of this community by getting a brilliant tattoo of the clouds?

Aside from their adorable appearance and magical ability to take up any size and shape, these tattoos also seem to radiate a positive energy that can brighten up your entire day. Whenever you are feeling down, you can look at your cloud tattoo and you will start to smile out of the pure elegance and beauty of these pleasant artworks.

One Flew Over The Cloud Tattoo’s Nest: The Cryptic Meaning Behind Cloud Tattoos

Meaning Behind Cloud Tattoo

Clouds are quite significant in the scientific community as there are many debates among academic scholars about their properties. Even after many years, they are unsure about these enigmatic objects that roam in the sky. Aside from their scientific role, cloud tattoos also have a wide range of meanings and symbolism in the non-scientific area.

The people of Akkadia, the first empire of Mesopotamia believed that the whimsical clouds on top of their heads were the breasts of the goddess Antu. The rain that dripped down from the clouds was believed to be milk from the breasts of the goddess. Therefore, you can understand just how respected the clouds were back in the day.

Even renowned historian and scholar Socrates believed that the clouds are the only deities that matter to the universe. He instructed Strepsiades to worship only the clouds and not any other gods and goddesses.

In modern representations, the clouds are thought to be symbols of joy and celebration. The Chinese consider the clouds to be the root of their happiness. Whenever they see clouds in overlapping patterns, they think that eternal happiness is coming for them.

Charming Cloud Tattoo Designs To Spread Peace In The World

Cloud Tattoo ideas

In China, the formation of clouds is religiously studied. They believe that overlapping patterns are a sign of eternal happiness while the clouds appearing in different colors are interpreted as multiplied happiness. Therefore, you can understand just how crucial the formation of the patterns is. That’s why you need to pay close heed to them when you are etching the cloud tattoo on your body canvas.

Most cloud tattoo designs consist of colorful clouds that seem like light from the rainbows is scattering from them. Most clouds are mainly water droplets therefore it is quite understandable to see them reflecting light. Some tattooists tend to prefer black and white tattoos but they seem to miss the point.

The sole purpose of the cloud tattoos is to spread happiness in a world full of chaos and sadness. People are killing each other for their own sake. Wars are erupting every day and there seems to be no stop to this. The colorful depictions of the velvety elements of the skies can make us happy even in the blink of a second.

Black Cloud Tattoo

Black Cloud Tattoo 1

Although most clouds are considered to be signs of good luck, there is one exception. The black clouds are always believed to be a bad omen. They are frequently associated with harsh weather or calamities in someone’s life.

You will see many modern artists and writers portray these clouds as the upcoming downfalls of a particular individual. Therefore, nothing about them seems to be positive. However, these tattoos can function as a stark reminder.

They will whisper to you about your mistakes and the ups and downs of your life. Visualizing them from time to time will make you understand your mistakes and make you a better and more cautious individual.

Cloud Sleeve Tattoo

Cloud Sleeve Tattoo

Painting your entire sleeve with the mighty clouds of the sky can make you feel invincible. You will start to feel like you have the entire world do your bidding. Who is going to stop you from achieving your dreams?

Although we visualize the clouds in their typical white appearance, the sleeve tattoo adds a bit more depth to these elements. The negative space between the clouds is filled up with a deep black color to create an aesthetic vibe.

While full-sleeve tattoos are sometimes strictly confined to men, women can enjoy these artworks as well. The elegant textures of the clouds can gracefully accentuate the sensuality of the woman’s body.

Japanese Cloud Tattoo

Japanese Cloud Tattoo 1
Japanese Cloud Tattoo 2

Kumo is the term Japanese people use to describe clouds. In their minds, these elements of the skies have a lot of significance. The beautiful patterns they form often reflect the rich cultures and histories of Japan.

If you ever had the privilege to walk in the streets of Japan, you might’ve noticed how fast the formation of the cloud changes. The Japanese people consider this change to depict the transition of their social conventions over the years.

Having such a symbolic tattoo on the realm of your body can completely change your outlook on life. You will start to become more positive and embrace the changes that are occurring in your life.

