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52 Vintage 666 Tattoo Ideas To Fly Away From Your Worries!

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about the 666 tattoos is how they are associated with the devil himself. We quickly start to reprimand such art pieces and brand them as offensive. However, there is much more to the 666 tattoos than meets the eye.

Well, there's no denying that the digits are called the number of the beasts hinting at a devilish connotation. However, contemporary beliefs gravitate far apart from this old-fashioned notion and regard the tattoo as a symbol of positive energy and growth.

As the number is quite in the middle of the 1-10 digits, the tattoo also exemplifies the notion of equilibrium and balance in life. These alluring artworks are like bombs where there are reagents or symbolisms of every kind just waiting to blast and hypnotize you with their magnificence. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself as the tattoo can change your entire mindset.

A Motif Of The Devil Or Something More? Deciphering The Meaning Of 666 Tattoos

A Motif Of The Devil Or Something More Deciphering The Meaning Of 666 Tattoos

The main reason why people are so hooked by the imagery is because of how it depicts the many enigmas of both the corporeal and astral world. Since the inception of time, scientists have been trying to decipher the mysteries of the universe and when something such as the 666 tattoos offers a peek into the other side of life, we tend to grab it as soon as possible.

However aside from the jarring artwork, the symbolism of these tattoos is quite deep as well. One of the most prevalent problems that many of you may not agree with is the evil eye. You will often realize how telling someone about your success has led to your downfall.

This is mainly because often people view others' glory quite negatively. The flame of envy burns inside them and affects you as well. The 666 tattoos offer a way out of this madness that inflicts even with the mere gaze. With the intricacies and monochrome hues of the tattoo, you will appear as someone invincible from all the dark energies.

Stunning 666 tattoo Designs That Will Turn Your Body Into A Sacred Ground

Stunning 666 tattoo Designs That Will Turn Your Body Into A Sacred Ground

It doesn’t take a body modification expert to realize that the sole depiction of the digits is quite boring. To take things up a notch, you need to incorporate some additional elements into the mix. As it’s a dark concept from the Book of Revelations, it's best to equip equally grim components into the design.

Countless motifs are heavily associated with Satan. From bold pentagons to the nightmarish skull, you can choose to illustrate any of them to make your tattoo more appealing to the eye.

Dark paints are always the best choice when you are portraying such a deep concept. The inclusion of colors can deviate from the intended meaning of the artwork. As for the design itself, you have the luxury to opt for any style you want from the minimalist route to realistic ones. Just make sure you keep the digits otherwise what's the point?

The Tattoo That Must Not Be Named: Discreet 666 Tattoo On Hand

666 Tattoo on Hand 1
666 Tattoo on Hand 2

The manifestation of the sacred number from the Book of Revelations takes an alternative route from the devils and ghouls and depicts life's ups and downs in a highly artistic manner. It all depends on how you view the artwork.

At a glance, the tattoo appears to pay a discreet homage to the devil himself as the horns stem out from the rectangles of the number. The bold display of monochrome further seals the deal.

However, if you view the tattoo from a realistic standpoint, it can mean the many hindrances you will face in your journey to glory. The artwork compels you to buckle up your seatbelts as you embark on a bumpy road.

 Ignition Of Black Flames: Old Fashioned 666 Tattoo On Leg

666 Leg Tattoo 1
666 Leg Tattoo 2

The tattoo lights the entire leg on fire with the black flames. As the biblical verse mentions the notion of the devil and describes the characteristics, the tattoo does the same by portraying the motifs of Satan such as the jarring horn and intriguing flames.

There is a certain sense of symmetry involved so that the overall aesthetic of the artwork is soothing to the naked eye. The magnificent monochromatic design even works as an amulet to seek protection from evil.

Wanted! Dead Or Alive: Symbolic 666 Gang Tattoo

666 gang tattoo 1
666 gang tattoo 2

Because of its association with dark energies, many of the underworld gangs opt to make the number “666” their gang logo so that they can appear intimidating to their contemporaries.

