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93 Aesthetic Baphomet Tattoo Ideas To Stay Ahead Of The Trend

For centuries, tattoos have been the means of self-expression and most importantly storytelling. However, due to the rise of bigoted people in the world, having tattoos became frowned upon. Most tattoos are deemed to be taboo nowadays. Among them perhaps the Baphomet tattoos rank at the top. There aren’t any other tattoos more misunderstood than them.

To many, the first thing that pops up in their head when they hear about these tattoos is that the symbols and signs are satanic or have some sort of relation with the devil. Well, the origin of the tattoo may have some connection with cult leaders and Satan worshippers but that’s blowing things out of proportion.

The Baphomet tattoos are rather a symbol of wisdom that mocks contemporary religious beliefs and hints at a world where people can practice their religions without the hindrance of others.

Aside from the misinterpretation, people tend to completely forget about how artistic the tattoo looks. The bizarre combination of men and the goat appears to be insanely aesthetic on the body canvas.

Even if you hate the symbolism of the tattoo, you ought to get it etched on your body just for its insane imagery. Therefore, without further ado, let's get into the nitty gritty of Baphomet tattoos to understand what they are all about.

Beautiful Baphomet Tattoo Designs To Stir Some Controversy

Beautiful Baphomet Tattoo

Baphomet tattoos consist of all the elements that make up the entire universe. Therefore, it's quite obvious that these esoteric and occult symbols can be etched on the body in a wide range of styles. Some Baphomet tattoos only consist of the gentle imagery of the goat head while others are far more realistic, hinting at a greater message that can shape humankind.

If we attempt to classify these tattoos, two varieties often come to mind based on the depiction of Baphomet in many pieces of literature. In previous depictions. Baphomet was known to have an association with Templars and Gnostics.

These are quite hard-core religious views that often go to extreme lengths to disseminate their religious beliefs among the common people. Because of such a connection, the Baphomet tattoo tended to be much more dark and more sinister back then.

However, after the Sabbatic Goat image was drawn by Levi, Baphomet began to take its true shape that we all know and admire today. This is the appearance that is believed to bridge the gaps between opposing worlds for better and worse. You can choose either of them as your tattoo however you should make sure that the design connects with you on a spiritual level.

Baphomet Back Tattoo

Baphomet Back Tattoo

While writing about this tattoo, I got instantly frightened. The terrifying imagery of the Baphomet sent a shiver down my spine. I needed a moment to calm my nerves.

The Baphomet back tattoo is a highly realistic depiction of the deity from the Knights' temples. As you have a gigantic space, you have the freedom to pour your entire heart into the tattoo. The ultimate result is a tattoo that is realistic to the point that you will be confused if it's just a tattoo or if the Baphomet is living inside you.

Rather than illustrating a generic goat head, the back tattoo focuses on depicting the deity to be completely human-shaped. This unique take on the prehistoric symbol allows you to look at things in a different light.

Baphomet Chest Tattoo

Baphomet Chest Tattoo

Do you consider yourself to be someone who likes to take things a little too far? Then this Baphomet tattoo is ideal for crazies like you. Having a Baphomet tattoo alone takes courage let alone getting them in the chest.

Aside from being one of the most painful spots in the entire body, the chest tattoo portrays that you have utmost allegiance and dedication towards the imagery.

In today’s world where there are bigoted people everywhere, they will instantly brand you as a Satanist. But don’t let these guys stop you from getting this amazing tattoo. The jarring design of the intriguing deity will work as a slap on the faces of the hypocrites.

Baphomet Hand Tattoo

Baphomet Hand Tattoo 1
Baphomet Hand Tattoo 3

It is believed that it's the Baphomet that holds the strings to all the acts of the world. He is the one who drives people to do malicious acts by deceiving them. It is also considered by many that Baphomet allows evil thoughts to linger in the minds of people.

Even after 1856, the artist Levi thought of the Baphomet as a goat that keeps order in modern society. Therefore, it is quite apparent that it's the Baphomet that has control of the universe.

