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64 Empowering Carnation Tattoo Ideas With Meaningful Interpretations

A design that is a constant among floral patterns appears to be carnations, which not only amplify the impression of a bouquet, but also form the same reaction when depicted on a tattoo. There’s more to carnations than meets the eye, however, especially if you’re interested in the former.

The aura of carnations appears to be a breath of fresh air, even for a floral tattoo, with only positive ties that either groom an individual in hopes of obtaining character development, or allow users to make more time for themselves.

While the amount of species is endless, it appears that the number of concepts based on a carnation tattoo is just as hefty, which could have something to do with its symbolism.

Regardless, if you’re here to check out the best carnation tattoos available, and how you can wear them, buckle up and stay tuned until the end.

Exploring Fascination With A Little Bit Of Love: The Wholesome Meaning Of Carnation Tattoos

Meaning Of Carnation Tattoo

Carnations come in various colors; each of which form ties with what feels best through their petals. While purple carnations are for unpredictable individuals, white carnations could be for those that are devoted to God.

However, when push comes to shove, the common ground that brings every carnation tattoo together and causes a reunion is the feeling of love; the primary notion of wearing a carnation tattoo.

For this matter alone, carnations are common finds with names and quotes in the tattoo world, being a regular at wedding ceremonies and engagements in the real world.

To learn how people make use of its spiritual ties when wearing it as a tattoo, move on to the upcoming portion.

Staggering Carnation Tattoos That Defy The Gravity Of Companionship

As stated earlier, the ways in which a carnation enters a tattoo are endless, mainly due to how fluid and empathetic carnations are towards other symbols. This is a bonus if you’re hoping to obtain a carnation tattoo yourself, even more so if you’re big on minimal tattoos.

Often, due to carrying so many species, many find themselves in a dilemma when picking a specific kind of carnation to represent their tattoo. And although a compilation of carnations can generate great results, here are some contenders that are leaders on my list of best carnation tattoos!

Small Carnation Tattoo: Taking Baby Steps

Small Carnation Tattoo 1
Small Carnation Tattoo 2

With a floral design like carnation, it is often difficult to miss the mark. That being said, if you’d like to play it safe, still, consider obtaining a small carnation tattoo.

The best part isn’t just the lenient nature of the installation process, but also the amount of placement areas it provides. Really, you can place this tattoo anywhere, from your neck to the upper area of your forearm.

To fill in the empty space, add quotes. You may even add similar-sized symbols to make things more appealing.

Carnation and Rose Tattoo: Packed With Love And Understanding

Carnation and Rose Tattoo 1
Carnation and Rose Tattoo 2

Since carnations are always big on love, one can easily create a two-way deal by using a rose tattoo, also associated with love.

The final results are just as positive as the ideation, since the components of a carnation pairs perfectly with the delicacy of a rose.

Like always, less is more when it comes to carnation tattoos, which is why this tattoo excels when lacking size.

Pink Carnation Tattoo: The Celebration Of A Lifetime

Pink Carnation Tattoo 1
Pink Carnation Tattoo 2

Carnations come in various colors, ranging from red to yellow. However, the best one yet is the pink carnation, which carries a niche fanbase in the world of carnation tattoos.

Its popularity arises due to the softness in the shade of pink; an element that the carnation is also associated with. Often, this carnation tattoo is used to describe a tender personality, carrying mostly feminine traits.

The wrist is a great place for this tattoo to rest on. For an alternative, try the area behind the ear.

Simple Carnation Tattoo: Playing It Safe

Simple Carnation Tattoo 1
Simple Carnation Tattoo 2

Another variant that supports how well a carnation looks when fused with minimal components is this simple carnation tattoo, satisfying the taste buds of those desiring an entry-level tattoo with an easygoing procedure.

Though open to change, the best area is the back of the elbow, which offers privacy, alongside an appeal that is sophisticated and elegant.

Since a portion of the previously-mentioned area is all-bone, using numbing cream is advised to deal with the pain.

Black and White Carnation Tattoo: Love That Never Ages

Black and White Carnation Tattoo 1
Black and White Carnation Tattoo 2

Colors represent carnations the best. However, if you’d like to add a carnation to amplify an existing tattoo of yours, consider using a black and white carnation tattoo.

Black and white paint is always great if you prefer neutral designs over bold features. They are also more compatible with concepts that may or may not be on the same wavelength.

Since carnations are used for funerals, one may use this tattoo to mourn the loss of a loved one.

Traditional Carnation Tattoo: Draped In Red And Green

Traditional Carnation Tattoo 1
Traditional Carnation Tattoo 2

With brighter colors, and darker frames, there are tons of ways in which a traditional carnation tattoo rises above from the rest. The artwork takes time, however, and only fits in sizable locations.

Nonetheless, if you’re aiming to express the love you have for your partner, this can be one of the two designs to maximize the success rate of the notion.

If bold enough, you may even ask your partner to participate and obtain matching tattoos.

Blue Carnation Tattoo: A Moment Of Calmness

Blue Carnation Tattoo 1
Blue Carnation Tattoo 2

Just like an olive branch tattoo, carnations also gel well with the notion of peace, as well as protecting one’s peace of mind.

Among the species, however, it’s only the blue carnation tattoo that forms an inseparable bond with tranquility.

It’s a great fit too, since the shade of blue is already interconnected with calmness and a relaxing aura. You don’t even have to go all out with a staggering design, since nailing the right shade should suffice in this case.

Carnation and Daisy Tattoo: Walking Down The Aisle

Carnation and Daisy Tattoo 1
Carnation and Daisy Tattoo 2

A well-known pairing among flowers is that of daisies and carnations, which are often added to bouquets to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, and so on.