The tattoo features one of the quintessential elements of Satan himself which is the pentagon. Since the medieval age, the pentagon was often used to perform ritualistic practices to summon dark entities. Who knows, even you can unlock hidden abilities inside you that will help you conquer the entire world.

Elevation Of Theatricality: Black 666 Tattoo On Neck

666 Neck Tattoo

Most neck tattoos that you will come across often feature dainty elements for self-expression purposes. Rather than showing off to the world, these artworks tend to cater only to the weather.

However, this particular design is quite distinct as the imagery is readily visible. As soon as you etch the tattoo on the neck, you will come across as someone who seeks to unveil the dark and unknown concepts that others won’t even dare to indulge in.

Motifs Of The Satan: Symmetrical 666 Circle Tattoo

666 Circle Tattoo

The circular shape with a pentagon inside is the pinnacle of satanic rituals. You don’t need to be an expert on occult and esoteric knowledge to understand what such artworks try to convey.

If such notions truly intrigue you and stimulate the adrenaline inside you then the circle tattoo is just for you. The overall imagery is depicted with a highly saturated black color to carry the significance of the tattoo.

Life’s A Gamble: Three-Dimensional 666 Dice Tattoo

666 Dice Tattoo 1
666 Dice Tattoo 2

The notion of 666 is mostly misinterpreted as only the number of the beast. However, the digits carry much more depth than what the modern depictions suggest.

The Book of Revelation touches on many key aspects of human life such as the concept of unpredictability. One moment you are alive and in the next, you can meet the angels of death. There is so much uncertainty revolving around your life. It's truly a gamble where you are never assured what’s going to happen in the next phase. It's like throwing out a dice.

Tribute To The Rock Legends: Contemporary 666 Tattoo On Finger

666 Finger Tattoo 1
666 Finger Tattoo 2

I have been eyeing to describe this particular piece of art for a while now. As an avid fan of rock and metal music, there is nothing that makes me happier than the depiction of the evil horn.

If you have ever been to a rock concert, you will see many people making these signs. There is even an Iron Maiden song called “The Number of the Beast”. If you are a fellow human of culture then the tattoo is a brilliant way to express your favorite genre.

 Peek Of Death: Deadly 666 Skull Tattoo

666 Skull Tattoo 1666 Skull Tattoo 2

The skull is heavily used as a motif in occult rituals. The imagery of it is insane but what makes the skull so appealing is its association with death itself.

Many often for amulets such as this to feel closer to death. You may be scratching your head thinking why on earth would someone do that? Well, it's always been a human tendency to unveil notions that are quite strange and unknown. The 666-skull tattoo allows you to take a peek into the dark and grim abyss of death.

 Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Shaded Lucifer 666 Tattoo

Lucifer 666 Tattoo

The famous show airing on Netflix may have altered your vision of what that actual Lucifer looks like. He by no means appears as handsome as depicted in the series. In reality, you will start trembling just at the sight of him.

The tattoo is intriguing as it attempts to kill two birds with one stone. Just with one complex shape, the tattoo both resembles Lucifer as well as depicts the pentagon of the devilish rituals.

A Token Of Appreciation: Dainty 666 Wrist Tattoo

666 Wrist Tattoo

The dainty depiction of the Pentagon makes your wrist appear as if it's an occult zone for ritualistic practices. Such discreet artwork is perfect for those who are still hesitant to embrace the notion of 666.

While the tattoo features the satanic symbol, the symbolism it portrays is something quite optimistic. The wearer seeks out protection from the many evil entities of the world through the hues and shapes of the art piece.

Decoration Beyond Comprehension: Whimsical 666 Patchwork Tattoo

666 patchwork tattoo

The 666 tattoos are renowned for leaving enough space for other tattoos to show their exuberance as well. Most contemporary people don't just stop after getting the 666 tattoos. Rather they involve small yet colorful motifs that somehow associate with the devil himself and have an evil connotation.

From vibrant flames to winged ghouls, you will find everything under one roof in the patchwork design. It may look chaotic at a glance but soon each of the patches blends with each other depicting a much bigger picture.

