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88 Alluring Anubis Tattoo Ideas With Meaningful Interpretations!

More often than not, tattoos portray one’s inner beliefs and religious beliefs, strengthening one’s faith and allowing one to find their purpose as a result. While the visuals each design carries are merely a bonus, it is the metaphor and the symbolism that carries the popularity of such designs, ensuring success in the long run.

Among the many tattoos associated with religion and faith is an Anubis tattoo, based on Anubis, the God resembling a jackal-headed man. Just like Anubis himself, any tattoo replicating his figure tends to preach stoicism, encouraging one to come to terms with not just the highs, but also the lows in life.

The land of Anubis tattoos is wide and hefty, being backed up by a series of designs. Underneath the surface is a metaphor that many benefit from, further increasing its usage in the world of body modification.

In addition to unveiling all that makes an Anubis tattoo so bright, we will also unveil the ways in which one can find success with the layout of the tattoo. And if you too would like to wear it at some point in time, reading this article should be mandatory.

Helping Hand When Dealing With Misery: Unveiling The Sybolism Of Anubis Tattoos!

Sybolism Of Anubis Tattoos

In addition to rewarding wearers with an unforgettable portrait depicting a jackal-headed man with a cape, Anubis tattoos also serve a multipurpose metaphorical role, further adding to their already likeable impression. When their symbolism is assessed to the fullest, however, Anubis tattoos only fit into two boxes.

Anubis served the same role as the Grim Reaper, acting as a medium between death and the afterlife. Unlike other Gods, Anubis was reliable and merciful, ensuring one’s safety when welcoming them to the afterlife.

While Anubis was often known for being considerate and understanding, but also made no room for the heartless. He often defended the deceased from harm, but never hesitated to show ruthless aggression against those that trespassed and violated his tomb.

All things considered, Anubis tattoos are either associated with the afterlife, and can be a good tattoo to carry if you’ve recently lost a loved one. An Anubis tattoo can also help one right their wrongs, mostly through reminding them about the existence of karma. The latter can also enable wearers to pursue positive change for establishing some form of character development.

Sophisticated Yet Philosophical Anubis Tattoos To Represent In 2024!

Anubis tattoos go above and beyond to soothe one’s mental health, no matter how severe the cause is. Although it mostly involves a portrait, the depiction of Anubis can be showcased in various ways when the right complementary items are thrown into the mix.

Due to being so wise and welcoming, Anubis's tattoos pair well with a series of depictions, most of which can comprise two leading components. If you’re curious to learn about the frontrunners, skim through the following list of entries!

Anubis Horus Tattoo

Anubis Horus Tattoo

According to multiple historians, Anubis is the half-brother of Horus in some lores, sharing the bond of two cousins in the rest. Their bond remains a controversial one, however, leaning towards tons of hate over love.

While they never settled their differences, the duo of Horus and Anubis can always be showcased in a rather peaceful way. One of the ways remains this tattoo, which brings to light the dynamic of the duo in a different setting.

Egyptian Anubis Tattoo

Egyptian Anubis Tattoo 1
Egyptian Anubis Tattoo 2

In Ancient Egyptian culture, Anubis remains a popular figure, taking up a role that only the Grim Reaper can understand. He doesn’t just win over the hearts of others with his fair ruling, but also ensures the safety of the deceased in the afterlife.

Resembling the visuals of a jackal headed man, Anubis makes his presence known when showcased using a tattoo. With shades of yellow, red, and black, the tattoo offers the best of both worlds to fans of art.

Anubis Hand Tattoo

Anubis Hand Tattoo

Since a portrait tattoo is always in the mix, a spacious canvas is mandatory for an Anubis tattoo. Doing so not only allows the sketch to carry ideal components on the outside, but also makes the creative process easier from both ends.

A hand tattoo can be a good idea for extroverts and those that believe in speaking their mind, taking into account how exposed the graphic is to the public eye. Be sure to apply numbing cream, though, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Evil Anubis Tattoo

Evil Anubis Tattoo 1
Evil Anubis Tattoo 2
Evil Anubis Tattoo 3

While Anubis is a God who preaches wisdom, acceptance, and often unveils notes of stoicism, flipping the script should be easy if you’re focusing on fiction. One of the best ways to do so remains this interpretation of Anubis, carrying an aura of darkness within.

Otherwise known as an evil Anubis tattoo, this piece of work can be a great way to unlock a completely different dimension. Often, this tattoo is only pursued for the way it looks over what it symbolizes.

