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61 Incredibly Meaningful Ankh Tattoo Ideas To Elevate One’s Peace Of Mind!

Finding the meaning of life truly sets one free, breaking them from the shackles of meeting societal expectations and family traditions, And sometimes, relying on an emblem that lies on the surface, such as an Ankh tattoo, proves to be sufficient.

An Ankh tattoo is a veteran in the world of body modifications, winning over hearts with not only its rich contributions to Ancient Egyptian history, but also due to being a simple piece to acquire.

The tattoo is also quite malleable, so much so, that it can morph into various compelling tattoos; all of which will be unveiled today!

In addition to pointing out pieces that deserve flowers, we will also reflect on what Ankh tattoos imply, which can help those seeking a mindful experience. To learn them all, stay tuned until the end of this article.

A Reincarnation Of Life Itself: The Meaning Of Ankh Tattoos!

Meaning Of Ankh Tattoo

Ankh is a symbol that came into existence as one of the 700 Egyptian alphabets during its formative years. The emblem may resemble a Cross tattoo, but is associated with life and all its positives.

Truth be told, an Ankh tattoo has an extremely shapeshifting symbolism. Its ties with life makes the piece a facilitator when assistance is required, a reliable companion during hardship, and a wise piece to learn from when being in a moment of stagnation.

An Ankh also represents the afterlife, which is why many use it to pay homage to their ancestors. Through numbers and initials, an Ankh tattoo is also used to mourn for a deceased loved one.

Astonishing Ankh Tattoo Designs That Move Mountains With Their Wisdom

Ankh tattoos are extremely common due to being one of the more minimal tattoos to wear. The symbol also harmonizes well with quotes, religion, and various body parts, further enhancing their popularity in the world of tattoos.

An Ankh tattoo is pivotal if you’re seeking to find the meaning of life, or just a token that reminds you to stay grounded, even when things change beyond your imagination.

An Ankh tattoo also seems to amp up the final impression of one’s physical appearance; a fact that is visible in the entries below!

The Staple Of This Genre: Black Power Ankh Tattoo

Black Power Ankh Tattoo 1
Black Power Ankh Tattoo 2

The most common find among Ankh tattoos is a piece that carries a dark color scheme, and is as simple as they come, influenced by the power of darkness.

Despite reprising the initial symbolism of the Ankh, this piece remains the most popular due to its color scheme, led by a jet black hue for an incredible effect.

A black power Ankh tattoo caters to first-timers, too, carrying a model flexible enough to shape shift in hopes of reducing pain.

Ankh Necklace Tattoo: A Piece Made For Exposure

Ankh Necklace Tattoo

The Ankh resembles a Cross symbol, a religious piece that is compatible with various components, such as the wings of an angel.

With some adjustments, you can easily adopt the former concept into an Ankh tattoo.

To make the visuals stand out, pair it with a chain and form a necklace. While the graphic is unisex, this Ankh tattoo looks best on women.

Ankh Cross Tattoo: Combining Religious Beliefs With Principles

Ankh Cross Tattoo 1
Ankh Cross Tattoo 2

Finding religion is a great way to utilize the depths of an Ankh tattoo, as doing so definitely changes life for the better. The artwork is truly one of a kind, too, with neat components shaping up the final image.

Due to how similar they look, it is easy to create a fusion of a Cross and Ankh tattoo; a go-to for devoted Chrisitans with a direct interest in Ancient Egyptian rituals.

Wearing the artwork on the forearm is what many sides with, mainly due to the exposure the area receives.

Egyptian Ankh Tattoo: Taking Pointers From The Original Piece

Egyptian Ankh Tattoo

With tons of symbols shaping its heritage, one may even take help from ancient Egypt history to shape their Ankh tattoo, engraving a plethora of symbols inside the Ankh itself.

By taking help from Egyptian hieroglyphs, otherwise known as ancient Egyptian alphabets, you can easily obtain something that not only makes the Ankh more prominent and powerful, but also find a design you’re fond of.

Be sure to nail the placement for your tattoo, especially if the visuals matter to you.

Ankh Tattoo on Neck: A Reminder Of Life’s Delicacies

Ankh Tattoo on Neck 1
Ankh Tattoo on Neck 2

Toning it down on the graphic in contrast to the previous entry is an Ankh neck tattoo, which typically caters to anyone and everyone irrespective of gender.

The artwork remains minimal, with thick frames that run big on subtlety, being supported by a concentrated hue of jet black for a memorable outcome.

While the side of the neck is a great way to cater to both masculine and feminine minds, many also prefer using the back of the neck, which is painful, but worth the hassle for the aesthetic it generates.

Ankh Symbol Tattoo: A Minimal Yet Impactful Way To Represent One’s Interests

Ankh Symbol Tattoo 1
Ankh Symbol Tattoo 2

Since the Ankh carries the complexity of life beyond its surface, taking it easy on the visuals is our main suggestion when pursuing an Ankh tattoo.

