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43 Meaningful “As Above So Below” Tattoo Ideas To Cleanse Your Soul

Although conceptualized in the late eighteenth century, the essence of “As Above So Below” tattoos still resonates in the hearts of modern individuals. The reason people love to get this particular design is because of how cryptic the message is.

We all want to appear intelligent who is known for esoteric histories and symbolism to our peers. When you have the design in a delicate part of the body, you will come off as someone who can decipher many of the secrets of life.

In addition to the aesthetic paraphrase of the emerald tablet, the quote has obvious spiritual associations as well. The tattoo helps you transcend from your mortal being into a divine state where all the mere things in the world start to appear meaningless to you.

The tattoo also hints at the many celestial occurrences of the world. The stylish fonts along with other magical components dictate how each phenomenon is interconnected with each other. Now that you are hooked, let's get down to brass tacks and realize the many faces of “As Above So Below” tattoos.

A Tattoo Worth Fighting For: The Cryptic Meaning Of “As Above, So Below” Tattoos

Meaning Of “As Above, So Below” Tattoo

The meaning of these sacred and divine emblems is quite complicated and scholars have tried to decipher them through extensive investigation. However, they are still quite unsure about the interpretations, and often debates arise.

We are not here to take sides. Rather we will talk about the meanings that apply to our own lives. The most resonating symbolism of the “As above, so below” tattoo is how the celestial occurrences have a connection with Earth.

You will notice how the alignment of stars in the sky impacts the occurrence of tides. The rotation of the earth in the orbital dictates how long the day is going to be.

Just like these phenomena, each of our actions influences the later occurrences as well. That’s why you need to make good decisions. The “As above, so below” tattoos give you strength and remind you constantly to take each step of life with utmost caution otherwise you can step foot in harmful territories.

The Best Place For Getting “As Above So Below” Tattoos

The elegant tattoo deserves a suitable place to be illustrated on. You can’t just etch the tattoo in a place unworthy of the significance of the design. That’s why, here are some of the places in the body canvas that you should definitely consider.

Forearm: Forearm is known for its theatricality. The quote is going to reveal its true magnificence in the sensual realm of the forearm.

Bicep: When you etch something on the forearm, it means that you are fully committed to the symbolism and message of the tattoo. To encapsulate the essence of the “As above so below” phrase, there is no other alternative to the bicep.

Wrist: You notice your wrist countless times in a single day. Illustrating the tattoo in the place will keep on reminding you about the teachings of the tattoo. You will surely feel enlightened.

Ankle: Last but not least is the ankle. As the bone structure has a unique dimension, your ankle makes the ordinary fonts into something exceptional.

Awesome “As Above, So Below” Tattoo Designs To Allure Your Contemporaries

Like all other tattoo designs containing quotes and verses, the most important aspect of the “As above, so below” tattoo is the font style. You will see later on that most of the designs have a simple font with little to no exaggeration.

However, sometimes such simplicity tends to be too bland to the naked eye. You have the luxury to distort and stylize the letters to make the messages come across more clearly.

The quote has numerous metaphors hidden inside therefore you should always include esoteric and occult symbols in the mix. Geometric shapes or symmetrical lines work majestically with the “As above, so below” paraphrase. The symbols both carry contemporary connotations as well as religious meanings.

As we mentioned earlier, these designs tend to be on the sophisticated side therefore it's easy to understand how overwhelming choosing a particular design can be. That's why, you have the opportunity to look at some great designs that we have handpicked from various sources. Give them a good look.

Confinement Of Evil Thoughts: Sacred Geometry “As above, so below” Tattoo With A Blast Of Radiance

Sacred Geometry “As above, so below” Tattoo

The quote touches on esoteric concepts that few dare to speak about. The tattoo features the evil eye that everybody is discussing.

The symmetrical confinement of the evil eye exemplifies the desire to seek protection from the evil eye. You may wonder how an art piece can have such a wondrous ability.

Well, you can just feel the capability of the tattoo by looking at the divine colors. The glimpse of radiance in the realm of the monochrome depicts the cryptic meanings of life hidden underneath the surface level.

Fun Fact: Did you know that there was a found footage horror movie released in 2014 of the same name? Although the film received negative reviews from both critics and audiences, it garnered 41 million dollars at the box office against a budget of 5 million.

Letters To Remember Forever: Straightforward “As above, so below” Script Tattoo

“As above, so below” Script Tattoo 1
“As above, so below” Script Tattoo 2

In a world where extravagant designs are abundant with thick and bold colors, the following tattoo is a ray of hope. The tattoo may not have much textures but it more than functions as an emblem to portray your personal story.

As the tattoo only features the quote, the font is of great importance. If you think that the font in the picture is dull, you can distort the letters to create a stylish effect. Etching it in a delicate area can evoke a range of emotions in you.

Glimpse Of Radiance: Simple “As above, so below” Tattoo With Opposing Aspects

Simple “As above, so below” Tattoo

The metaphorical concept of “As above, so below” is highly accentuated in this simplistic representation. The two upside-down pills just above the quote represent how each action of our life influences what happens in the next.

These artworks are quite small in shape therefore you can easily illustrate the design in an equally small area of your body to satisfy your hidden desires. The subtle colors on the pills create a majestic ambiance in the design.

Fun Fact: Perhaps, the most accurate meaning of the paraphrase comes from Kybalion who has expressed that truth is truth as everything in the universe stems from the same source, laws, and principles.