 Awareness Of Insanity: Monochromatic 666 Joker Tattoo

666 Joker Tattoo 1
666 Joker Tattoo 2

Let's stray aside from the satanic connotation of tattoos and touch on matters that are much more realistic and prevalent in the modern world. What's the first character that comes to your mind when you think about the notion of insanity? It has to be the arch-enemy of Batman, the Joker.

The 2019 film particularly portrays how serious mental insanities can grow and the 666 Tattoos try to shed some light on this depressing aspect. The realistic portrayal of Joaquin Phoenix smiling can raise some awareness on the subject matter.

 Summoning The Evil Lord: Highly Stylized Baphomet 666 Tattoo

Baphomet 666 Tattoo 1
Baphomet 666 Tattoo 2

The chimera of a goat is the typical entity associated with the digit. It is one of the main idols of gnostic and pagan customs and is often interchangeably used in occult rituals.

This is undoubtedly one of the most extreme 666 tattoo designs on the list as etching the tattoo will instantly brand you as a Satanist. However, if you think of yourself as a rebel and pay no heed to the remarks then go for it. Let no one stop you from expressing your inner messages and emotions.

 Symmetrical Magnificence: Geometric 666 Tattoo On Ankle

666 Ankle Tattoo 1
666 Ankle Tattoo 2

If you have a pain tolerance then this tattoo may just be for you. The triangle is an often-mentioned shape in the Book of Revelation. Everything you see around you has three points. In our dimension, the three holy entities, numerous things come in three.

The tattoo is etched right on the edges of the ankle to make it appear as if the biological organ is trapped within the shape. This kind of geometric depiction works greatly in rebelling against the hypocrisies of society similar to the swallow tattoos.

Twist Of Shadows: BK 666 Tattoo With A Quirk

BK 666 Tattoo

The inclusion of some ordinary letters can greatly elevate the dainty numbers of 666. This type of incorporation is primarily done because the numbers alone can appear to be dull and mundane.

So, it's best to spice things up with letters that mean something close to you. You can even attach an intertwined shape to express the unique path that you are about to embark on.

Wings Of Redemption: 666 Tattoos With Realistic Feathers

666 Tattoo with Wings 1
666 Tattoo with Wings 2

The devil spreads its magnificent wings to seek refuge into your back with these awe-inspiring designs. The feathers inside the wings are realistically depicted as if the wings are protruding from your shoulder blades.

The number is situated just in the middle of the two wings portraying notions such as freedom and independence. Many of us feel confined by the restraints of society. The tattoo lets you fly away emotionally from the distressful world that we live in.


666 tattoos are often heavily misinterpreted which makes it an obligation to clear all the dense clouds surrounding the subject matter.

Folks only for you, we have chosen some of the most intriguing questions on the Internet and tried to answer them as accurately as possible. We are only human so if something still bothers you, feel free to reach out to us.

Q: Are 666 Tattoos Considered To Be Evil?

Ans: Many bigots of society will brand anything as evil and offensive. So, it's best not to pay any heed to them. There may be some connotations with the dark arts. But in reality, the 666 tattoos are nothing but a form of body modification. They don’t carry any energy or magical ability. They are just meant to express one’s emotion or story.

Q: What's The Best Place To Get A 666 Tattoo?

Ans: These artworks are quite elegant and don’t involve much exaggeration. Therefore, it's best to opt for a sensual and discreet place of the body such as the ankle or neck. The art pieces turn these ordinary organs into a temple of death.


There's a reason why people indulge in dark arts such as black metal or movies that portray satanic rituals. These are notions that we know very little about. We always seek to unveil everything there is to know about these bizarre and eerie aspects of life.

There’s nothing more interesting than the 666 tattoos. The simple numbers are digits of the dark beast himself. If you can crack the hidden mystery of the 666 tattoos, everything will seem too easy for you. These amulets may not have hidden powers in them but they can surely compel you to be the beast version of yourself.

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