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91 Vintage Berserk Tattoo Ideas And Their Inspiring Meaning To Believe In Yourself!

With every twist and turn, the journey of Guts becomes more and more complex. You stare at the chapters witnessing how one man despite his numerous traumas fights off against all the demons of the world to help his friends. Such a character and story deserve a spot in our body canvas.

Aside from Guts, there are countless other characters that you will connect with on a spiritual level. Berserk is such a beautiful story with so much depth that you will get completely lost in its world. You will laugh when the characters are celebrating and you will cry your heart out when one of them dies.

There aren't many media that can make such a connection with the viewers. The same goes for the Berserk tattoos. Every time you look at bold colors and jarring patterns, you will feel like you are present in the scene where Guts is brutally killing the apostles.

You will be able to get thrilled and inspired by every symbolism and message that the artwork possesses. You will soon find yourself in the shoes of Guts overcoming all the obstacles in life when you get the tattoo etched in your body canvas.

A Vulgar Display Of Gore Or A Tale Of Inspiration? The Jarring Meaning Of Berserk Tattoos

While the art style of the manga is heavily respected, the symbolism of it is often neglected. This negligence stems from the fact that many media outlets and bigots claim Berserk to be a violent display of blood and violence.

However, every avid fan of the series knows how delusional the statement is. Berserk is a way of life. It teaches you a wide range of lessons that will aid in every aspect of your life. Let’s look at some of the most inspiring meanings of Berserk tattoos that will strike a chord with you.

The Art Of Resilience

Despite the constant hardships and traumas, Guts remains resilient. No matter what the circumstance is, he keeps on fighting until he serves his purpose.

He doesn’t care about himself. He fights against all the apostles to save his friends and take revenge on Griffith for what he has done. Gut’s resilience teaches us to always keep on moving forward no matter what life throws at you.

The Will To Overcome

All Odds During the eclipse, there were more than thousands of apostles hunting Guts down. There was no way he could win against them. He didn’t have a weapon. All he had was a tooth from one of the apostles.

But he didn’t give up for a second. Guts kept on fighting, taking down one apostle after another. Such willpower is something we all want to encapsulate. Having the will to overcome all odds can turn you into a beast just like Guts.

The Amulet Of Metamorphosis

At the beginning of the series, Guts is someone who only cares about himself. But as the series gradually progressed, the Guts changed a lot.

He quickly became a much calmer person who was once hailed as a killing machine. He made friends and understood the meaning of life. Such notions of transition often occur in our own life. We become a changed being as time passes by.

Beautiful Berserk Tattoo Designs To Calm Your Inner Demons

The beautiful artwork of the manga depicted on the realm of the body canvas is always intriguing to witness. Kentaro Miura crafted a true work of art with the creation of Berserk. Each of the chapters sends a shiver down your spine. You feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. The manga devours you into its fictional world and allows you to travel in it.

Such an amazing feat couldn’t be achieved by any other media other than Berserk. Therefore, it's quite obvious how special the Berserk tattoos are. While some may get to show tribute to the show, most people etch the tattoo to get inspiration from the artwork.

Having such a tattoo works as a stark reminder to better yourself. You may be young and naive. You may not have the slightest clue of the world. But as time goes by, you will see a change in your character just like Guts.

Each of the designs depicts this transition in life that shapes the individual. So, without further ado, let's look at some of the most beautiful Berserk tattoos that will connect with you instantly.

Fiery Aura: The Monochrome Design Of The Berserk Curse Mark

Berserk Curse Mark Tattoo

Berserk has one of the most traumatizing twists in all of the media. The manga starts as any other medieval story full of brotherhood, friendship, and battle. The main protagonist Guts is a highly relatable character.

We all watched in awe as Guts tore down foe after foe and quickly became the main commander of the band of hawks.

However, everything goes astray when the leader of the band of hawks betrays Guts and changes his fate for eternity. Griffith who was the leader chose to be a god's hand in the sacrifice of all his friends. So as soon as he made the sacrifice, a curse mark was imprinted on every one of them including Guts. This tattoo captures the curse symbol with awe-inspiring details.

Dainty Yet Impactful: Portraying The Eclipse With A Dark Berserk Tattoo

Berserk Brand Sacrifice Tattoo

The curse sign or the brand of sacrifice isn’t something that you can wash off with water. It's going to stay with you for the rest of your life.

As long as you have the symbol, all the apostles in the realm will hunt you down. Either you have to fight them off one by one or succumb to them.

The brand of sacrifice tattoo may be quite simple in structure but the shape depicts how malicious thoughts and entities dwell in the real world as well. They can contaminate your brain and soul. The tattoo warns you of their existence. 

Tale Of Tragedy: Somber Design Of Guts

Berserk Guts Tattoo

There are a few other characters that have a more tragic backstory than Guts. With the incredible style of Kentaro Miura, you can see his story unfold in front of your eyes.