Now when you have the Baphomet tattoo in your hand then you will feel like you are in control of the deity. The thought of Baphomet doing your bidding will surely make you feel invincible.

Baby Baphomet Tattoo

Baby Baphomet Tattoo

There is nothing more fascinating than extremism meets naivete. The baby Baphomet tattoo is a prime example of this notion. Your mind can’t comprehend what to feel about the tattoo. Should you be afraid or loved?

Whatever your emotion is towards the tattoo, it is bound to strike a chord with you. Filled with tiny stars, the baby Baphomet stares deep into your soul with its big, black eyes.

Although the Baphomet is strictly seen in black attire, the depiction of the baby Baphomet tends to be colorful. This way, you feel a sense of calm inside you. To have a wide range of emotions enticing in you, this is a must-have tattoo.

Baphomet Arm Tattoo

Baphomet Arm Tattoo 1
Baphomet Arm Tattoo 2
Baphomet Arm Tattoo 3

Arm tattoos can be a great canvas to express your struggle in life. Baphomet tattoos don't always mean satanic stuff. It’s a weird misconception people have about tattoos.

In most cases, the Baphomet tattoo depicts a person’s own beliefs and views in an esoteric manner. In the case of the arm tattoo, you can appear to be someone who is a peace seeker and a rebel against the conventional hypocritical religious views.

The tattoo features the Baphomet head which is a goat head. The sole imagery of the head can be a bit underwhelming. That’s why, most tattooists incorporate some occult signs to enhance the symbolism of the tattoo.

Dotwork Baphomet Tattoo

Dotwork Baphomet Tattoo

The dotwork Baphomet tattoo is a dense and raw representation of the famous imagery. You will see these kinds of depictions in the logos of many rock and metal bands. They illustrate the artwork to look intimidating to their audience.

As the name suggests, every single line and curve of the tattoo is made of tiny dots. To the naked eye, it may not make much difference but the small dots enhance the aesthetic depth of the tattoo. It feels like the tattoo has layers and layers of hidden messages hidden undeath. You will get lost searching for them.

Witches Baphomet Tattoo

Witches Baphomet Tattoo

Since prehistoric days, witches solely pray to the Baphomet to grant their wishes. When someone comes to the witches to get their deeds done, the witches perform a ritual. In this ritual, they illustrate the pentagram of the Baphomet to show their allegiance and respect to the deity.

That’s why the Baphomet is often called the god of witches. The witch's Baphomet tattoo is a frightening image in which the Baphomet seems like it's coming out of the pentagram as if someone summoned him. Because of the realism, it feels like he is coming out of your skin.

Halloween Baphomet Tattoo

Halloween Baphomet Tattoo

Baphomet is quite a popular costume during the Halloween season, especially among teenagers. As young blood is pumping in their veins, they often like to associate themselves with things that are dangerous and evil.

What’s worse than Satan himself? The Halloween Baphomet tattoo features a colorful depiction of the horned devil extending its wings in the barren sky. The devilish red color in the body of the Baphomet is used to portray the fire of hell. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Baphomet Bicep Tattoo

Baphomet Bicep Tattoo

Are you thinking of showering your masculinity to the entire world? There is nothing better than a Baphomet tattoo on the bicep. The dark and gothic imagery will surely accentuate your style and make you look like the ultimate man.

Making the tattoo look as intimidating as possible is the key to any sort of masculine tattoo. Although it sounds a bit cliched, you need to appear as badass as possible. That’s why, the Baphomet making an angry face is depicted in the bicep to entice fear in those who view the tattoo.

Baphomet Leg Tattoo

Baphomet Leg Tattoo

The pentagram or the sigil of the Baphomet tattoo is one of the quintessential components of any Baphomet tattoo. The five points often express the golden ratio, making the symbol so aesthetically pleasing.

Now you may be wondering what's the significance of the sign in the leg tattoo. Well in most other parts, the pentagram is fully revealed, spoiling most of the fun. But in the case of the Baphomet leg tattoo, some points remain hidden adding to the mysticism. Furthermore, there are two separate pentagrams in the leg tattoo. One is in the background and another is situated in the forehead of the Baphomet in typical fashion.