As the symbol is as basic as they come, there’s not much effort that needs to be put in for curating an Ankh tattoo, anyway.

In fact, those hoping to unlock a great tattoo with a painless procedure can always settle for the symbol of an Ankh, which refuses to jar the mind with questions, being straightforward with its intentions instead.

Ankh Chest Tattoo: A Secluded Location For Internal Struggles

Ankh Chest Tattoo 1
Ankh Chest Tattoo 2

Though the Ankh tattoo finds popularity amongst those that prioritize brains over looks, its structure fits like a glove with any area at any given time.

Wearing it as a wrist tattoo may be ideal if you’re hoping to obtain an Ankh tattoo that reflects on wisdom.

However, if you’re struggling to cope through a recent loss in the family, mourn in private with a chest tattoo. Add initials to make the artwork more meaningful in your eyes.

Small Ankh Tattoo: A Malleable Design For Every Demographic

It is always important for spiritually awakening emblems to be as accessible as possible if you’re hoping to gain contentment through their presence.

Likewise, if you’re hoping to use the wisdom of Ankh to overcome hardship, consider taking it easy on the physicality of the creative process. Obtain a small Ankh tattoo for your convenience.

While this tattoo is tailor-made for the wrist, women can obtain this mark as either a foot, neck, or ankle tattoo for an enhanced appeal.

Ankh and Eye of Horus Tattoo: The Perfect Recipe For Success

Ankh and Eye of Horus Tattoo 1
Ankh and Eye of Horus Tattoo 2

In Ancient Egypt culture, the eye of Horus is just as powerful as the Ankh, associated with protection and security.

This makes the symbol an easy match with the Ankh tattoo, especially when shielding the dead from harm.

The illustration is without a doubt made with sharp components, and an easy fit for leg tattoos, shoulder tattoos, and, unsurprisingly, a wrist tattoo.

Ankh Face Tattoo: Bold, but Beautiful!

Ankh Face Tattoo

Tattoos are for expressing individuality, and finding comfort in how you truly feel about yourself, and the things that you hope to do.

Though an Ankh tattoo is mostly for character development, you can kill two stones with one bird by enhancing your appeal by placing your trust in a face tattoo.

The artwork of this piece is easily the smallest one on this list of Ankh tattoos, but ranks high on the pain chart due to the sensitive nature of facial features. Out of them all, the area above the chin appears to be the most favorable canvas for this entry.

Ankh Finger Tattoo: A Basic Rendition With A High Ceiling

Ankh Finger Tattoo 1
Ankh Finger Tattoo 2

Carrying the same energy as the previous entry with a more universal audience is the Ankh finger tattoo, which could be a great way to showcase the admiration you have for Ancient Egypt history and keep it subtle at the same time.

A stick and poke set can be a great companion for this design, reducing the pain-level involved behind the creative process.

To complete a wave of emotions with this tattoo, harmonize the design with like minded emblems.

Ankh Hand Tattoo: An Option For The Brave

Ankh Hand Tattoo 1
Ankh Hand Tattoo 2

While ranking high on the pain chart, a hand tattoo can easily match the energy of the Ankh, giving extroverts the chance to represent the design with maximum exposure.

The artwork often contains just the symbol, but the canvas has tons of empty space which can be occupied best by supporting emblems sharing mutual interests, such as a skull tattoo.

To cope with the pain, break the session down into smaller, more manageable segments. You may ask the artist to use a fine-line needle for maximum comfort.

Ankh Tattoo Behind the Ear: Maintaining A Good Headspace At Any Cost

Ankh Tattoo Behind the Ear 1
Ankh Tattoo Behind the Ear 2

The Ankh always radiates positive energy, which can be good for the ears to have when coping with difficulty. And since the artwork is malleable with any body part, the area behind the ear can be a wise canvas to utilize.

A behind the ear tattoo is a great way for females to enhance their appeal. However, having an Ankh tattoo will also give users a preview of their wisdom, which might just enhance their first impression at social gatherings.

Be sure to add stars and doodles if your tattoo leaves behind too much space.

Anubis Ankh Tattoo: Two Emblems That Fit Like Gloves

Anubis Ankh Tattoo 1
Anubis Ankh Tattoo 2

If you have knowledge of the rituals and traditions followed by Egyptians in the early times, you’re definitely wary of Anubis, whom the Egyptians referred to as the God of life and death.

The jackal headed portion of Anubis appears to be a necessity when creating a rendition of his presence onto a tattoo. Another component that appears to be just as important is an Ankh, which brings us to this tattoo.

An Ankh tattoo is a natural fit with the nature of Anubis. On the surface, it can also generate an incredible portrait, which ages like wine when draped in black.

