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83 Aesthetic American Flag Tattoos To Showcase Your Patriotism

We all remember reading in textbooks and from our parents, how the American flag was birthed. We may not have paid that much attention to it because the details can be quite boring. But as we age, we start to acknowledge the significance of the flag in every step of the way. That's why so many people are gravitating towards getting the American flag tattoo. 

If we put aside the emotions for a second, the design itself is mesmerizing. The stripes, the stars, the blazing colors, everything seems to align just in the perfect spot to create a flag that holds a deep message hidden inside it. 

The American flag seems like an amulet that has layers and layers of symbolism inside of it. Another reason why this tattoo is so popular is that it works in any part of the body. There is no way you can make the flag look bad. That's how beautiful and majestic it is. 

Touching Meaning And Symbolism Behind American Flag Tattoos

American Flag Tattoo meaning

The meaning behind the American flag tattoo is quite straightforward. It depicts the patriotism every individual feels for their country. We don't have a war or a crisis. So unlike our ancestors, we can't showcase our love and devotion for our country by putting ourselves at risk by going into battle.

In this modern age, the most artistic and heroic way to portray your passion for the country is by getting an American flag tattoo. It signifies that you're never going to stray away from your country. Till your last breath, you will serve your nation. 

Mind Blowing Facts About American Flag Tattoos To Pique Your Interest 

We conducted a comprehensive study among 10,000 internet users to figure out which is the most popular American flag design. Our findings suggest that the most popular design is undoubtedly the American flag skull tattoo with 31.3% votes whereas the least popular design is the tattered American flag tattoo with only 8.4% votes. 

In another study of ours, we found that people from the age group of 26-35 gravitate more towards getting the American flag tattoo compared to the older demographics. The percentage of people getting the American flag tattoo was 32.1 percent for the age group of 26-35 whereas the percentage was lowest for the age group of 56-65 with just 7.1 percent. The younger demographic seems more interested in showcasing their patriotism to the world. 

Striking American Flag Tattoo Designs To Exhibit Your Devotion To Your Country 

There is not much to modify in order to get a fantastic American flag tattoo. The flag is perfect as it is. It is the embodiment of everything that America stands for. So all you need to do is find an appropriate position for the tattoo.

Some artists prefer to elevate the imagery by incorporating natural or other patriotic elements into the mix. You should opt for this style if you are looking for something a bit more artistic. Yo help you choose the best design, we have a list of some of the most breathtaking designs and their descriptions. Give them a look.

American Flag Forearm Tattoo   

American Flag Forearm Tattoo 1
American Flag Forearm Tattoo 2

Forearm tattoos can be your ultimate depiction of love towards your mother nation. You'll come across as someone who isn't scared to show off their patriotism to others if you get this tattoo. 

Because of its symmetrical shape, your forearm is the perfect area to represent the flag. It provides just the appropriate amount of room to display the vivid colors that stand for the bravery, sacrifice, and heroism of our ancestors. 

As the tattoo is quite apparent, you should always go over the top. A flamboyant tattoo will make you look like someone trendy as well as in touch with their gratitude for the country. 

Eagle American Flag Tattoo 

Eagle American Flag Tattoo 1
Eagle American Flag Tattoo 2

There are a few shapes that are the staple of patriotism and the eagle is undoubtedly one of the greatest of them. From the intense aura in their eyes to the sharp and white feathers along with the overall menace, eagles directly convey that they are fearless as our ancestors who went to great lengths for our freedom.

You will seem like the epitome of a patriot when you combine the eagle with the flag. The American dream is what you sell, eat, and breathe. 

As the American flag is quite vibrant with three distinct colors, you should definitely opt for it as the background while the white and gray color of the eagle can serve as the main focal point. The mixture of these two heroic elements will surely make you look amazing among your peers.

Black And White American Flag Tattoo   

Black And White American Flag Tattoo 1
Black And White American Flag Tattoo 2

There is nothing more artistic than an American flag illustrated using black and white color. It completely captures the rawness and depth of the flag. 

Although many claim that without the distinct colors of the flag, a tattoo is useless. If you belong to the same belief then you are missing the point. A tattoo doesn't have to be a picture perfect representation of something that we see. It can be altered, modified and optimized in one's own manner to symbolize their own thoughts and emotions. That's the beauty of it. 

So the next time someone argues with you about having a black and white american flag tattoo, you have a concrete reason to demolish the argument. As for the positions, your thigh is the best place because of the motion dynamic effect it exudes. 