Old School Baphomet Tattoo

Old School Baphomet Tattoo

Old-school Baphomet tattoos feature exaggerated images of the character to the point that it turns a bit comical. As the tattoo is full of whimsical colors, it is meant to evoke a festive mood inside the wearer.

Most traditional beliefs of the Baphomet were primarily focused on its association with Satan and all that is evil. Therefore, you can guess what the components of the tattoo will be. It ranges from the skull to the evil eye. While the tattoo may look corny, it will surely make you feel excited at any point of the day.

Baphomet Thigh Tattoo

Baphomet Thigh Tattoo

Your thigh is a gigantic canvas that allows you to illustrate the Baphomet in his full magnificence. The goat head can be highly detailed to the point that you will often get shocked by realizing how real the tattoo looks.

To make the thigh tattoo look even more symbolic and menacing, you can illustrate a wide range of symbols in the background. It can range from the typical upside-down pentagram to the many ritualistic signs performed by the witches. A few spikes can be added at the edge of the artwork to make the tattoo look like it's burning with fire.

Baphomet Sleeve Tattoo

Baphomet Sleeve Tattoo

Half sleeve or full sleeve? This is a question that has been revolving around tattoo enthusiasts all over the world for decades. The answer is simple. If we are talking about Baphomet tattoos then the answer is full sleeve. You need to go all out when you are portraying the sigil of a demon.

Most Baphomet tattoos feature the goat head as it is the most recognizable aspect of him. However, the sleeve tattoo comprises the entire body of the Baphomet.

Rather than illustrating a bland lower half, the tattoo makes Baphomet look jacked with six-packs and loads of muscles. With such a masculine representation of Baphomet, you will surely be making headlines in the fashion industry.

Baphomet Wrist Tattoo

Baphomet Wrist Tattoo 1
Baphomet Wrist Tattoo 2

Are you going through tough times? Thinking of self-mutilating yourself? You may be thinking that we are glorifying such horrendous acts. Well, no. This is the normal tendency of most people nowadays. As the willpower of humans deteriorates, they quickly give up. Then they subject their wrists to mutilation.

Why choose this path of darkness? Rather than hurting yourself, you can get an amazing Baphomet wrist tattoo. The tattoo will express the dark times you have gone through and will work as a reminder to stay on the right path for the rest of your life.

Baphomet Skeleton Tattoo

Baphomet Skeleton Tattoo

Skeletons and Baphomet are a match made in heaven. In most rituals that feature a tribute to the deity, there is some kind of involvement of skeletons. It is believed that the skeletons are vessels of the dead that transport them into the corporeal world through a portal.

The imagery of the tattoo is quite straightforward. It features the Baphomet sitting on a throne while having skeletons scattered everywhere around him. While the main aspect of the tattoo is quite obvious, it still intrigues us as the tattoo lets us have a peek into the face of death.

Baphomet Mermaid Tattoo

Baphomet Mermaid Tattoo

Bizarre. This is the perfect word to summarize the Baphomet mermaid tattoo. We tried to make some sense out of the tattoo but quite failed. Here's what we found.

Apart from being a symbol of Satan, the sign of Baphomet was often used to scare off evil entities such as witches. While the appearance of the mermaids seems beautiful, they are deadly creatures that trap humans in the deepest part of the ocean. The sign was thought to protect them.

Contemporary artists have combined these two conflicting notions and created a behemoth of a tattoo. The tattoo features the terrifying behemoth having a mermaid tail. How ridiculous is that!

Baphomet Forearm Tattoo

Baphomet Forearm Tattoo

One of the main reasons why Baphomet tattoos become so popular worldwide is because of their theatricality. From the pentagram to the jaw-dropping goat head, you have to admit that the deity sure has some flair. The mysticism of the character is off the charts.