The pair carries the same influence in the tattoo world, being the perfect fit for newly-weds, when push comes to shove.

As for the artwork, let me tell you that it’s exactly as soothing as it sounds. The available color options are great too, with some being virtually identical.

Purple Carnation Tattoo: The Importance Of Being Oneself

Purple Carnation Tattoo 1
Purple Carnation Tattoo 2

If you’re often just going with the flow, and living life on spontaneity, the purple carnation aligns rather well with your personality. This brings us to this tattoo, inspired by the nature of purple carnations.

Though the applied shade is what makes this tattoo appealing, it is also the fact that this carnation tattoo makes space for the wallflowers and the misfits, perceived as empaths among carnations.

As always, the best place lies in the upper half of one’s body, with the most prominent one being a wrist tattoo.

Carnation and Daffodil Tattoo: Because Opposites Attract

Carnation and Daffodil Tattoo 1
Carnation and Daffodil Tattoo 2

Daffodils don’t exactly form ties with other floral designs in the real world, unbut they lean towards and harmonize with carnations, associated with rebirth and fresh starts at the end of the day.

Although both are extremely bright, the artwork finds more success when the design is slightly faded, and the color scheme is a tad bit dull.

Those fighting battles are suggested to obtain this as a chest tattoo, despite it being more compatible with disclosed areas.

Carnation Birth Flower Tattoo: Welcoming New Generations

Carnation Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Carnation Birth Flower Tattoo 2

Carnations are specialists in celebrating new life, which is all that this carnation birth flower tattoo represents.

Often pursued as a small tattoo, this piece holds significance among those who have recently been blessed with a newborn, as well as family-oriented individuals who go above and beyond for their offspring.

Carnation Tattoo with Name: An Open Letter For Your Partner

Carnation Tattoo with Name

Above all, a carnation represents love. Likewise, to make the most of a carnation tattoo, it is recommended you use the piece to dedicate your true feelings for your significant other.

Moving on, if you’re hoping to incorporate a sense of authenticity, the best way to obtain the former and increase the total value of your carnation tattoo could be through installing a name tattoo.

To make things a walk in the park, don’t go all out with the font. Keep it minimal to bring more light to how much you love your partner!

Carnation Tattoo on Arm: Maintaining Intimacy Through Privacy

Carnation Tattoo on Arm 1
Carnation Tattoo on Arm 2

Carrying layers of fat, the arm can make a great canvas for a carnation tattoo, even more so if you prefer keeping things private.

The secluded nature can be used to mend relationships as well, enabling partners to preserve their love through matching tattoos.

An advantage of wearing this tattoo is how well it pairs with quotes, so be sure to engrave one to increase its value.

Watercolor Carnation Tattoo: Blurred With Shading And Detail

Watercolor Carnation Tattoo 1
Watercolor Carnation Tattoo 2

Like many floral designs, carnation tattoos struggle to take up tons of space, which can easily taint a tattoo’s appeal.

Worry not, however, as watercolor tattoos tend to play the perfect role for a supporting member.

A watercolor carnation tattoo isn’t that different from the average carnation tattoo. But what it does perfectly is carry the perfect background for the image of a carnation, that too with notes of realism.

Carnation Spine Tattoo: Because Love Is Pain Worth Bearing

Carnation Spine Tattoo

We’re not gonna lie; spine tattoos hurt. However, since pain is inevitable, perhaps a spine tattoo is worth it, especially when it involves a carnation.

Spine tattoos are extremely popular as of late, mainly due to how appealing it looks. This brings us to a carnation tattoo, which can be draped in various colors to enhance the former trait.

Since this tattoo establishes tons of privacy, don’t hesitate to dedicate this piece for a loved one. Avoid the colors if you’re a newbie, as it is time-consuming as it is painful.

Carnation Forearm Tattoo: An Open-script With Endless Outcomes

Carnation Forearm Tattoo 1
Carnation Forearm Tattoo 2

While many pursue smaller designs in hopes of reducing the pain-level involved in obtaining a carnation tattoo, getting a larger option is mandatory if you’d like to stand out.

Additionally, if you’re still concerned with the pain-level, opt for a forearm tattoo, which could help even more if a sleeve tattoo awaits in the future.

Though this tattoo is relatively large, consider trimming the size if you’re planning to obtain a sleeve tattoo. For more information on the former, check out my coverage of sleeve tattoos!

Frequently Asked Question

If you truly do your research, obtaining a carnation tattoo should be a walk in the park. Really On the other hand, if you’re still indecisive regarding your notion of obtaining a carnation tattoo, with your back against the wall, here’s a questionnaire that breaks down carnation tattoos, along with helpful takes regarding its timeframe and cost.

Q: What does a carnation tattoo symbolize?

Ans: Alongside love, carnation tattoos have ties with uniqueness, grIef, and fresh starts. Since each color perceives life differently, it is believed that carnation tattoos are the most well-equipped symbols in the world of tattoos.

Q: Where does a carnation tattoo rank on a pain scale?

Ans: While realistic carnation tattoos might hurt based on where the graphic is placed, carnation tattoos are easy to create, ranking rather low on a pain scale. This makes it a great pick for beginners, even more so for those with sensitive skin.

Q: Which area is best for carnation tattoos?

Ans: Often, carnation tattoos maintain a sense of delicacy, despite being malleable with any body part. However, if hitting the jackpot is your aim, ideal areas on which you may install your carnation tattoo are the wrist, forearm, bicep, finger, and neck.


When all is said and done, a carnation tattoo is for anyone and everyone, symbolizing love, among other things. It provides a platform for elevating the spirit of celebration, improving relationships in certain scenarios. Carnation tattoos are easy to obtain as well, with entries that don’t really require much effort. They’re also malleable with various designs, pairing best with floral patterns.

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