Akatsuki Cloud Tattoo

Akatsuki Cloud Tattoo 1
Akatsuki Cloud Tattoo 2
Akatsuki Cloud Tattoo 3

If you are an avid Naruto fan then you already know what this tattoo design symbolizes. The Akatsuki is considered to be one of the main antagonists of the series. It was a notorious group composed of some of the most skillful ninjas of all the seven villages.

The main goal of the group was to collect all the tailed beasts and create the ultimate monster that would terrify the entire shinobi world. Aside from their vicious intentions, the gang had quite some swag. Their attire which consisted of a head-to-toe black coat became quite a fan favorite.

What became more intriguing was the unique velvety clouds in their coats. The red clouds felt like tiny fires. The symbol meant that their ambition to take over the world was burning. If you also want to achieve your goals, this is the design for you.

Cloud Forearm Tattoo

Cloud Forearm Tattoo 1
Cloud Forearm Tattoo 2

Want to play peekaboo with your cloud tattoo? Then this is the perfect choice for you. You have the luxury to hide or show the cause of these colorful objects of the skies at your will. How magical is that!

One of the quintessential parts of the clouds is the rainbow hidden beneath them. When the rainbow starts to appear, the clouds begin to take whimsical appearances that can completely change your mood. You cannot help but smile at these wonderful designs.

Storm Cloud Tattoo

Storm Cloud Tattoo 1
Storm Cloud Tattoo 2

The storm cloud tattoo portrays how cautious you are. The tattoo depicts that you are not like those people who don’t take necessary measures and contemplate afterward. You are a mastermind who thinks way ahead.

Whenever there is a storm coming, a dark cloud forms in the sky. This cloud is a sign of what's coming afterward. That’s why the tattoo is considered to be an omen that allows us to see the future and take the necessary steps.

Cloud Shading Tattoo

Cloud Shading Tattoo 1
Cloud Shading Tattoo 2

Shading is a staple of all attractive tattoo designs. Without it, the tattoo looks bland and ordinary. Shading creates depth in the design and makes the cloud tattoo look much more realistic.

As you can guess, this tattoo uses a particular tattooing style to the maximum limit. Each part of the clouds ranging from the rainbows in the background to the skies in the middle is shaded heavily to make them look as realistic as possible. You can also add some flowers into the mix to elevate the sensuality of the artwork.

Cloud Chest Tattoo

Cloud Chest Tattoo 1
Cloud Chest Tattoo 2

Most of the other designs on this list aren't that realistic. They take on the cartoonish route to depict the clouds. However, the cloud chest tattoo is quite an exception. The tattooist captures the entire natural scenery in your chest in the case of this tattoo.

The tattoo features the clouds in a bird's eye view. It makes you feel like you're flying amid the fluffy clouds as you look in front and experience the jarring scenery from above. A realistic tattoo will surely create a sense of excitement in you. This is quite needed in our monotonous life.

Rain Cloud Tattoo

Rain Cloud Tattoo 1
Rain Cloud Tattoo 2

Rain and clouds are a match made in heaven. Whenever the formation of thick and dark clouds appears, it is a sign of rain. Therefore, it's quite easy to assume how wonderful this combination will look on the body canvas.

We mainly see dripping down from the clouds in their usual transparent color. However, in the case of the rain cloud tattoo, the water droplets appear to be in a wide range of colors as if the rainbow is reflecting on the outer surface. Seeing these colorful water droplets in the body is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Cloud Background Tattoo

Cloud Background Tattoo 1
Cloud Background Tattoo 2

If you look at the clouds above your head, you will feel like they are just one layer. Upon further inspection, you will start to realize that there are layers after layers of these aerosols.

The cloud background tattoo stems from this notion. It comprises multiple layers of clouds in different colors. The tattoo looks like one of those 90’s anime opening scenes when the curtain opens and you start to see all your favorite characters pop up in front of you. The tattoo will surely give you a sense of nostalgia.

Cloud Arm Tattoo

Cloud Arm Tattoo

Arm tattoos allow you to showcase your inner artistic mind. You can pour your entire imagination in your arm and it will most definitely look astounding. Having an arm tattoo further dictates that you are truly passionate about the tattoo design.