It only gets elevated even further when the tattoo is etched on the forearm. Because of its unique symmetry, you can depict a beautiful Baphomet tattoo on the forearm. Furthermore, you have the luxury to conceal and showcase the tattoo at your deal which further seals the deal. Neo

Traditional Baphomet Tattoo

Traditional Baphomet Tattoo

The neo-traditional tattoo style attempts to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary tattoo designs. It takes a dated concept and tries to incorporate some trending components into it.

What's the most satanic thing that has been revolving on the internet sphere? Yes, it's the Illuminati. This fictitious secret society who are worshippers of Satan is believed to get into high positions because of their allegiance. As the Baphomet is often associated with Satan, the introduction of the Illuminati sign in the imagery works wonderfully.

Baphomet Finger Tattoo

Baphomet Finger Tattoo

While we preach about the hidden and profound meanings of the Baphomet tattoo, we all know what the purpose of these artworks is. They are primarily done to look as edgy as possible. This is mainly the tendency of the people to follow the gothic trend.

The finger tattoo is like any other. But the portrayal of the Baphomet is illustrated in the middle finger and we all know what that represents. Having the tattoo on the middle finger expresses your utmost distaste and hatred towards contemporary society and cultures.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold: The Misunderstood Meaning Behind Baphomet Tattoos

Meaning Behind Baphomet Tattoo

We are always quick to judge things based on how they look. As soon as we see the horns of the goat, we assume that the tattoos have some sort of association with the demon, and getting these artworks on the body is a slap to God himself. However, this is far from the case.

Baphomet tattoos may tiptoe on the line of being too extreme but the sole purpose of these tattoos is not to offend or mock religious practices or beliefs. Neither do they promote or glorify worshiping Satan. It's an aesthetic artwork that is mostly considered to be a symbol of rebellious nature. Furthermore, they can be also interpreted as emblems of duality or personal connection.

The former is perhaps the most thought-provoking interpretation of the Baphomet tattoos. As the tattoo comprises two separate elements, it denotes the fact that every aspect of life has two conflicting sides.

Death-Life, Happiness-Sadness, Success-Failure, there are countless opposing aspects like these in our corporeal world. The tattoo functions as a reminder to mankind that to experience one, you have to taste its opposite aspect.


There is some huge controversy surrounding Baphomet tattoos because of their alleged association with the demon. People everywhere are spreading misinformation about the artwork. It's easy to get completely lost in this mayhem.

That’s why, we have selected some of the most perplexing questions on the internet to knock some sense into you. So, grab a coffee and enjoy the answers to these burning questions.

Q: Why Did Blac Chyna Remove Her Baphomet Tattoo?

Ans: Blac Chyna, the American TV personality recently made headlines for her removal of the infamous Baphomet tattoo. She got the tattoo on her hip back in the day.

Now, she describes how such tattoos bring negative and demonic energy into her life. While Blac Chyna may sound delusional in his views on the tattoo, we wish them all the good luck on her new journey.

Q: Are Baphomet Tattoos Truly Offensive?

Ans: We won’t call the Baphomet tattoos offensive but rather rebellious. To be honest, the magnitude of how offensive a tattoo is depends on the perspective of the viewer.

The current generation of people are easily startled therefore anything is considered to be offensive by them. So, pay no heed to them.

Q: How Painful Are Baphomet Tattoos?

Ans: The pain of a certain type of tattoo depends on a lot of things. The position and the texture of the tattoo are some of the primary factors.

Most Baphomet tattoos are highly detailed. These esoteric artworks are illustrated in a way to symbolize a bunch of hidden messages. Therefore, they tend to be on the painful side.


Blasphemy. This was the word to describe the acts of those who believed in the esoteric and occult tradition of the Baphomet. Despite such harsh remarks, the concept of the Baphomet persisted. To this day, the symbol functions as a way to express the desire for a free world.

The Baphomet tattoo became synonymous with a rebellious nature. Metal and rock bands that are often outcasted for their outspoken thoughts chose this symbol to express their views and inner beliefs. Do you feel pressured by the contemporary hypocrisies of modern society as well? Then seek the refuge of the Baphomet tattoo. You too shall gain solace and peace.

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