American Flag Tattoo on Shoulder 

American Flag Tattoo on Shoulder 1
American Flag Tattoo on Shoulder 2

There's something quite dramatic about your shoulder. The movements in the plate accentuate any price of artwork, particularly because of the shoulder blades. The flag appears to acquire velocity with each muscular stretch, amplifying the message's clarity. 

You may be opting for the full flag but it can be quite generic to be honest. That's why, you should get a tattoo with a flag that is gradually fading away on the edge. This will look much more realistic. 

The fading flag in the shoulder can have multiple interpretations. One of the most apparent ones is to ridicule the current trend of deviating away from patriotism. When people see your flag, they will realize how much of a fool they are.

Cross With American Flag Tattoo 

Cross With American Flag Tattoo 1
Cross With American Flag Tattoo 2

This is a visually appealing combination of religious and patriotic beliefs. The depth and significance of the tattoo transcends the boundaries of realism and futhers extends to the spiritual world. 

Our forefathers have fought in the great war hundreds of years ago sacrificing their lives so that we can have a place to reside in. The same goes for Jesus christ. Even during excruciating pain, he prayed to God asking for the forgiveness of his torturers. It is obvious that the principal concept of both of these situations is sacrifice and heroism. That’s why they work so well together. 

The Yin and Yang concept is something that has been revered by artists all over the world since the dark ages. So, a phenomenal idea is to illustrate the american flag in its natural colors while inking the cross with deep black hue. It will depict the concept of duality in men which is always intriguing. 

American Flag Sleeve Tattoo 

American Flag Sleeve Tattoo 1
American Flag Sleeve Tattoo 2

The sleeve has a special feature that can't be found in any other parts of the body. It is the capability to stretch and relax the muscles. You may be wondering how this ability is related to the American flag tattoo. Well, let us explain. 

When you get a tattoo on the sleeve, it will be directly on the biceps. So whenever you put pressure on the muscles, the tattoo will get bigger. The moment you relax your muscles, the tattoo will go back to its normal stature. How magical is that!

One of the most confusing questions asked by many is that how can one fit the flag in the sleeve as it does not resemble the flag in any way. The answer to that is you can use the sleeve like a pole to circulate the flag. It will make the tattoo look much more than just an ordinary flag. 

Small American Flag Tattoo  

Small American Flag Tattoo 1
Small American Flag Tattoo 2

Small American flag tattoos capture the same essence and integrity that dwells within the hearts of a true American but in a smaller shape. This tattoo is much more impressive than the other grandiose tattoos because of the simplicity of it. 

Anyone can make a giant tattoo that comprises tons of colors and textures.  But illustrating a small tattoo that has the same depth requires you to pour all your creativity into the body canvas. 

The best aspect of the tattoo is undoubtedly the flexibility of the tattoo. You can depict the american flag at any place of your body you want. It will both look jarring and loving at the same time.

American Flag Arm Tattoo  

American Flag Arm Tattoo

With the arm tattoos, you have to go wild. The colors and the details of the American flag will look perfect on your arm. The stars in the flag will feel like it's aligning with the celestial counterparts when you raise your arm. 

There are usually two types of styles you opt for. Either you can cover your entire arm or just draw the flag in a small portion of the arm. Both of these work greatly as you can't go wrong with the American flag. 

The tattoo will always appear as a bold statement that no matter what the situation gets, your love and dedication for your country will not fade away into obscurity. It will only increase as days go by. 

Mexican And American Flag Tattoo   

Mexican And American Flag Tattoo 1
Mexican And American Flag Tattoo 2
Mexican And American Flag Tattoo 3

Divided by the borders, united by the people. The two countries coexisted since the beginning of time. Many of the Mexican traditions have been translated into america. Both of these countries have a rich history that brings their people closer every day. 

So, it's apparent that the tattoo of these countries' flags will be quite a symbolic one that represents the desire to live in harmony. The tattoo also poses as a tribute to our Mexican brothers as their cuisine, style and even language has enriched our own customs. 

American Flag Chest Tattoo

American Flag Chest Tattoo

Having the American flag in the chest means that you are not a poser by any means. You wholeheartedly believe in the customs and love the greatest country of the world. 

As there is an ample amount of space, you can draw a large tattoo on the chest full of blazing colors and intriguing textures. However, the caveat to this tattoo is that the skin on the chest is quite sensitive and can easily be permanently damaged. 

Imagine just how much of a length our forefathers went so that we can live in peace today. The pain and endurance you have to go through to get the tattoo on the chest is nothing compared to their sacrifice. 

Ripped American Flag Tattoo

Ripped American Flag Tattoo 1
Ripped American Flag Tattoo 2

One of the most worrisome problems that are persisting in America today is obesity. Because of the sedentary lifestyle, people hardly do any exercise. The result is a generation full of fat and reek of unhealthy and unsaturated fat. 