Anubis Eye Tattoo

Anubis Eye Tattoo

Since Anubis tattoos often guarantee protection of the deceased in the after life, pairing it with symbols that ensure security, such as an eye tattoo, can be a good way to bring more light to the abilities of Anubis, as well as obtain a thoughtful piece at the same time.

An Anubis eye tattoo, while investing most of its attention to the facial features of Anubis, reprises the elements of a portrait tattoo. This option is a treat for visual-oriented minds, however, containing a series of colors on the stencil.

Anubis Forearm Tattoo

Anubis Forearm Tattoo 1
Anubis Forearm Tattoo 2
Anubis Forearm Tattoo 3

The pain level carried by a tattoo often shapes the experience of the whole process. Similarly, if your heart is set on a tattoo portraying Anubis, yet you’re stressed regarding the whole move due to having sensitive skin, try rocking with a forearm tattoo.

A forearm tattoo of Anubis isn’t just relatively easy for the skin to accommodate, but also has the potential to carry tons of mass and size. Eventually, this piece can even be upgraded to a sleeve tattoo.

Anubis Back Tattoo

Anubis Back Tattoo 1
Anubis Back Tattoo 2

If you like the former concept, but gravitate more towards privacy, the back can be a promising alternative to look into, when push comes to shove.

Although the procedure might take up more time than the former, a back tattoo of Anubis can help out if the depiction you have in mind is hefty. While painful at first, the results of this Anubis tattoo is known to be better than that of its peers.

Anubis Neck Tattoo

Anubis Neck Tattoo

Doubling down on the size can be a good way to fit the depiction of Anubis on a compact surface. And if you’re not sensitive to pain, a great space you can utilize is that provided by the neck.

A neck tattoo of Anubis is more likely to grab more attention as opposed to many on this list, fused with a combination of both neutral and vibrant colors. Since the area is susceptible to pain, break the creative process down into multiple segments to mitigate it.

Anubis Chest Tattoo

Anubis Chest Tattoo

A chest tattoo carries the same potential as a forearm and back tattoo, providing the wearer with plenty of space to bring their notion to life. It brings out the best in the outlook of any tattoo, explaining why many people use it as the placement area for a depiction of Anubis.

This chest piece is hefty, covering the whole circumference of both pecs. Cropping the size could be normal if you want to use just one side, while adding complementary items could be a good way to fill in the spaces.

Anubis Leg Tattoo

Anubis Leg Tattoo

Rocking with a forearm tattoo can be ideal if you’re big on sleeve tattoos, a continuation of the former. The forearm is also a canvas that is resilient against pain, with a steady surface that provides convenience to the artist, and comfort to the wearer.

Moving on, if you’re not a big fan of using the upper half of your body for a tattoo, resort to a leg tattoo, which can be the perfect way to showcase Anubis. Be sure to add minor components to bring the tattoo to the spotlight.

Small Anubis Tattoo

Small Anubis Tattoo

Less is more in multiple scenarios, especially if you’re an enthusiast making the right moves to obtain a tattoo. Likewise, if you regularly implement Anubis’ teachings in real life, perhaps a tattoo that can align with your interests is this small Anubis tattoo, making its mark on the wrist at all times.

The tattoo falls short of competing against its peers when the size is assessed. However, due to offering more positives to sensitive skin as well as beginners, this tattoo remains a top pick.

Anubis Symbol Tattoo

Anubis Symbol Tattoo

Getting a portrait tattoo, at the end of the day, is easier said than done. It involves tons of precise moves, which requires a professional as well as a jar of patience. Finding the right area could also be difficult, especially if you’re indecisive.

If you’re not the biggest fan of the hassle, try to think of an alternative for your Anubis tattoo. A great pick in our eyes is this symbol tattoo, which provides attention to detail while cropping the dimensions of the layout.

Realistic Anubis Tattoo

Realistic Anubis Tattoo

By adopting 3-dimensional components, you can add base notes of realism to your depiction of Anubis. Otherwise known as a realistic Anubis tattoo, the piece takes a while to reach completion, but is known for amping up one’s appearance.

Since this piece leaves behind tons of discomfort by puncturing the skin rapidly to form the tattoo, using a large region should be the norm instead of picking between narrow locations. By using shading techniques, one can make the facial features more prominent.

Traditional Anubis Tattoo

Traditional Anubis Tattoo

An alternative to the previous tattoo is one with a traditional theme, which looks rather promising on Anubis. Though the main highlight is draped in black and grey, this traditional look meshes shades of solid colors involving blue, red, green and yellow to showcase the potential of color tattoos.