The cloud arm tattoos are highly colorful and comprise a wide range of elements ranging from feminine flowers to rugged leaves. These tattoos look good on both men and women. Women look utterly sensual while the men appear to be courageous with this tattoo.

Traditional Cloud Tattoo

Traditional Cloud Tattoo

All the other tattoo designs on the list mostly consist of clouds in a hollow background. However, traditional cloud tattoos are quite different in this regard. Rather than leaving the body untouched, this cloud tattoo fills up the negative spaces with pitch-black colors.

The result is an ominous-looking tattoo that strikes a chord in you. There is nothing more relaxing than seeing the clouds on a dark and cold night. For a moment, the tattoo allows you to experience this phenomenon to its full extent.

Red Cloud Tattoo

Red Cloud Tattoo

The concept of the red cloud tattoo was formed from the hugely popular anime series called Naruto. The notorious organization called Akatsuki had the red cloud as its symbol. We have already talked extensively about them so let's get down to the main aspects.

The red cloud tattoo mostly symbolizes the burning passion for something. We all have a dream or objective that we can even sacrifice our entire life to achieve. The red cloud tattoo portrays such intense desire using the artistic mind.

Cloud and Lightning Tattoo

Cloud and Lightning Tattoo 1
Cloud and Lightning Tattoo 2
Cloud and Lightning Tattoo 3

Whenever clouds form, they only dictate one particular phenomenon. That is lightning. Seeing those electrifying spikes stemming out of the velvety clouds is something to make you blow away. The cloud and lightning tattoo pays homage to this frequent yet exhilarating scenery of nature.

These tattoos are highly colorful. Tattooists attempt to make the clouds as colorful as possible to bring out a festive mood. The entire tattoo feels like there is a giant orchestra happening way above the sky.

Small Cloud Tattoo

Small Cloud Tattoo 1
Small Cloud Tattoo 2

You don’t need to bring guns to a sword fight. This statement may seem vague at first but it holds quite symbolism. You don’t always need to opt for a grandiose tattoo full of intricate patterns and vivid colors.

Sometimes, a small and discreet-looking design is the way to go. Most flamboyant tattoos completely miss the mark. Furthermore, they can be quite irritating to the eye. On the contrary, the small tattoos are insanely relaxing to look at. These personal emblems will soothe your soul at any point of the day.

Mushroom Cloud Tattoo

Mushroom Cloud Tattoo

The mushroom cloud tattoo may sound quite naive and innocent. However, they are far from it. The mushroom cloud is a term to describe a mushroom-shaped smoke that is formed from a tremendous explosion. These explosions are mainly nuclear explosions but they can be anything packing a punch.

When these explosions occur, the energy in the air quickly changes and it creates a mushroom-like smoke or cloud full of debris and water vapor. Although the mushroom cloud tattoo looks quite adorable, there is quite an explosive message hidden inside the innocent imagery.

Sun and Cloud Tattoo

Sun and Cloud Tattoo 1
Sun and Cloud Tattoo 2
Sun and Cloud Tattoo 3

The sun cloud tattoo is as symbolic as they are artistic. These artworks consist of the clouds slowly moving into obscurity as the magnanimous sun appears in front of our eyes.

The tattoo is quite meaningful as it represents that success is within our reach. Clouds or hurdles may appear on the road to achieving your goal but once you go through them, you will be the one standing on top. You just have to hold on till then.

Realistic Cloud Tattoo

Realistic Cloud Tattoo

There's not much to say about the realistic cloud tattoos as everything you need to know about them is in the name. You have to make the clouds as realistic as possible. Therefore, you need to incorporate quite some artistic techniques such as shading and highlighting in your tattoo.

The realistic cloud tattoo comprises an actual scene from nature when the clouds slowly start to fade away after a rough storm. The rainbow appears and the entire nature rejoices with it. The tattoo is bound to make you happy on a dull day.

Simple Cloud Tattoo

Simple Cloud Tattoo 1
Simple Cloud Tattoo 2

Clouds are simple elements of the sky which are water droplets. They may be simple, however their role in the natural system is quite vast. They are the omens of the storm and the harbinger of the rainbows.

Through clouds, we understand that you don’t need to look a certain way to make a change in the world. It’s your inner character and personality that matters the most. The simple cloud tattoo depicts this tremendous message with artistic patterns and colors.