His mother died when Guts was in the womb. A mercenary took him in and his young life was met with tragedy and hardship. Donovan, another mercenary, did some unspeakable acts with him that would scar Guts for life.

At the mature stage, he saw the ultimate betrayal from his best friend. Hearing all this, a tear may have dropped from your eyes. But if you read the manga, you will weep with him seeing how terrible his life was. The Berserk Guts tattoo is just a snippet of the horrible experiences that the main character went through.

 Bizarre Symphony: An Intricate Berserk Symbol Tattoo

Berserk Symbol Tattoo

Causality is a notion that is often talked about in Berserk. Every action that you do has an equal effect that will return to you in some shape or form. In this world, you may think that only humans exist. However, there may be other terrifying creatures lurking in the shadows.

The Berserk symbol distinctly represents such hard-hitting ideas. The symbol focuses on an ornamental sword from which dark powers are protruding. The symbol showcases how the world isn’t always what it seems.

Tapestry Of Alluring Shapes: Discreet Monochrome Berserk Tattoo

Berserk Neck Tattoo

This alluring neck tattoo is particularly thoughtful because when Guts was marked, the symbol got attached to his neck. That’s why, most avid Berserk fans get the tattoo in the neck to showcase their love for the series.

When you have the tattoo, you will start to feel like the main protagonist of your story. There will be enemies looking to harm you in every way possible. However, like Guts, you will dismantle every one of them with your brute force and sheer will.

Exaggeration Beyond The Realms: Bold Berserk Brand Tattoo

Berserk Brand Tattoo

The berserk brand tattoo is quite jarring because it depicts how awful the event of the eclipse was. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Eclipse was the event when Griffith chose to be a god hand by sacrificing Guts and his friend to the apostles.

The event was full of blood and gore. The apostles hunted each member of the band of hawks and ripped them apart while Guts kept on fighting even when his hand was torn off. The berserk brand tattoo showcases the magnitude of the event and how it affected the central character.

Realistic Portrayal Of Guts: A Stunning Sleeve Tattoo

Berserk Sleeve Tattoo

This sleeve tattoo is the ultimate depiction of the badass known as Guts. The artwork features a relatively young Guts before the Eclipse. His armor was solid and he wielded an enormous sword. Just the sight of the sword was enough to terrify his opponents.

The tattoo comprises all the medieval aspects of Berserk. Aside from all the gore and hardships, the story of Berserk is quite battle-centric. The tattoo portrays this notion of the series with incredible details.

Deciphering The Enigma: A Medieval Skull Knight Berserk Tattoo With Twist

Skull Knight Berserk Tattoo

There are countless speculations regarding the skull knight. Some think that he is the father of Guts while others claim he is one of the god's hands.

The enigma around him made him one of the fan favorites. Furthermore, he has been there for Guts when no one was around. In many instances, he rushed to the scene and saved Guts with his insane teleporting abilities.

As the name suggests, the character is a skull with typical medieval attire. The tattoo features the skull knight in its quintessential form with a jarring flower in front of him depicting his positive motive. 

A Masterpiece Of Shading: Artistic Berserk Armor Tattoo

Berserk Armor Tattoo

One of the most badass things about the Berserk series is the armor. The medieval armor with thick exteriors and a strong helmet made anyone look like a true warrior.

When you have the tattoo, you will appear as one of the characters from Berserk who is willing to go the extra mile to see their dreams come true. With the giant razor-sharp sword, you will pierce through each obstacle as if it were butter.

Display Of Strength: Berserk Viking Design With Ornamental Swords

Berserker Viking Tattoo

The deceased author of the series, Kentaro Miura has cited many sources for his famous manga. He described how many of the movies focusing on medieval cultures such as Vikings have influenced him.

The Viking tattoo portrays how Berserk has some connection with the Scandinavian cultures of the past. Just like the characters of Berserk, Vikings were strong men who wore heavy armor and swords and sought after battles. The tattoo showcases a typical Viking wearing Berserk-styled armor and staring menacingly at your soul.

Friend Or Foe? An Enigmatic Design Of Griffith


It all started because of him. If Griffith hadn’t chosen to sacrifice his friends that day, none of the horrifying things wouldn’t happen. That’s why many people consider Griffith the main antagonist.

However, the character's development is quite relatable. Oftentimes, we are so driven by our ambitions that we don’t see the right or wrong. We mindlessly chase it without thinking for a second. The Griffith tattoo depicts how such crude aspirations can lead to horrible outcomes. 

A Modern Masterpiece: Vintage Berserk Anime Tattoo

Berserk Anime Tattoo

Aside from the 1997 anime, all the other depictions of the manga were straight-up horrible. They butchered all the essence of Berserk and made it a mess.