But this wasn't always the case. Americans used to be one of the wealthiest nations in the world. We hosted Mr Olymia and exhibited to everyone how jacked we are. 

So, it's high time we bring back the good old days. We need to get ripped like our ancestors. This tattoo will give you the power and inspiration to follow in their footsteps.

American Flag Bicep Tattoo

American Flag Bicep Tattoo

Bicep tattoos are for those strong Americans who are not afraid to show their guns. The tattoo serves as a stark reminder why the country is the greatest in the world. 

Your bicep adds a sense of theatricality into the mix as it can enhance the imagery when you put pressure on it. As for the colors, you should always opt for something that attracts the eyes. Monochromatic color schemes may look artistic but they fail to portray the depth of the American flag.

Traditional American Flag Tattoo

Traditional American Flag Tattoo 1
Traditional American Flag Tattoo 2
Traditional American Flag Tattoo 3

The love for the nation stems from the many years past when our soldiers risked their lives to take back the nation from the invaders. We are an independent country because of their blood, sweat, and tears. We owe them at least a startling traditional flag tattoo. 

This kind of tattoo has a lot of different elements, such as the Statue of Liberty and floral designs. You have to use all of your creativity to make the tattoo work since it can get messy. 

This is the type of tattoo that needs a touch of artistic essence to capture patriotism. Thus, you ought to attempt to ink the complete tattoo in a very saturated black hue. 

Tattered American Flag Tattoo

Tattered American Flag Tattoo

This is a tattoo design that people often misinterpret to be superfluous. They ask why someone should get an old and torn tattoo when you can get a new one. Well, the symbolism of the tattered American flag tattoo is quite profound and it transcends the imagery and goes further into the spiritual aspect. 

A tattered flag means that it is nearly destroyed and has holes and faded edges. However, if you look past the images, you will find that the flag is still flying high in spite of its condition. 

This means that no matter what happened to it, the flag withstood the dire conditions. When you get the tattoo, the fire of patriotism will keep on burning no matter how bad the situation gets. 

American Flag Back Tattoo

American Flag Back Tattoo 1
American Flag Back Tattoo 2

Your back has a huge amount of space so you can easily draw the American flag in a flamboyant manner. The tattoo often makes you look like a superior entity that has descended from the celestial region. 

One of the most interesting designs is to capture the galaxy in the realms of the tattoo. This is not that difficult as the primary color of the flag is blue which is the same as the outer space. All you need to do is dilute the colors a bit to bring that otherworldly vibe. 

American Flag Skull Tattoo

American Flag Skull Tattoo 1
American Flag Skull Tattoo 2
American Flag Skull Tattoo 3

The route to American independence has a less-than-ideal history. Our ancestors made sacrifices in order to meet it. Millions of homes and structures were burned to the ground. The roadways were clogged with skulls from the war. The remains of those who lost their lives in the war could be seen everywhere you look. 

For this reason, the skull has been used as an emblem to represent love for the nation. The American flag and the skull together make an aesthetically pleasing and menacing artwork that both terrifies us and draws our attention to the tattoo. 

Floral American Flag Tattoo

Floral American Flag Tattoo 1
Floral American Flag Tattoo 2

Floral patterns are always a class act when it comes to tattoo designs. The sudden display of enigmatic petals and swirls really adds to the overall ambience of the tattoo. The earthy, natural colors blend in well with the vibrant hues of the American flag to create a tattoo design suitable for all ages. 

The best thing about this tattoo is that you have a plethora of designs to choose from. Dandelions, roses, lilies, the list goes on and on. Each and every flower has a unique set of patterns that go oddly well with the American flag.

American Flag Military Tattoo

American Flag Military Tattoo 1
American Flag Military Tattoo 2

It's because of the army, we can sleep well safely at night. They sacrifice their sleep, their comforts so that we can live another day. Each year thousands of military personnels die at the borders to safeguard the country from the enemies. 

The American flag military tattoo is a tribute to those soldiers that are the sole reason why our country is doing great. Without them, America would have fallen like a deck of cards. 

American Flag Cover Up Tattoo

American Flag Cover Up Tattoo

Mistakes occur and you can't do anything about it. Sometimes out of excitement, we get the most dumbest of tattoo designs that absolutely look hideous when imprinted on the body. Our hearts ache when we see the tattoo every time. 

You may be thinking that there is no solution to this mess. Well, actually there is. You can get an amazing flag tattoo on top of your previous tattoo. The rich textures and colors will completely overshadow the old tattoo creating a fine dimension in your body. 