Red Ankh Tattoo: A Token For Self Care

Red Ankh Tattoo

The color red appears to enhance the presentability of an Ankh tattoo, explaining why so many regard this piece as one of their favorites. However, this Ankh tattoo also finds a way to win over fans by conveying a different meaning, mostly gravitating towards love.

This Ankh tattoo is often used to encourage cynics to have an open-minded approach to living life, and spreading love at all times.

One of the best parts is the number of companions this piece is compatible with, from roses to heart tattoos.

Traditional Ankh Tattoo: Playing It Safe With Old Practices

Traditional Ankh Tattoo 1
Traditional Ankh Tattoo 2

Since the devotion of Ankh tattoos isn’t just towards life, but also to the neutral color black, the traditional piece takes a different path to glory.

A traditional Ankh tattoo replaces colors with more symbols, picking only emblems that harmonize with the energy levels of an Ankh.

To enhance the meaning of this Ankh tattoo, consider adding symbols that represent the way in which you perceive life.

Ankh and Moth Tattoo: The Circle Of Life And Death

Ankh and Moth Tattoo 1
Ankh and Moth Tattoo 2

Regardless of how successful you end up becoming, staying humble should be a mantra to abide by, even if you become a part of the high-life.

If all else fails, perhaps remembering how inevitable death is in this life might keep you in check, and enable wearers to prioritize the people over wealth; which is when this Ankh and moth tattoo come in.

Sealed with life and the inevitability of death, the illustration runs big on wisdom, and size. For an incredible aftermath, choose your canvas wisely!

Golden Ankh Tattoo: An Effective Change Of Scene

Golden Ankh Tattoo 1
Golden Ankh Tattoo 2

You can easily assign your Ankh tattoo to signify and represent the kind of goals you’d like to achieve in this life, even if the adjustment is as small as a change of color.

While shades like black can represent a wave of emotions, wearing a gold Ankh tattoo can showcase just how big of a go-getter you are, and how much you prioritize money, wealth, and luxury in life.

The color scheme is surely a hit as well, and often enables the Ankh symbol to glow during the golden hour.

Ankh and Snake Tattoo: Healing From Unresolved Issues

Ankh and Snake Tattoo 1
Ankh and Snake Tattoo 2

Healing is pivotal if leading a healthy life is key, from a both physical and mental standpoint.

That brings us to snake tattoos, which, while harmful to humans in real life, help wearers cope through and overcome feelings of depression as a tattoo.

The mix between a snake and Ankh tattoo is rather special, as it reflects on the importance of finding contentment in life before entering what follows, and searching for calamity over materialistic possession.

Ankh and Rose Tattoo: Living A Life Full Of Love

Ankh and Rose Tattoo 1
Ankh and Rose Tattoo 2

The only way to live life is to love life, which is a message engraved in the graphic featuring both a rose and an Ankh tattoo, as placed above.

The artwork takes a subtle yet direct approach to displaying what believing in the Ankh really feels like, offering even more than what’s expected with an easygoing procedure.

Most prefer wearing it as a wrist tattoo, as it caters to both women and men. However, you may even consider a chest tattoo for best measure.

Frequently Asked Question

An Ankh tattoo is all about the sentiments, so be sure to prioritize your aims in wearing this tattoo as opposed to siding with something that looks appealing on the outside.

On another note, if you’re still indecisive regarding its placement, let the following questionnaire iron out the issues!

Q: What is the purpose of an Ankh tattoo?

Ans: An Ankh tattoo was worn by Egyptians in the past to celebrate life and the existence of afterlife, but its purpose got more expressive with each year.

At the moment, an Ankh tattoo is associated with all the positives of life, such as happiness, love, and peace. The symbol is also used to form a closer bond to got, similar to Rosary tattoos.

Q: Do Ankh tattoos radiate positive energy?

Ans: A little known fact about Ankh tattoos is that, due to its associates, the tattoo is used for good luck at times. Many believe that wearing an Ankh tattoo generates financial gain, protection, and makes the wearer the bearer of good news!

Q: How much time does it take to install an Ankh tattoo?

Ans: If you stick to the traditional pieces of Ankh tattoos, the procedure won’t take much time, or cause much pain, lasting for an hour at most.

Conversely, an elaborate scheme may take hours, even weeks to reach completion, such as an Ankh sleeve tattoo!

Final Verdict

When all is said and done, an Ankh tattoo is one for the wise, and for those who need a reminder to stay grateful in life. The symbol is backed up by rich history deriving from Ancient Egypt, being a common find on most Gods, especially Anubis.

An Ankh tattoo doesn’t take time. However, placement is everything. More often than not, the piece relieves one of their pain by being directly proportionate with a forearm tattoo, resorting to a shoulder tattoo to establish some privacy.

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