 Touch Of Sensuality: Dot line “As above, so below” Hand Tattoo

“As above, so below” Hand Tattoo 1
“As above, so below” Hand Tattoo 2

The importance of shading is often quite neglected as most contemporary artists rather focus on aspects such as deep coloring and including as many components as possible. But you have to realize that a shaded hand tattoo can express your message much more potently than any other design.

You can just sense the sophistry present in the tattoo by looking at the design. The two hands represent how we desire harmony in our world but fail to achieve it because of the conformities of society.

Conjuring The Positivity: Symmetrical “As above, so below” Tattoo

Alchemy “As above, so below” Tattoo 1
Alchemy “As above, so below” Tattoo 2

The symmetrical tattoo which is intertwined with multiple geometric shapes is a tattoo to die for. The design is perfect for those who consider themselves to be an intricate person. With the tattoo, you will appear as someone who is not afraid to unveil the hidden meanings of the alchemical symbols.

The lines of the shapes are quite dark so make sure that you etch them with care. If you can pull it off, the design will guide you in the right direction.

 Magical Ambience: Witchy “As above, so below” Tattoo With Whimsical Patterns

Witchy “As above, so below” Tattoo 1
Witchy “As above, so below” Tattoo 2

There is a trend in the tattoo industry to solely focus on the positive aspect of the designs while completely neglecting the counterpart. While you may argue, the mention of negative connotations can help you realize a lot of things.

The witchy tattoo expresses the evil notions of life that lurk in the shadows. This particular variant of the tattoo has a wide range of shapes and patterns present in the design to create a magical ambiance. The tattoo will work as your charm protecting you from the malicious spirits of the world.

 Indulgence Of Death: Monochromatic “As above, so below” Gothic Tattoo

“As above, so below” Gothic Tattoo 1
“As above, so below” Gothic Tattoo 2

Many of us consider ourselves to be a rebel and an outcast. We don’t fit into the rules and regulations of society. If you think yourself to cater to such a mindset then the gothic manifestation is for you.

The tattoo features a dense moth imprinted on your body while a sun-like shape dangles in the distance. The meaning of the tattoo is crystal clear. The monochromatic design is trying to tell you the dangers of overindulgence of something. It may be tempting but it will surely lead to your downfall.

 Realization Of The Terrible Fate: Shaded “As above, so below” Skull Tattoo

“As above, so below” Skull Tattoo 1
“As above, so below” Skull Tattoo 2

You tick all the boxes when you opt for the “As above, so below” skull tattoo. The face of death with its horrifying hollow eyes and mouth makes you realize how life should be appreciated.

The entire aspect of the “As above, so below” tattoo is the notion of death and how the soul travels to the afterworld. The artwork menacingly portrays this notion with neutral colors. The edges of the skull are extensively shaded so that you can feel its intensity exuding from the design.

 The Cradle Of Direction: Subtle “As above, so below” Traditional Tattoo

“As above, so below” Traditional Tattoo 1
“As above, so below” Traditional Tattoo 2

We all need guidance in our lives no matter how determined we are. The current artwork has a plethora of symbolic patterns and shapes that will pour the seed of positivity into you. The arrow in the artwork will function as a token of direction.

As shapes are abundant, the tattoo is most likely not for beginners. If you have fully encapsulated the notion of “As above, so below” and want to make a bold statement then you should go for the designs without any doubt.

The Celestial Exuberance Of Passion: Black And White Heart “As above, so below” Tattoo

Heart “As above, so below” Tattoo 1
Heart “As above, so below” Tattoo 2

We all crave love but very few of us can express the notion clearly. That’s why, most of the time, our feelings remain suppressed. Why not take a bold approach by getting a heart tattoo and see what it leads you to?

The combination of a contemporary heart symbol and celestial shapes acts as an amulet of hope and encouragement. When you get the tattoo, your significant other will instantly realize just how much love and passion you have for them.


The esoteric paraphrase has a lot of clouds roaming in front of its meaning and imagery. To make things clear, we need to understand every aspect of tattoos.

There is no better way to achieve this than by doing a question-answering session. So here we are. With our expertise and knowledge, we have tried to answer each of the questions with utmost precision.

Q: Is “As Above So Below” Tattoos Complicated?

Ans: The imagery may appear simple but the meanings and metaphors that lie underneath are quite convoluted.

Scholars to this day argue about the true essence of tattoos therefore you can understand just how deep these emblems are.

Q: Who Should Get The “As Above So Below” Tattoos?

Ans: Those who love to delve into unknown topics that are too obfuscated to the mortal eyes tend to love these designs. Also, if you seek to embark on a positive path, the tattoo will help you stay on that road by keeping your mind away from unnecessary thoughts.

The tattoo is also a fan favorite for those who seek a design with not many details or exaggerations. If you tick all the boxes then you should stop what you were doing and get the tattoo right away.


In the modern world, many of us don’t believe in the aspect of karma. We do stuff without thinking about the consequences. However, you should realize that each of your actions has some positive and negative repercussions. If you think that everything happens without any reason, you are blind.

The “As above so below” tattoos give us a glimpse of how everything in the world is connected. Such revelation opens your mind and you start to view things differently. The tattoo finally helps you connect with your spirituality. The gentle fonts pour in positivity in you which you later spread in the entire world through good deeds.

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