Since then, people all around the world have prayed and hoped that there would be an anime that would do the manga justice. The storytelling, the animation along with graphics should perfectly match the manga. The Berserk anime tattoo showcases this desire of fans for an accurate anime series. The artwork comprises two significant characters side by side. 

Manifestation Of Nightmare: Frightening Design Of Berserk Behelit

Berserk Behelit Tattoo

The tiny stone-like object called the Behelit plays a crucial role in the world-building of Berserk. This object with mouth, nose, and ears in disproportionate places bridges the gap between the real world and the astral world.

Whoever carries the Behelit can summon the god's hand and make the ultimate sacrifice to achieve their dreams. Griffith had a Behelit which he used to curse mark all his friends for eternity to get to his goals. Having the Behelit tattoo can work like a charm and compel you to work for your dreams instead of looking for shortcuts.

Going Back To The Roots: Realistic Berserk Manga Tattoo With An Aggressive Portrayal Of Guts

Berserk Manga Tattoo

The Berserk manga is one of the finest pieces of art ever written and illustrated by men. Kentaro Miura was a genius for coming up with such a story and a bunch of characters that are so relatable.

The Berserk manga tattoo pays homage to the maestro that has inspired many of us. The tattoo features Guts holding a sword just like he did on the day of the Eclipse. This shocking and somewhat gory depiction tells us how terrifying life can be sometimes. But you just have to hold on and keep on fighting just like Guts. 

Biological Magic Show: An Intimidating Berserk Tattoo On Forearm

Berserk Forearm Tattoo

Your forearm is an excellent place to showcase your love for the series. The proportionality and symmetry of the place make the forearm ideal for capturing Guts in an intimidating posture.

You will hardly see Guts smiling. How can he when he has gone through so much trauma and hardships throughout his life? Because of his horrifying experience, you will always see him making an aggressive face as if he is always ready for battle. The tattoo features Guts looking menacingly at you.

Unleashing The Darkness Within: Audacious Display Of The Berserk Wolf

Berserk Wolf Tattoo

There is a dark side to everyone. If you don’t control it, it will start to control you. Even inside Guts, there is a wolf of darkness slowly trying to pollute his mind.

At times, Guts couldn’t control the wolf and unleashed it. In many chapters, you can see the wolf coming out of him and tearing off the skin of his girlfriend. The wolf tattoo portrays how humans have to constantly fight against their inner demons. The artistic depiction will warn you not to succumb to the beast.

Contemporary Sweet Spot: Elegant Berserk Tattoo On Wrist

Berserk Tattoo on Wrist

The tattoo itself is nothing new or extraordinary. However, it's the placement that makes it stand above the rest. As the curse symbol is on the wrist, you can see it clearly at any point of the day.

The symbol is discrete and lacks any solid foundation of structures. But the bold colors are enough to remind you that the world is a scary place and you always need to keep your eyes open. There are people all around that may try to harm you. You have to keep your guard up against them.

Tradition Meets Realism: A Sophisticated Neo Tribal Berserk Tattoo With Fiery Spikes

Neo Tribal Berserk Tattoo

On The Edges Neo-tribal tattoos are one of the most popular and artistic tattoos in the current era. The inclusion of tribal symbols along with some contemporary shapes appear truly mesmerizing and take you on a spiritual journey.

The tattoo features Guts having tribal symbols all over the body. This beautiful combination portrays how complex of a character he truly is. Deciphering his character is like solving an intricate puzzle. 

Amalgamation Of Motifs: Berserk Face Tattoo Portraying An Abstract Meaning

Berserk Face Tattoo

The face of Guts along with the giant sword is one of the staples of the series. The constant look of agony on Gut's face is something that many can relate to.

Having the face tattoo will remind you of the horrors of Gut’s life. When you look at the tattoo, you will start to realize the perseverance and integrity of his character. This will surely teach you to become the best version of yourself in the long run.

Radiation Of Positive Energy: An Elegant Berserk Design On Behind The Ear

Berserk Face Tattoo

Most Berserk tattoos consist of realistic structures that are instantly attractive to the eye. However, there are also designs such as this one that work as discreet emblems for those who are still hesitant about their beliefs.

This behind-the-ear tattoo is a dainty depiction of the quintessential sword of guts. The size of the sword is believed to be twice Guts. Now imagine just how much strength Guts has that lets him wield the sword with ease. Having the tattoo will make you feel like Guts and give you the strength to overcome the hindrances in your life.

Monochrome Glory: A Fierce Berserk Tattoo On Arm With Guts Fighting Till Death

Berserk Tattoo on Arm

There are countless battles throughout the series involving Guts. From Guts almost being defeated by Nosferatu Zodd to being in an intense war with the apostles, there are many battles that you can capture in the realm of your arm.