Similar to its peers, a traditional tattoo of Anubis requires time. Prepare your budget accordingly, too, as it ranks rather high on the chart when its cost is analyzed.

Anubis Pyramid Tattoo

Anubis Pyramid Tattoo

Anubis first earned tons of recognition and appreciation in Egypt, which is when a pyramid was made under his name. Also known as the pyramid of Anubis, this structure isn’t just full of rich history regarding ancient Egyptian culture, but also looks outstanding when converted into a tattoo.

A portrait is a must when curating this design, while the pyramid is the star of the show. Neo-traditional colour schemes are ideal, but falls short of being better than a blackwork tattoo.

Anubis Skull Tattoo

Anubis Skull Tattoo

If you’d like the portrait of Anubis to reprise in the creative process of your tattoo, but would also like to unlock a way to rise above the rest, consider fusing Anubis with a skull tattoo to bring his facial features to light.

A skull tattoo could generate a sense of fear, but also carries tons of color to drift away from making spectators uncomfortable.

Anubis Warrior Tattoo

Anubis Warrior Tattoo 1
Anubis Warrior Tattoo 2

Among symbolizing life and preaching the importance of finding contentment as well as working towards acceptance, Anubis also benefits susceptible individuals going through a rough patch in life.

To mend their wounds, Anubis often collaborates with warrior tattoos, unlocking feelings of strength and resilience to make things easier. This piece also enables one to work towards their goals when lacking motivation, rendering the artwork a one-man army in the industry.

Osiris and Anubis Tattoo

Osiris and Anubis Tattoo

A graphic comprising the pairing of Anubis and Osiris can also be a great way to think outside the box, but only if you’re hoping to drop lessons regarding life itself. Both are polar opposites, with one that defines life, and the other that defines death.

However, when mixed together, they symbolize all of one’s existence, which includes even the highs and lows of living. Executing this notion also rewards visual-oriented minds, with an outstanding illustration full of sentimental value.

Anubis Mandala Tattoo

Anubis Mandala Tattoo

Anubis is surely a great role model to learn from in the eyes of stoics. Often, the symbolism and teachings of Anubis preach a state of amor fati, encouraging people to embrace all the events, both good and bad, stemming from the past.

The chemistry between Anubis and mandala patterns is surely something to behold. It not only helps with spiritual growth, but also rewards wearers with a timeless design.

Geometric Anubis Tattoo

Geometric Anubis Tattoo 1
Geometric Anubis Tattoo 2
Geometric Anubis Tattoo 3

Geometric tattoos can be the last resort if you’re hoping to wear a symbol of Anubis. It tweaks the script a little, preferring bold and vibrant frames as opposed to having neutral shades.

The portrait of Anubis finds more distinct features to boast about and unveil when mixed with geometric lines and frames. Using a shading technique helps as well, adding a sense of class to the design.

Frequently Asked Question

Anubis isn’t just a God to look up to for those having ties with Egyptian heritage, but may also be a role model for those seeking a way to grieve and mourn the loss of a loved one. Anubis also offers tons of consolation to those dealing with adversity, showering one with wisdom for surviving hard times.

As long as you’re wary of what it portrays, an Anubis tattoo will surely set you up for success. However, if you lack knowledge regarding the basics of this movement, skim through the following questions attached with some useful answers.

Q: Why is Anubis a popular figure among tattoos?

Ans: Many believe that Anubis, the God of the afterlife in Egyptian culture, possesses the power to look after the deceased, shielding them from trouble. Often, Anubis tattoos are regarded as popular figures, not only because of how it provides guidance, but also because of the way in which it consoles victims.

Q: Is an Anubis tattoo a bad omen?

Ans: Due to being tied with death in history books, many believe that Anubis, just like most figures associated with death, brings forward bad omen to anyone who seeks his presence and guidance. That is the farthest thing from the truth, it seems, as Anubis, just like Anubis tattoos, is known for being a constant source of enlightenment, growth, acceptance, and wisdom.


Since the world of tattoos runs big on self-expression and religion, mythological figures can easily take the lead and have a primary role on a stencil. And if you are absolutely obsessed with ancient Egyptian lore and culture, let us introduce to you the world of Anubis tattoos!

Long story short, Anubis, when converted into a tattoo, can move mountains, as well as unlock a wave of emotions. While the purpose of the tattoo can be utilized for anything, an Anubis tattoo stands out the most when given the responsibility to take care of a deceased soul in the after life.

From having basic depictions for minimalists to possessing enough qualities for a sleeve tattoo, an Anubis tattoo can easily cater to one’s needs. For best results, be sure to revise the material until a decision is made.

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