Moon and Cloud Tattoo

Moon and Cloud Tattoo 1
Moon and Cloud Tattoo 2
Moon and Cloud Tattoo 3

This tattoo is quite mysterious and spooky as it comprises the lunar dust clouds. You can often see these clouds hovering around the moon creating quite an aesthetic scenery. Some people even believe that these clouds protect the moon from evil spirits.

The clouds may seem like they are standing still but they constantly move in a ballistic motion creating a trippy vibe. When they finally clear out, the moon can be seen in its utmost magnificence. The moon cloud tattoo features the phenomena that occur just before the clouds fade away.

Eye Cloud Tattoo

Eye Cloud Tattoo

One of the most talked about notions of the recent era is the hidden eye. With the rise of conspiracy theories, people around the world speculate that the eye is everywhere monitoring our activities.

While the eye is considered to be hidden, what if it suddenly shows up? Imagine, you are walking down the road one day, and out of the blue, the eye appears through the clouds. How would you feel? This intense experience is carefully portrayed in the body canvas with the eye cloud tattoo.

Naruto Cloud Tattoo

Naruto Cloud Tattoo

Because of the realistic ambitions and relatable storyline, people all around the world love to watch Naruto. Everything from the characters to the animations checks all bosses. However, it is the villains of the story that steal the show.

We already have talked about Akatsuki, one of the main protagonists of the show. The cloud is the symbol of this organization. Because of their sheer badassery and extremely cool ninja skills, people are going into a frenzy to get the tattoo etches on their body canvas.

Cute Cloud Tattoo

Cute Cloud Tattoo

Clouds themselves are quite cute. The fluffy textures of these aerosols can melt the hearts of even the cruelest person on the planet. The unique geometric shapes can fill our hearts with happiness just like the cow tattoos.

The cute cloud tattoo design takes the cuteness to a whole new level. The tattooist illustrates a beautiful face on the surface of the tattoo. The naive face making a comical expression makes the tattoo look much more adorable.

Cloud Rainbow Tattoo

Cloud Rainbow Tattoo 1
Cloud Rainbow Tattoo 2
Cloud Rainbow Tattoo 3

Rainbow clouds are quite rare as you can view them only when the clouds are thin and they are full of water droplets. The rainbow clouds or nacreous clouds are a rare phenomenon that is a sight to behold. The vibrant colors reflecting from the thin discs will completely melt your heart.

Because of how rare they are, the cloud rainbows are often considered to be symbols of exclusivity. When you have the tattoo, you will stand out among the rest. People will instantly begin to respect you.


While we have pretty much covered everything regarding cloud tattoos, we realize that there still may be some questions that are left unanswered. The human brain is quite vast and one can be full of curiosity.

That’s why, we have elected some of the most thought-provoking questions that are revolving on the internet to clear all your doubts.

Q: Do Cloud Tattoos Represent balance?

Ans: According to scientists, clouds are mainly formed of air and water. Therefore, it's quite obvious that tattoos portray balance in life.

The cloud tattoos depict that there is a fine line between each aspect. You both need to be emotional as well as intelligent when you are dealing with a particular situation. If you go overboard with one of them, the result can be disastrous.

Q: Are Clouds A Great Tattoo Filler?

Ans: Yes, they are. In most tattoo designs, there is a considerable amount of negative space. These spaces can be too distracting and they often take away the attention from the main elements of the tattoo. Furthermore, they can look quite hideous most of the time.

You can fill up these negative spaces with some clouds. The elegant designs will make the design much more sensual and aesthetic to look at.


There are not many designs on the tattoo sphere that are as elegant as they are symbolic as the cloud tattoos. These gentle designs can both offer you happiness as well as work as a stark reminder of the ups and downs of life.

One of the most intriguing aspects of cloud tattoos is how they represent the duality of each phenomenon. Clouds can be a blessing when the lands are dry and the crops are not getting enough water. However, they can be a curse when they start to form storms that can wipe out pretty much everything.

Therefore, cloud tattoos teach us to look at life from different angles. Not all things that glitter are precious. Some may have hidden purposes buried beneath them.

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