This particular arm tattoo features Guts wielding his sword and fiercely approaching the enemy. His movement makes the entire world feel like it's crumbling. The clouds start to disappear and the soil beneath him starts to vibrate. The berserk tattoo portrays each of these phenomena with great detail.

Wings Of Majesty: Controlling The Wind With A Berserk Falcon Tattoo

Berserk Falcon Tattoo

The main antagonist of the series, Griffith has a helmet that has the shape of a falcon. Those who believe that Griffith did nothing wrong often get this tattoo to show respect towards his dreams and ambitions.

The tattoo features a falcon expanding its wings to the full extent symbolizing the vastness of Griffith’s dreams. Seeing the tattoo will make you think twice about the whole series and confuse you in deciding who's right and who's wrong.

Splash Of Abstract Shapes: A Readily Apparent Berserk Tattoo On Hand

Berserk tattoo on hand

The dainty depiction of the sun resembles the events of the eclipse. When it happened, the fate of all people was cursed.

The rawness of the tattoo perfectly captures the true essence of Berserk. It's dark and gritty. The black representation of the glowing sun sets the mood perfectly for those who have yet to experience the series. So, if you are an avid fan or just a newcomer in the realm of Berserk, you can get the tattoo etched on your body canvas.

Seeking Refuge In Fungi: A Jarring Design With Guts Hiding Under A Mushroom

berserk mushroom tattoo

This artistic mushroom tattoo incorporates the morbid aspects of Berserk and tries to soothe things a bit with the beautiful structure of the mushroom.

In Berserk, Guts often rests under trees and rocks. He has to fight against apostles every day and night therefore it's quite obvious that he needs some leisure. Instead of the trees, the tattoo features Guts sitting in the fruit body of a mushroom. The darkness inside of Guts seems to pollute even the fungi.

Highlighted Elegance: A Discreet Emblem Of Berserk On Finger

Berserk Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos are painful just like the curse on Guts. When the curse was imprinted on him, his pain knew no bounds. Out of agony, he became more and more furious and developed a fierce hate towards the apostles.

When you have the curse mark as a tattoo on the finger, you will constantly be reminded to obliterate all those who doubt you. The simplistic nature of the tattoo will surely make you a much more confident person in life. 

Triptych Of Intricate Symbols: Bridging The Gap Between Manga And Game With A Diablo Tattoo

Berserk Diablo Tattoo

Many of the characters and spells from the immensely popular game Diablo are inspired by Berserk. The developers of the game have exclaimed how characters such as Skull Knight, Guts, and Nosferatu Zodd have a direct impact on the game.

If you are a fan of both the media then this is a must for you. The jarring display of the skull along with the sword piercing will make your blood boil with fuel as if you are Guts. The raw black colors will truly transform you into a berserk mode.

Unnecessary Or Thought Provoking? Dainty Berserk Tattoo With The Massive Sword

Small Berserk Tattoo

The small Berserk tattoo is to the point without beating around the bush. The artwork features two distinct features of God's character which are his enormous sword and his resentful face.

The tattoo may not be that extravagant but it does the job of capturing the true essence of Berserk. You will start to feel the struggles of Guts and admire how he tries so hard to beat all the odds. Looking at the tattoo, you will see the reflection of your life struggles and obstacles. Such resemblance is hard to achieve.


The world of Berserk is vast and full of twists and turns. Therefore, it's quite obvious that one single essay isn’t enough to describe each notion of the series.

So, we have decided to select some of your most thought-provoking questions and answer them as convincingly as possible. Please give them a read.

Q: Can Casca Be Featured In A Berserk Tattoo?

Ans: Why not? As long as any of the characters or elements belong to the series, you can etch them in your Berserk tattoo. Casca is portrayed as the commander of the band of hawks and the girlfriend of Guts.

During the events of the eclipse, she was so scared that it left a toll on her psyche. The entire journey of Guts focused on her. So, she deserves to be featured in a Berserk tattoo.

Q: Why Are Most Berserk Tattoos Devoid of Color?

Ans: While there are colorful anime adaptations of Berserk, most of them are quite horrible. The manga is undoubtedly the best form of Berserk. As the manga is devoid of any color, so are the Berserk tattoos. The lack of colors helps portray the true essence of the manga.

Q: Are Berserk Tattoos Difficult To Illustrate?

Ans: They can be. If you choose an extravagant tattoo then it will be much more difficult to ink. However, if you select a dainty design such as the curse symbol then it will take far less time. It's totally up to you.


Some people instantly brand Berserk as a violent and gory piece of media only to entertain the morbid curiosity of people. However, Berserk is much more than a simple manga full of war and blood. It teaches you the meaning of life.

We journey along Guts who constantly goes through obstacle after obstacle but still is focused on helping his friends and taking down Griffith. His resilience and focus inspire us to become like him. The berserk tattoos showcase how one should never give up in the face of trouble. You must always keep on going forward. Who knows, the glory may be just ahead.

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