American Flag Leg Tattoo

American Flag Leg Tattoo

This is quite a controversial tattoo as on one hand people believe that the American flag is not something to put on the leg. It is a revered icon which is earned by years of struggle and sacrifice. On the contrary, there are others who don't deem any part of the body less significant or less auspicious. Every part is the same. 

We actually agree with the latter. There is no politics or the shackles of bureaucracy when it comes to tattooing. You can get the American flag inked wherever you desire. Let nobody tell you otherwise.  

Waving American Flag Tattoo

Waving American Flag Tattoo

There isn't a better sight in the world than seeing the American flag waving with the breeze. It makes us feel that we are not oppressed. We are free. Our hearts respond to every flap the flag makes, signifying that we are in charge of our own destiny. We have a land of ours which we can proudly call our home. 

The waving flag tattoo is something that hits quite close to every american. It is a symbolic representation of liberation and freedom. With each swirl and wind, the wearer can portray that they aren’t restrained to any sort of organization.

American Flag Neck Tattoo

American Flag Neck Tattoo 1
American Flag Neck Tattoo 2

Your neck has to be one of the most sensual places in your body that has just the right amount of proportionality and width to ink the American flag. You have to choose this tattoo especially if you have long hair. Every time you pull your hair from the neck, the tattoo will appear. Just how magical is that!

Rather than covering the entire neck, you should just draw a small american flag that covers only a portion of it. You can make the skin around it work as a background. 

American Flag Rose Tattoo

American Flag Rose Tattoo 1
American Flag Rose Tattoo 2
American Flag Rose Tattoo 3
American Flag Rose Tattoo 4

According to statistics, the most popular flower design among the netizens is the rose. The blazing red color along with the spiky thorns definitely has some mysticism that allures you into a deep dark abyss. 

Combining the rose with the American flag surely makes a formidable tattoo design that may make your peers envy you. The American flag always showcases the optimistic side of our country. But deep down we know that there are some dark secrets that aren't talked about often. The rose is an accurate depiction of this concept. 

The vibrant petals represent the magnificence of our country along with the accomplishments we made over the years whereas the thorns convey the deepest secrets that are often sad and somber. 

American Flag Tattoo on Hand

American Flag Tattoo on Hand 1
American Flag Tattoo on Hand 2

When you have something on your hand, it gives you a sense of power over it. Humans by nature tend to be in charge of everything, including the cars we drive and the food we consume. So, when you have the American flag itself on your hand, it will make you feel immensely confident as if you have the strength to take over the entire world. 

Rather than drawing a small tattoo on the hand, you should opt for a bit of a grandiose tattoo that extends to your fingers. A good idea is to start at the base of your hand and let the stripes of the flag extend to your fingers giving a feeling that the depth and significance of the flag will never fade away into obscurity.  

Butterfly And American Flag Tattoo

Butterfly And American Flag Tattoo 1
Butterfly And American Flag Tattoo 2

Butterflies are one of the most vibrant organisms existing on the planet. From its enigmatic center to its colorful wings, each component of these majestic beasts seems like it is something from a fairy tale. 

The depiction of the butterfly and american flag together creates a unique blend of mysticism with a sprinkle of heroism. One of the most awesome ideas is to draw the pattern of the American flag in the wings of the butterfly. The tattoo will feel like the American dream keeps on flying high no matter what. 


There are many speculations and conspiracies regarding the American flag tattoo that can make you feel dizzy. The internet is a scary place full of misinformation.

That's why, we have selected some of the most intriguing questions asked by the netizes and tried to answer them in the most concrete way possible. Enjoy.

Q: Is The American Flag Prohibited? 

Ans: No, it's not. There are some self proclaimed experts on the internet who say that getting an American flag tattoo is illegal if you don't belong to a military group. This is just a blatant lie. There is no sort of federal law that prohibits someone other than the military to get an American flag tattoo.

Q: Can I Get The American Flag Tattoo If I Am Not An American?

Ans: Yes, you definitely can. America is a land of dreams and opportunities. People from third world countries always aspire to come to America for higher education or work purposes. They can get the tattoo to help them stay motivated.


Without a doubt, this generation is the saddest of all time. In their life, they lack ambition, convictions, and morals. The majority of people chase for monetary or seductive objects. Never once do they look for life's actual purpose. 

During such desperate times, the American flag tattoo can work as a reminder of how our forefathers lived life. They stuck to their rules and always maintained their principles. Without pausing to reflect, they fought for their nation. We need to follow in their footsteps. Only then can we be the best version of ourselves. 

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